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The reading challenge, so that the learning never stops. #TBRChallenge

As a kid I was much more into reading than as an adult. It’s not that I lost the passion to read, but there are many practical challenges. Specially post motherhood. The books got lost in every other thing. With #TBR Challenge, I got back to reading. That’s why reading challenge.

Both my parents were lecturers, and we had access to huge libraries. We were free to get any book that we wanted to read. Most of the books were in Marathi. The renowned author’s like P L Deshpande, V P kale, Kusumagraj and many others were well read in our family. There were many books, which were translated to Marathi, one such book that has left an impression on me was the translation of Betty Mahmoody biography ‘Not without my daughter’.

Books are not just stories or array of words; they are an alternate universe. Where we can learn many things. It can be about different art, culture, society, growth as well as about human nature and human characteristics.

Thanks to TBR Challenge for a couple of reasons. It’s not that this is the first time I have heard about any reading challenge. So why is this my first time in accepting any reading challenge?

Community Matters

The community:

Although there are many reading challenges available, I chose TBR challenge, only because I trust this community. I am a published author today, thanks to the blog chatter team and community.

I am sure there are many people who will help me complete this challenge. I can get motivation as well as suggestions for many good books from them.

Participating in challenge is important, but completing it is more important and with BC community, I have that confidence.

Setting example for kids:

Apart from the library at the college where my mother worked, we also had a weekly library service. Where the person used to come with 2-3 bags full of books to choose from every Wednesday. We could choose comics, but rather than that I preferred novels. I give credit of my writing skill today, to all that reading.

I want the same for my kids. There is lot of screen time. Till 2019 screen time only meant entertainment, but with the new normal it also means school time.

Unless I preach what, I teach, kids won’t hog on books. I have to lead by example.

My husband is a better motivator than I am, when it comes to reading. We both gifted each other books for Christmas and new year. He initiated, of course!!!

Learning should never stop:

I always believed that travelling and reading are two best teachers. They teach us beyond school. They teach us without stress or pressure of performing well.

When we were locked inside our houses, it was books that took away that loneliness. With various books on food, travel and culture. Plus, we cannot underestimate fiction. These characters may be fiction, but they surely make a space in our mind as well as make a impact.

Books are open doors to the garden of wisdom and learning must never stop.

reading challenge
More I read the better I write

The more we read, the better we can think. And the better we think the best we can write. A little selfishness is good.

‘I’m participating in the #TBRChallenge by Blogchatter’ And I have completed my target, I am doing more than 100%.

 I am sure with 4 months left I can read a few more.

We can never have enough books and can read any where any time, just need the intent. If you are trying to figure out, what’s the right age to start reading? or what sort of books you can give to infants and toddlers, here is a useful post.

#TBR Challenge

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  1. Alpana Deo

    Your love for reading reflects in your writing Ujjwal. Pu.La.Deshpande is one of my favorite Marathi writers. I also grew up in the company of books. Alike you, we used to have one uncle coming every Saturday with bags full of books. He used to say that out of many other families, our family was the only one who used to get new batch books in his every visit.

    Books shape up our personality, way of thinking and of course improves our communication. I am lucky to have my husband and daughter who also like reading. I am incubating this habit in my son as well.

  2. Surbhi Prapanna

    Great Ujjwal. like you I also believe that one should never stop learning and yes books and travel are two best option to keep our learning momentum on. I had also though to participate in blogchatter reading challenge but somehow not felt enough confidence to complete it. all the best to you for completing challenge.

  3. Suchita Agarwal

    That’s such a positive way of looking at reading – to facilitate learning. Welcome aboard and three cheers so you’re able to accomplish your goal!

  4. Abhijit Ray

    Book reading is a great habit. In this digital era and fast information exhcange, the habit of reading a book is gradually going away. Glad that the practice of book reading is kept alive thorugh challenge like TBR. By reading good books, kids develop empathy for fellow beings and sorroundings. In my childhood I read Sharat Chandra, Bibhuti Bhushan, Rabindranath Tagore among others. The authors expressed an immense love for the environment, for human behaviour. This made a change in worldview. In my childhood days, there used to be libraries from where we could borrow books. In Wetern Countries there are government funded reading libraries that let you take books home. I wish there were more such libraries in India. Thank you for sharing your post.

  5. Suhasini I.P.

    I am also participating in BC TBR challenge Ujjwal. Your post reflects such a positivity about reading books. I am yet to write the initial post on various campaigns of BC😅

  6. Swati Mathur

    I agree…learning is one thing which is inevitable. We should never stop learning as it is rightly said once you stop learning you stop growing. And reading habit is one which anyone can pursue without any external hindrance as it is to do with your inner passion.

