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Love yourself….

Prompt 1: Self Love
It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 30 other bloggers are celebrating Women’s Day with a twist.
I thank Sthuti Panigrahy Singh who blogs at for introducing me.

I would also take the opportunity to introduce Aritro Chattopadhyay who blogs at to carry on the blog train baton.

When I first read this prompt of #unapologeticgirlz blog train I couldn’t relate, after being a mum we conveniently and generally forget about self love, our world moves around the need and deeds of our kids. We have so many people, articles around us that keep reminding us about the importance of being happy, finding out me time however unless we understand and accept it there is no use of how much others keep saying. As a kid also, I never had any reliable and long-time hobbies, self-love to me is distant I am more for selfless love, may it be for my life partner or kids. But I had this moment to recognize myself and an opportunity to understand what makes me happy and makes me unique, it’s the ability to express my thoughts and emotions through my thoughts.
When my daughter was born, the news papers were flooded with different and heinous child abuse cases I was scared, I had so many feelings together. I was worried about her life, her future and about the society and generation all together. That was when my husband pitched in and motivated me to write down my thoughts. It was a moment of self-revelation. I felt so ‘me’ after writing it down, then I showed it and shared it with friends and relatives the appreciation and comments I received by them were so encouraging that it prompted me to write further. I became more confident about my skills, more and more blog ideas started flowing in, I always showed all my blogs to my husband for editing so that’s a team work. Then I started my own blog on wordpress and as they say ‘if your job is your hobby you are the luckiest person’ so my hobby of writing is now converting into a profession for me. I have so many plans around the same and have certain milestones in mind, I have found my self in the love for writing. It gives me a way to vent, express and share my feelings. Now there is no stopping.
Its not necessary that you find yourself at one particular stage of life, it can be at any point but once you find that love and happiness for yourself just grab it, don’t let it get out of your hand ever.

And Thanks to the blogathons and blog trains that gives me tremendous exposure to read and connect with more bloggers who have same love for writing as me.

‘This post is a part of #UnapologeticGirlz Blogathon hosted by @mylittlemuffin_mom @mommyvoyage and @themomsagas, sponsored by @kaurageousyou

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  1. preetjyotkaur

    That is just what we all need. A little Me time makes all the difference. Frankly even I started writing coz of the same reason. It gave freedom to express myself to the world.

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