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5 Must have books for Tweens #Booknblogwithus

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As parents we always keep trying to teach and inculcate good habits in our kids, its much easier when they are young. We bring them interactive books, read them aloud along with kids imitating the emotions, read them bed time stories in short, we do everything to make sure, books become their companion. However, as the kids grow up, they have more than one advisor the special impact is of friends, the peer pressure changes their choices than what parents are says, and we often get to her, “my friends don’t do this”, yes, I am talking about the age when kids are about reach adolescence. The kids aged between 10 to 12 are popularly known as Tween agers.

I have one at home, hence know what are the challenges in keeping them glued, they are just like toddlers “na dhang se bade, na hi dhang se bade”, confused as ever.

So, to keep them from getting influenced by surroundings, friends, gadgets and other factors its necessary to share correct information with the either directly or through books. There are few good books that can keep them entertained.

  1. Tom Gates Series

This is a series of 15 books by scholastic, the boy tom himself is in his tweens hence kids relate with him easily. He is late in his homework, gets lecture from mom, his copies are full of doodles, loves watching TV has endless excuses of not doing things. It is a page turner entertaining and hilarious book.


  1. Gerenimo Stiliton series

All the mums must have heard of this series of Gerenimo who always gets into some adventure by chance or because of his cousins. The publisher is Scholastic, most of these books are also available in school libraries. They came in special editions too. The speciality of this book is the words are writing as per their expressions.


  1. Harry potter Series

Who doesn’t know about harry and the magical world, specially after the movies based on it are super hit. However, to increase the imagination and creativity of the child these books are amazing. Specially with tweens, who actually are in the transition phase of life can relate to harry well. The entire series can also be a good gift set for special occasions. J. K. Rowling makes sure kids stay glued till then finish the entire story.


  1. Sudha Murthy

She is known for her work as a teacher and social activist, well acclaimed writer and she has won many national awards too.

Her stories are simple, easy to understand and as most of them are related to people at different strata of society gives children insight and more learning about their surroundings.

Her books like

Three Thousand Stitches: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives

Wise and Otherwise: A salute to Life

Something Happened on the Way to Heaven: 20 Inspiring Real-Life Stories

And many others are real treasures. If your child has not read them yet, go ahead it will only add good.


  1. Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond’s always has the most delightful children’s stories, the stories are close to nature, fantasy as well as relationships at the same time.

The stories about adventure or even ghosts are good read for 9+ year old kids, it helps them handling their curiosity about super natural things.

Great Stories for Children

The Essential Collection for Young Readers

The Blue Umbrella

Are just to name a few.


This is all from my side, I hope it helps you guys in keeping these kids high on energy, curiosity and imagination engaged. This list has been suggested by my 11 years old and her wanted me to write this.


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  1. lifewithmypenguin

    I have never read or watched a series on Tom Gates. I love reading Sudha Murty and Ruskin Bond books they are soul catchers.

  2. Deepika

    Ruskin bonds and Sudha Murty are my personal favourites. I used to watch the series of Ruskin Bond earlier. Sudha Murty’s books are the real gem.

  3. Shilpa Garg

    Except for Tom Gates series, my son and I have read the series and books you have mentioned. Gerenimo Stiliton series was his favorite for a long time and Ruskin Bond’s books because he is an alumni of his school. Harry Potter is our all time fav and in fact, I just finished re-reading the whole series one after the other , last month.

  4. nooranandchawla

    From your list Harry Potter and Ruskin Bond are my favourites. Good to know about the others too.

      1. nooranandchawla

        I have read one of her children’s books and was disappointed. Don’t think I’ll venture down that path!

  5. Tina Basu

    These are nice recommendations. I myself loved the Harry Potter series so much. I got an Enid Blyton for my 4 yr old but i think he’s little small for it.

  6. Gleefulblogger

    I have read the Harry Potter and quite a fan. Just waiting for my daughter to start with her first Potter book, I am sure she will love it too. Nice list

    1. Gurjeet Chhabra

      Ruskin bond is one of my and my daughter favourite,keep on adding collection

  7. TheMomSagas

    Lovely list. Bookmarking this for my kids for future

  8. Dr.Amrita Basu

    My favourite even as a tween was Enid Blyton school series.Also Agatha Christie.

  9. MeenalSonal

    My daughter do read Stilton series and Sudha Murthy books, will surely checkout Tom Gates series too.

  10. Varsh

    This brought a smile to my face. Other than Tom Gates my 11yo has read the other authors/titles. Harry Potter is his favourite. Also Agatha Christie.


    Harry potter seems to be every one fav like Me as the book itself makes me feel magical

  12. Amy

    These book recommendations are good. I was looking for some for my nephew and here i got the list.

  13. misha jain

    That’s a lovely collection dear. M bookmarking this one for further reference for kids

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