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8 Things that makes every blogger cringe #MyfriendAlexa

I have started blogging seriously since last year, there is so much I have learnt and yet there are so many new things every day. Every blog that I read and every blog that I write, enriches my knowledge. Still one year of sincere blogging, has taught me a lot of technical terms which I would have never known otherwise in my software or HR corporate roles, like DA, PA, SEO, Alexa ranking and many others. With lot of like-minded blogger friends, a strong blogging community like Blogchatter I have improved my writing and I have grown as a blogger. Here are few incidents or occasions which I have been part of, and I am sure its common with all the bloggers. Things that no blogger likes, in fact it makes them grrrrhhhh or uuuhhhh… feels like saying Get Lost.

So here I go, 8 things that makes every blogger cringe

  1. People think you earn a lot

Remember people in family functions or that mommy group in society that you are not very pally with, rolling their eyes and gossiping about you saying, “blogger hai ye blogger, arrey ye log bahot paisa kamate hai”. Feels good and you hope that it becomes true in your case also as soon as possible, but when it comes as a taunt it’s not very comforting.

When I was working in corporate for full time and blogging at the same time, people did not shy away from saying, ‘you must be earning really well, why do you work full time’. Ohh how I wish…



2. People think you don’t make money at all

This is a different set of people; I don’t know if the first category was good for me or these people are. As Akshay Kumar in the movie ‘Mangal Yaan’ says that people hoping for you to fail, as equally important for success as much as well-wishers.

One of my father-in-laws friends, who occasionally comes to our home came to know that I had quit my full time job and now focus on writing, was very curious to know, about how do we manage our finances as now I don’t get any money.

Even my mom always keeps me asking, how much am I earning through this work. My MIL has also put me in category of non-earning women.


3. People get confused between Influencers and bloggers

This is a very painful thing, when you are so happy about your DA and Alexa Ranking getting better every day and some brand comes and say ‘ohh.. you don’t have 10000 followers in Instagram, we can’t collaborate.’ Its tough to make them understand that I am a blogger, off course I am a Influencer too but not what you are looking for. I have a different skill and different network.

We all have learnt sets and sub-sets in basic maths, so the rule is simple ‘Every blogger is an influencer, but every influencer is not a blogger’

Bloggers have their own blog, where they write blogs, not just photo promotions with hardly 200 words writeup.

I have nothing bad about influencers, the problem is that people or even brands get confused. It’s just like getting confused with the DBA and Java developer, both are in software industry but doing different roles.



4. It’s not considered as work, it’s just a hobby

First, we sit at one place and with laptop in front, means we are building up on an Idea. That’s what working is right. It might not require going at an office sit there for minimum 8-9 hours, we can work from anywhere home, café or even sitting on a swing.

All the household chores, relatives and friends visiting town everyone thinks that you are at there disposal and available entire day. Earlier I was into a full-time job and could not take many leaves but now as I work from home everybody thinks I must be available.

Thanks at least my dear husband thinks different, I suggests me to get out of the house and sit at a café or any other comfortable place to sit and write, that ways I am not always available for things that could have happened without my intervention also and with change in venue, more creativity flows in.


5. People thing you gifted them goods you received from brands

Recently I attended an event of a luxury brand that has products in skin care obviously I received a hamper too, I liked the products and hence brought them for my best friend. When she opened it, she said, “ohh, you must have got these for free na, you guys are so lucky, you keep getting so many things for free”. I was like, “Excuse me, I have purchased these, and we don’t get anything for free we give our time, leverage our network and then have quantifiable deliverables against all that we get”. But itni energy kaun waste karega, samjhaane mein.

Has any such thing happened with you ever?

6. Everyone including Big brands also want a barter


Ha ha ha, even if you won’t agree with the other points I am sure your eyes twinkled the moment you read this, In fact the Idea for writing on this topic stuck me just after a disconnected a call for bloggers meet from one of the brands who were offering it as a barter. I said what? I am not interested.

We have seen many tweets and messages where PR agencies are looking for bloggers to write well-researched and creative blog for 80 rupees can you believe. Many want you to write in exchange of goodies. This is absolutely not done.

People create WhatsApp groups just to offer barter and then they want a blog, an Instagram post, a Facebook post and a video and stories on Insta and fb all for one product that they are giving away that costs less than 300 rupees. I feel like telling them “Itna paisa mein, Itna ich milenga”

It me who can decide the value of my creativity, and it’s not cheap for sure.

  1. People get work done and run away

Cheating happens in every field, irrespective of type and size of industry however it’s a notch higher here in blogging and content writing.

People buy domains, tie up with bloggers for writing at a certain amount then they don’t get what they expected from their portal and they just vanish. No response to calls, messages and even emails. I had followed up with one such person for almost one year for a couple of thousand rupees.

8. Writers block


This one is the most dreaded one, I have been thru this and I can assure you that it’s not superficial or unrealistic, especially if you are writing a fiction. There have been days when I sat for hours with the laptop but could not write even a paragraph, the thoughts just done get words, no amount of Tea or coffee helps.

Sometimes it’s also called Blogger Burn-out, it generally comes after finishing some long, laborious or tedious assignment, post that you just don’t feel like writing anything.

The sooner you get inner peace and your emotions get stable you will be able to write again.

Every profession has a few good and not so good things associated, believe me I have switched and worked in 3 completely different industries, out of which I am happiest in blogging. Its like coming home. These are my experiences, I am sure you have been through many such, so don’t shy away. Enlighten me, I am all ears.

I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa.

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  1. Pratip

    You just pulled all those thoughts from my head and put as a blog post. Although I aven’t quit my job but they are definitely relatable.

  2. Rakhi Jayashankar

    Oh this is so true. Every single point, I have related with and faced

  3. Narinder Bhatia

    Very well conceived post and totally relatable for any blogger. The points you have mentioned is every blogger’s pain, happened at some point in their blogging journey. But, irrespective of what others think or say, a true blogger always follows the heart and keeps churning out magic with words 😊

  4. Rajesh N

    you said exactly what I feel. my sister who started blogging has gone through the same experience. many people think bloggers are writing just for passing the time, in India people don’t know that blogging is a business, it’s a profession

  5. urvashinenawati

    Each and every word is like my life.. oh god people make me hate people. And brands barter cheating Pr what not. you have classified them just right..

  6. Anwesha

    I loved reading your perspective and things you get to hear on a regular basis. I too relate to most of these things.

  7. Questy Musings

    So true! As I comment, I have a pair of eyes looking at me as if I don’t have anything to do but sit in front of the laptop. Wonderful post and I completely relate to it. Before using laptops for each and everything, I used to take notes or jot down lesson plans for my session. I would go to the most peaceful cafe in the dead afternoon between 2 and 4. Your post reminded me, and its been a long time I’ve been there for some amazing coffee. Will be visiting your site again for sure

  8. Ruchie

    Really really you have spoken what we feel and best way to differentiate between Instagrammers and Blogger (DBA and Java Programmer) ….

  9. nooranandchawla

    Haha! I could so relate to some of these! Thankfully the gift thing has never happened to me!

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