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8 Life-skills our kids learn from Superheroes #MyfriendAlexa

We all are fans of superheroes, may it be Marvel, DC or even home-grown superheroes like Shaktiman. Every child in any generation has followed one superhero or the other, admired them and believed them beyond normal.

Undoubtedly when we grow up, we find many such superheroes who don’t wear a cape but surely wear the superhero characteristics on their shoulder, these are real life heroes. That’s what we want our kids to follow, be a real hero. May it be Reel or real all the Champion’s possess same characteristics, here I am listing 8 such life-skills, that our kids learn from Superhero’s and make our society great.


  1. Strength:

Strength has a larger periphery than just physical strength, Mental and emotional strength is equally important. Unless we make our kids mentally and emotionally strong physical strength will not be of much help.


Let the kids cry, went out emotions, talk and share to their hearts content. All the superheroes at some point a time of their lives go through a dark and depressing phase, if they are not mentally and emotionally strong even their superpowers cannot pull them up from the darkness, and that’s the most important skill of a person.

All though all the superheroes have displayed strength however Hulk stands out with amazing muscle and emotional strength. Affected by gamma ray’s explosion, losing his loved ones and professional grit still with time understanding his power by controlling his anger he makes a great superhero.


  1. Smartness & Innovation:

Who came to your mind first, IronMan who else? He is smart, witty and genius.

Smartness is an essential life-skill, we all love smart kids; smartness does not mean how much they score in exam but how well they carry themselves in the society. Everyone has to live according to the trends and generation. School also plays an important role in making kids smart.


Kids by default are innovative, they find toys in random things from kitchen which we don’t even consider as toys. They make crafts on their own, just that with their growing age let’s not stop them from being creative and innovative. We as parents can help them harness both these skills.


  1. Flexibility, Agility and Stamina:

With kids attending many co-curricular activities from abacus to robotics, they are left with very less time for actual physical activities. We see many kids getting breathless after a 100 meters sprint. Maintaining physical health and having a healthy lifestyle is necessary for person every age.


Spiderman and Black panther, the King of Wakanda are the best to learn flexibility and agility from. The way the run, chase, do back flips is just amazing. Although we do not encourage kids to do dangerous stunts, but the basic stamina and flexibility is must. We have to let go our habits of taking the lift to 2nd or 3rd floor or binge on a Netflix Series instead of going on a walk or Run for kids to get motivated, parents have to be superheroes too.


  1. Leadership:

A Leader is one who knows the way, Goes the way and Shows the way.

Leadership is an inbuild characteristic of a person, however it can be harnessed and nourished for better skills.

captain america.jpg

Leadership comes handy in academics, work as well as in routine life, we all look forward to leaders who can lead the followers through difficult situations.

Just the way Captain America does, when all the Avengers loose hope while fighting with Loki or Thanos. Everyone has power, but the leader has special power to unite and convince all the members to fight together, to march towards a common goal.


  1. Competitive and Caring

These two C’s don’t really go hand in hand, some people forget to be caring when they are competing, and that’s why I have mentioned these together. The child needs to be competitive and at the same time caring. We see athletes running on the track and stopping by to help a co-runner get up and run again leaving their own chase in the middle, we applaud for that, that’s what is a great blend of being competitive and caring at the same time.


Wonder Woman is one such superhero. She loves to win still at the same time can’t leave the opponent in lurch.


  1. Friendship:

This is the most beautiful thing of childhood, and if you are in touch with your childhood friends you are the real lucky one. At one point of time, friends and their opinions matter to the child even more than what parents or teachers say.


Just like ‘Rocket Racoon and Groot’, if you have watched Guardians of Galaxy or Avengers endgame you know them well. They don’t leave each other in any dire circumstances. That sort of friendship is very rare.

  1. Responsibility:

‘With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility’

I am sure you know this dialog, its what our friendly neighborhood hero believes in. Spidey a teenager, the age that’s most tender to understand the pressure of the word responsibility. He shoulders it very well. We all have privileges, we love to have them and sometimes we even abuse them, but how many times we stand up and take responsibility of our work, that’s what the kids must learn. Taking up the responsibility.

If everyone starts taking responsibility of their own ‘Karma’, the it will make our country better and in turns future of our kids better.


  1. Courage and Justice:

Calling out spade a spade, is real courage. Justice is an important skill for kids to learn to have a healthy society. Just like Batman, who does not have any superpower still prepares himself to fight for Gotham city. He has passion for justice and courage to fight against criminals.


With powers anyone can be superhero, but having courage is itself a superpower. Not moving an inch even when understanding the risk, and ready to give it all is a superpower. We all want our kids to stand for what is right, not to get frightened with bullies in life but to face them.

We need to look up to someone, that’s what we have superheros. When the occasion arises common human beings come forth as superheroes. Everyone has a favorite superhero, and it is special because we can relate to them, their ideology and characteristics, My favorite is IronMan, who is yours?

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  1. Madhuri Lele

    Very nice. Ujjwal now you have more novel ideas. Explained very nice way.

    1. urvashinenawati

      My love for marvel and dc comics is not just for fiction. It’s deeper and more positive . Love this one #damurureads #myfriendalexa

  2. Sweetannu

    Strength and leadership indeed, setting a good example to follow too. We should also take notes from them.

  3. Neha Sharma

    This is such a wonderful post, Ujjwal. Yes, every kid has one or the other favorite superhero and do wish to become like them. It’s important that they understand the characteristics of a real-life hero as you mentioned here & learn the life skills from their fav superheroes.

  4. Neha

    There is a lot of life skills that kids learn on the way while they grow up. Having a role model in superheroes definitely helps.

  5. Deepa Jaisingh

    These days, my daughter loves watching Krishna as a kid on YouTube and that’s her fav lord superhero..

  6. bytetrails

    Very nicely described. I too feel Superheroes make children feel empowered . But we just have to keep a check that kids dont become too obsessed with superheroes.

  7. nooranandchawla

    How sweet Ujjwal. I have always loved superheroes and you are right, we can learn so much from them.

  8. Shilpa Garg

    Well said. Superheroes are not just entertaining characters but are a source of inspiration for not only kids but also we adults, as they are guided by strong moral values and code of ethics. Loved reading this post!

    1. My Words My Wisdom

      Glad you liked it, yes superheroes are liked by younger and elder alike

  9. MeenalSonal

    Marvellous post and detail analysis of Super hero qualities. Truly if a person possess all these then definitely he/she will be super hero.

  10. jhilmildsaha

    Absolutely agreed superheroes are a big inspiration in every kid’s life. Although I have not introduced any superhero to my 4 year old. But I know eventually she would come to know about them and would find her inspiration in a few.

  11. PrettyMummaSays

    I am a hardcore Marvel fan and so is my daughter. I am going to make her read this blog. Very unique and I loved the idea. Except for Batman, huge thumbs up for compiling this.

  12. Aishwarya Sandeep

    Super heroes are really an inspiration for children. I make my child do all his chores by telling him what a superhero would have done if they were in that condition.

    1. My Words My Wisdom

      Ha ha ha, I remember feeding my elder one vegetablekhichdi saying it’s superman food when when he was a toddler

  13. Varsh

    I love how these superheroes are created and the values they inculcate in kids without being preachy. My son is a Captain America fan while I like Iron Man. 😁

  14. forbabynmommy

    That’s really nice of you to share this, yes Every kid love to visualize the super heroes they see and it’s really important they understand their qualities too

  15. Amrit kaur

    Kids get influenced by superheroes for sure and learn a lot of good habits from them.

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