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आनेवाला पल, जानेवाला है… Make Every Moment A Memory #BollyExpress

आनेवाला पल, जानेवाला है .. I am sure you would have relished these beautiful lines of a song from the movie Golmaal. The melody sung by Kishore kumar and enacted by none other than Amol Palekar. I quite liked this light- hearted comedy and this song has stuck with me since ages. So, when I saw it as a prompt on this blog hop, it obviously was my first choice.

That’s the way we should live our lives, every moment is complete and it is about to pass. May it be happiest or saddest or most difficult of all times, but keeping strength emotionally, mentally and physically. Just be sure it is about to pass.

The philosophy is not very easy to accept, in our younger days when we were newly married, I used to think too much about everything, from being a carefree girl to be a responsible lady is a magnus change that we go through, that time my darling husband told me a story, one of the age old wisdom tale of King Akbar and Birbal. He is great in storytelling; he has such a huge collection almost for every situation and I love to hear him speak. I will share the same with you.

King Akbar was famous for throwing different puzzles and challenges to his courtesans, although he knew only Birbal could answer. Still, he gave fair chance to all the men in his court. Everyone knew because of wit and intelligence, Birbal was Akbar’s favourite. All the courtesans were always at a lookout where Birbal would fail to answer the king’s query. One such day the King asked Birbal, “Tell me one line that stands eternally true and is good as well as bad”. Everyone started to think, what can it be that is true always. People were sure that this time even Birbal is going to fail to solve this riddle. They all started looking at him. After thinking for a few minutes Birbal said “Yeh Samay Bhi Beet Jayega”. Akbar asked him to explain. Birbal said, “when we are very happy, we must remember to enjoy every moment yet not to lose our control as this time will go. When we are in trouble and are unhappy then we must gather strength and think that this time shall also pass. Time is not here to stay; every moment is passing.”


From this, I recall the famous dialog of Baba Ranchoddas from the movie 3 idiots, that saying ‘All is well’ doesn’t solve the problem, but it surely helps us in gathering strength to get out of the situation and calms us down.

So, this is what I always teach to my kids, to stay calm and think that this situation is not permanent. Gathering memories is important. Living every moment as it comes to us is important. Rather than thinking about ifs and buts and how better it could have been, it’s nice to enjoy it the way it is. As we look back, we will have all these memories to tell us how far we have come in life, how strong we have become.

Never shy away from adversities, always remember gold must go thru enormous fire to shine as it does. Learn from mistakes but don’t hold them so close to your heart that it stops you from looking forward in enjoy life.

May it be the mischievous behaviour of your toddler or the repeated phone calls from your parents when you are out at night, don’t get irritated by any of these, all is just a passing moment. Its making memories. Time flies, Kids will get older so much that you will be in your parent’s shoes bothering them when they are doing late nigh parties, at that time you will know the value of your parents. So why not today?

Found love and don’t plan what will you do when you go for vacation or what will you do at old age rather do and show love right now, make the person feel special right now, walk that extra mile holding hands right now. Its all right here, we don’t have to keep waiting for that one right moment, we must make a moment.

एक बार वक्त से, लम्हा गिरा कही

वहा दास्ताँ मिली, लम्हा कही नहीं

थोडासा हँसा के, थोडासा रुला के

पल ये भी जानेवाला है

Live the moment, it’s not necessary to live every moment king size but it is necessary ti live that very moment, don’t just let it pass.

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  1. shivanisalil

    This too shall pass, a line my mother would often quote in my growing up years. Your post just reminded me of that.
    Thank you for sharing this

  2. alpanadeo

    Beautiful post as always. It was filled with positivity. This is one of my favorite songs. Simple words but deep meaning. In our life both these moments are important. We should look forward to the “aanewala pal” but at the same time learn from “janewala pal”.

  3. Pr@Gun

    Such a lovely post ujjwal. you have connected आने वाला पल with birbal’s line of ये समय भी बीत जायेगा very well and truly said all well actually give you positive confidence I have even tried it.
    Live in the moment and live it fully.
    Glad to have you on #ALPxGUN #BollyExpress

  4. Arushi

    What a simple, positive and beautiful post. So true, life is all about creating memories and living the moment and stay calm. All moments, good or bad will pass. I loved your post.

  5. aditi

    Simple post full of positive energy. Samay hi balwan hai… We come across this phrase a number of times but find the true meaning when taught by life.

  6. Rashi Roy

    Such a positive post, glad I came across it. Love the song and yes I too believe that every phase takes it own time to pass. “If winter comes, can spring be far behind!”

