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3 Tips to decide baby dresses for special occasions

Dressing up a baby for party is as difficult as finding a suitable dress for yourself. We can make choices about color, style, fitting, trend and many other things. Babies might not be very demanding and choosy as they haven’t reached toddler stage yet, however while dressing up babies is lot more than just choosing a particular style or color.

Baby dresses for special occasions

When Selecting baby dresses for social occasions, many other factors come in picture.


No matter how cure kids look in frills and nets but honestly no baby can be comfortable in those for long. A soft cotton dress would be more suitable any time. The fabric makes all the difference.

Unless the baby is happy and quiet, neither you nor anyone around will be able to enjoy the gathering. Non comfortable clothes can itch, prick or even leave a rash on babies’ gentle skin. The movement of the infant should be free, the clothing must not be very tight or restricting the leg movement.

Beautiful dress but no comfort

When it comes to clothing, organic cotton clothing is best. They are gentle on babies’ skin, super soft, naturally anti-bacterial and incredibly cool. Organic cotton is not just trend but necessity.

Season and Venue

We all dress mostly according to the season. Except, a few who can go bare back in the chilling ‘Dilli Ki sardi’. Nothing wrong in it, it’s a choice that adults make. But for babies, I am sure you need to dress them up according to the weather. Making babies wear heavy clothes like suit or sherwani in 45 degrees, is part of bad parenting as per me.

Venue as well as how long are you going to make the baby wear those clothes also matter. Depending upon the venue is it an open or closed place and are you going to stay for long are also the important factors in deciding what to make the baby wear.

Covered for comfort and safety


Safety has always been one of the important factors always. Buttons, ribbons, laces that babies can put in their mouth should be avoided. Specially on sleeves, cuffs or even collar, as it is easy to put in mouth.

But with current COVID19, changing our lives, taking kids out to gathering poses a bigger safety threat than loose buttons and threads.

People tend to pick up the baby, cuddle or even give a peck on the cheek. I would suggest making baby wear clothes which cover whole body. Including socks and mittens. Babies won’t keep masks, so its better to take a stand and ask people to maintain safe distance, and keep wet wipes and sanitizers handy for sure.

Sometimes even after you did your best and considered all the factors, while dressing up the baby for party. Still it is must to carry an additional clothing along with you. I am sure you keep additional clothes in your baby bag or diaper bag. Babies might spill something, puke or just start being cranky in one set of clothes, moms must be ready with a plan B always.

My choice of clothes, for babies for special occasion is always Onesies and Rompers only. They meet all these criteria for baby dresses for special occasions. And what can be better than getting these styles in organic fabric.

Berry tree, is one such brand which offers baby clothes in organic cotton. If you are a new mom, or there is a baby in your family, then you must check out this brand. I am happy that I found a brand which offers all under one roof when it comes to baby dresses for special occasions.

Dad and baby twinning, for first outing

Happy Dressing up!!!!

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  1. Manisha

    Yes with a toddler at home, I have learnt these lessons with experience. One must keep these points always while purchasing clothes. I will check the organic cotton brand shared by you.

  2. Cindy Dsilva

    I agree totally. I never let my kids wear those stuffy clothes just to make them cute. They never wore shoes also until they began to walk properly.

  3. Nitya

    Comfort actually matters the most while picking up the dress, you have covered all the facts 🙂

  4. Jenifer

    I will keep all the 3 points in mind when I shop next time for kids.
    Loved the photos. God bless.

  5. Subu M

    How adorable and stylish are these looks and rhe animal print is adorable. Great advice tips

  6. Vashi Baloria

    Very useful tips to keep in mind before purchasing baby outfits.
    It was really a great read .enjoyed reading.

  7. Seema Bardeskar

    For babes, all that matters is comfort than fashion! Great styles while keeping comfort in mind.

  8. Delhi-Fun-Dos

    Such a cool post..forwarding this to my friends with toddlers!

    1. Delhi-Fun-Dos

      When we were kids, I remember my mother would take my sister and me to a tailor for getting clothes stitched before festivals.

  9. Raksha

    These are such cute dresses. Even though I do not know anything about babies, I definitely understand that yes the comfort definitely matters. And choosing the right clothes for babies based on comfort is very important.

  10. Pallavi watermark

    Thats a wonderful post ,I personally prefer comfort for my child be it any day.Thanks for the tips.

  11. Rahul Prabhakar

    All baby dresses look so colorful and trendy. Good choices I must say 😃

  12. Ishieta

    These are good points! Most people dress up kids in synthetic clothes for reasons best known to them!

  13. Jhilmil D Saha

    Its so true that comfort should be the key point in deciding an outfit for babies for a special occasion. Very helpful post.

  14. Being Amna

    You’re right ! During covid-19 one must give top priority to safety of child .. Even I cover up my little one from top to bottom for the same reason and comfortable soft clothes are very important for avoiding rashes or itchiness.

    Btw, your little darling looks super cute 😍

  15. Hansa Kajaria

    Greta post. It’s very imp to dress kids properly as their skin is also very delicate. When my kids were small I use to cover them up in rompers so less skin contact with others n also when they start crawling it’s good to keep their knees protected.

  16. Aritro Chattopadhyay

    These are some awesome colourful dresses for babies. Will recommend to my mommy friends. Lovely read.

  17. Snigdha

    Improper dressing can make a baby cranky. You have given awesome tips to dress the baby for special occasions.

  18. Docdivatraveller

    Somehow I am quite lazy when it comes to dressing up babies. But really love how you have taken the pictures.

  19. Crazy_ mumma

    The post is so well written with the pointers one should keep in mind while choosing the right outfit for their little one.

  20. Smitha N

    Wonderful idea for kids outfit definitely will be sharing this with my sister as her kid is small and yes this will be helpful for her to…

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