Baby in your Dreams, what does it mean? #AtoZchallenge

Let our tryst to understand our dreams start with where our life actually begins. Birthing and babies Have you ever had a dream about baby delivery irrespective of gender? What does dreaming about childbirth mean? I have seen those although I don’t remember then vividly. It’s very common for pregnant women to dream about childbirth. Its generally due to anxiety and due to predominant thoughts about future and childbirth. However, if you are not pregnant and dreaming about baby delivery then there are many interpretations to it. In fact, you remember it or not, but such dreams can leave you with various emotions like happy, fulfilled, satisfied, anxious, tired, amazed or even disgusted. Babies are symbolic to unadulterated and pure form of emotions, mostly babies in your dreams represents you, your hidden potentials and desires. Dreaming about baby delivery generally means you are about to start something new in your life. It can be professional or personal. May be a new project or a new relationship.


All about your dreams #atozchallenge

Humans have always been curious about Dreams. We always wanted to know all about dreams and their meanings. Centuries ago, kings got their dreams interpreted and noted on wax coated stones, ancient Egyptians wrote a book with interpretations of 100 dreams and even till date we have many researches and theories going on to understand this enchanting world of Dreams. Honestly there is no scientific answer to understand why and how we dream. There are just theories. Theories given by someone as well researched as Sigmund Freud to Mythological predictions in various religious books. But nothing is conclusive. The theories heavily depend on a person’s beliefs. Lets just dive in and swim freely and understand and interpret as many dreams as we can.


Different Types of Dreams and What Dreams mean #BlogchatterA2Z Theme Reveal 2020

I am a Dreamer, as in ya' I dream big about my life and career, however here I am talking about the dreams we get when we are asleep. I am saying I am a dreamer, because I get many dreams. Even if I catch a nap in afternoon that’s full of dreams, and I am not sure if its s good thing or bad I do remember them when I am awake, in fact most of them. I get recurring dream, nested dreams I am dreaming in my dream (Ya, I know that sounds silly) and sometimes if I my sleep gets disturb at night and when I go back to bed the same dream continues too. Does that sound familiar to you, we all get dreams sometimes even nightmares. We always wonder why we had such dreams; I can’t exactly say that however I have figured out and unscrambled meaning of a couple of dreams. And in this series, we will talk about all types of dreams.


Judged #TheWomanThatIAm

Every woman is judged no matter what she does and what she dosen't ans sad part is the person judging are mostly other females only. lets all live our lives and let other live too.


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