  7. Pashmeena Chowdhary

    Motivating post.The story was also very thought provoking..It is very important to go with the flow…We must learn to stay strong in times of adversity because things will change ultimately.

  8. Kya khoob likha Hai.. and the story is although a classic one fits really well with the reality of life. Time is the only thing you can’t​ hold no matter how hard you try. Better is to enjoy every bit of it. Accept hardships and be thankful for good days. Life is this only, isn’t?

  9. Anurag

    Well that was very filmy but entertaining

    And Ho sake to is pal mai jindgi bita do ✌️

  10. shravmusings

    Such a beautiful connection you made between Birbal and the Bollywood song. Loved it to the core

  11. mommytincture

    I loved the reference you made to 3 idiots. Lovely heartwarming read. And some life lessons that will ensure a happy and peaceful life

  12. MeenalSonal Mathur

    Completely agree with you, every moment can’t be perfect but we can make few moments to be picture perfect.

  13. Srishti Rajeev

    Completely agree on all aspects. The bollywood reference… The Akbar tale… All well packed.

  14. Anjali M Naik

    Very interesting and inspiring read. The way you have compiled the lessons from bollywood and life together, is commendable. Loved it !!

  15. jameela

    Woahh such amaiNg post, im really moved by Ur write up. Such amazing n lively post ,to live each moment carefree n happily. Hope u get all happiness Ujjwal…

  16. Archana

    Well said “Ye samay bhi beet jayega”… what we have is today, but in the worry of future and regret of past we alwayz forget to be thankful towards our present. Loved the flow of positivity of this article.

  17. Disha

    A simple read with a impactful message! Samay badalte der nahi lagte. Secretly I still use All is well mantra. 😉

  18. Tanvi

    Woow you have imparted so much wisdom in one single post.Loved reading every bit of it. Its really true ” Ye samay bhi beet jayega”.. So always value what you have and don’t regret too much for what you don’t have.. Coz my friend life is lived in these passing moments.. Thanks for such a good post

  19. aakanksha

    You have made such an important lesson of life look so easy to do. This is a beautiful and inspirational post.

  20. Blogaberry Foo

    Yes it’s a lovely song but never really listened to the lyrics before. Old songs had really memorable words to remember though. Very meaningful. I try to make every moment a memory… I’m a photographer… And now with smartphones it’s even easier to capture them…

  21. Sweetannu

    Poetic and beautiful, the title of your post is so apt. I believe in the law of impermanence and living in the prese8. Could relate totally.

    1. My Words My Wisdom

      Glad to hear that, staying happy in small things make a big happy Life

  22. lifewithmypenguin

    This too shall pass, simple words with a depth of the ocean. In the face of a problem, we can either choose to face or cry till we turn brittle. Living in the moment is the best we can do. An apt post on the prompt.

    1. My Words My Wisdom

      Glad to hear this from you, i truly believe in this philosophy

  23. Shalu Sharma

    It is so important to live in the moment & stop working about the past or future! I love the article! very well written.

  24. simi sp

    Lovely post I just loved reading it.. So well written 💞😍

  25. Sarah Shaikh

    It’s a hard reality that time doesn’t stop for anyone and also it never remains the same.So we all must definitely try to live the moment and cherish life.Enjoyed reading your post.

    (Snehalata Jain)

  26. Deepika

    Such a lovely and the motivating post Ujjwal. Your last 2 posts add me in your fan club. Superb writing which touches the heart. By the way, this is one of my fav songs too. And I often sing this song.

  27. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    Loved the post ujjwal and you had shared such an important life lesson with this beautiful post. Feeling good after reading this!

  28. Ruchie

    I really loved the positivity of your post …Its important to live every moment of life with full energy and happiness!!

  29. romagptasinha

    Another lovely post dear I too derive inspiration from the all is well song buddy

  30. Debidutta Mohanty

    The lines of this old Bollywood classic movie is everyone’s fav and lyrics are very meaningful. Beautiful post with a nice lesson that we need to tell our selves both in happy and sad times

  31. jhilmildsaha

    It is such a simple and beautiful post. I liked the positive way in which you have written it.

  32. Varsh

    This one beautiful line teaches us the mantra to live life like nothing else! The beauty of life is in it’s fickleness. We must never be too happy or sad as it too shall pass. Remember Bajraj Sahni’s movie, Waqt?

  33. TheMomSagas

    Love the message and positivity behind this post. Very well-written.

  34. Bushra

    I also believe in living the moment and stay calm and optimistic whatever the situation is.

  35. Kavita Singh

    What a fun post this was to read, absolutely loved it. Totally filmy and reminded me of some of my favorite movies 🙂 Live in the moment and enjoy the happiness it brings.

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