  7. Prerna Wahi

    Only an active reader can become a good writer – I strongly feel that. Your post is so encouraging. Blogchatter comes up with really good challenges and this is surely one of them.

  8. Shail Thosani

    Even I love reading! When I was in school I would wait for library period and each week take out a new book. I even joined a library outside school and would just love to read. Now I have my own collection and Kindle to read.

  9. Monidipa

    I have been reading since I was a little kid. Reading is love… I indeed have a very busy schedule but till today reading helps me to sleep. Ujjwal your love for reading even is an inspiration for us regular readers…

  10. Vasumathi

    Iam an avid reader but like you have never participated in any reading challenge. I had heard about the TBR challenge and was sitting on the fence. Signed up today after this post as recently i had come across 2-3 people who have signed up and had great things to say!

  11. Ritu Bindra

    So true Ujjwal. The learning never stops. And with books, even the feel good ones, we learn something new each day. I am a voracious reader and the day does not end without reading a few pages. Looking forward to checking out your TBR.

  12. Sivaranjini. A

    Truly learning must never stop and ya books are experiencing the life of others through their words.

  13. Abha

    I strongly believe that reading is a great habit. Traveling and reading definitely teaches us so many things. All the best for reading challenge.

  14. Archana Srivastava

    Wow Ujjwal you have a huge collection of books. All the very best for TBR challenge. you know I am fond of your writing skill. Looking forward to read you post regarding to that. I am also participating in this challenge just to bring back my momentum of reading.

  15. Sonia Madaan

    I was not much into reading until I came across the term blogging. Gradually but at last I found my peace and passion in reading as well as writing. Books are the best friends forever and increase our knowledge. However I am bit slow in reading and find it hard to motivate myself for reading. Such challenges are nice way to help a reader to be consistent.

  16. Harjeet Kaur

    All the best for the reading challenge, Ujjwal. I used to be a bookworm but now I only read blogs and most of my time goes in Cooking, editing and writing. Wish I had more time on my hands to read. The Book challenge is a great way of reading motivation.

  17. ruchita mathur

    No matter how old you are you learn something new. If we read then only our kids will read. We as parents have to sent an example.

  18. Sindhu Vinod Narayan

    I’m taking up the challenge as well. My kids are already into book reading not by force but by seeing me Nd hubster with book before bedtime.

  19. Srishti Rajeev

    Reading is the best example we set for our children, learning something new and also developing concentration and the ability to focus is highly essential nowadays.

  20. Bhawna Shah

    I am not a book lover seriously, but I am inculcating a habit which gives the best pal of my life ” BOOK”. I have started a book, and I am also participating in TBR challenge which is more for me.

  21. jyoti

    I agree that We should never stop learning as it is rightly said once you stop learning you stop growing.

  22. Vasumathi

    Though an avid reader, I have never really signed up for a reading challenge. But I have heard great things about Blog Chatter and the TBR challenge. Singed up for it now!
    Though I love fiction over other categories, I agree completely that books can teach us and help us grow. In fact even with fiction, I have great learning – even from ones that read multiple times. Depending on my mood when I start reading, my takeaways are different.

  23. Amritha Srinath

    I am a voracious reader from my childhood, so I have always believed that a good reader paves a way to be a good writer too. All the best for the reading challenge. It is such fun and motivating to participate in these challenges.

  24. Priyanka Nair

    Can’t agree more, learning should never stop and reading is the best gift we could give to ourselves and pass it on to our children as well. I have set a goal to read 24 books this year and I have precisely made a list of them, lets see how far I can go 🙂

  25. Nehal Roy

    All the very best for this reading challenge. Much interesting. we should never stop reading.

  26. Urvashi

    super dear Ujjwal. I agree if we don’t read ourselves I cant expect my kid to follow me so that is why even i have participated this year . hopefully as my son grows he picks up this habit with love

  27. Payal Shankar

    Reading is the most wonderful gift we can have and also pass it on to our children especially. I am thankful that I am old school so we make time for reading at home. 🙂

  28. MeenalSonal Mathur

    Reading is ofcourse of the medium for the growth and must say one can see the drastic change in person when reading is taken as daily activity. Imbibing values in kids by setting example is brilliant way of parenting and I also do the same. Reading daily is a ritual in our house.

  29. Ruchi Verma

    This is one challenge I am scared of so much, not much into reading, so I have not signed up but love to read your reasons to join!!

  30. Aesha Shah

    Wow, you already completed the challenge. I am so behind this year. Maybe I need to pick up shorter books to complete it now.

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