You are currently viewing A 5 star rated crime thriller Eye on You

A 5 star rated crime thriller Eye on You

Book Review: Eye on You

Genre: Thriller/ Crime Fiction

Publisher: Kindle Edition

Total Pages: 188 pages

Size: 634 KB

Author: Kanchana Banerjee

About the Author:

Kanchana Banerjee is settled in Gurgaon, an Author of 4 amazing thrillers including Eye on you. Since 1993 she is one way or the other associated with writing. Her journey started with The Statesman, Kolkata post her graduation. In 2011 I she founded an online company called Writeword and conducted online writing course to help women learn the art of freelance writing. You can know a lot more about her on her website.

Author of Eye on you with Family

Book Cover:

The Cover in an eye peeping into your soul. With written in all caps and bold EYE on YOU.

The cover does complete justice to the plot. Before you start reading the reader knows whot to expect.

Plot/ Story Line:

How safe are you inside your home?
Myra is a young, independent, single working woman living in Gurgaon. She throws a party to celebrate her success. After a party in her home, she wakes up the following morning and discovers that she has been raped. But she was at home, surrounded by her friends.
Who could have done this to her? Was it one of her friends or a stranger?

My Take:

Women…all of us… we are different but fight the same battle. Is one quote from the book that s going to stay with me for long.

The life on social media is open to all, how much peek you want to give the strangers into your life is entirely your own call. The book sometimes left me thinking and scared about how much Social media can be dangerously misused and how much dependence on smart gadgets makes us vulnerable.

Its kind on eye opener of the internet generation.

What worked for me?

The realistic storyline. It can happen with anyone in today’s time.

Clear and brutal presentation of what can go wrong by living on the Social Media Space and the biases in society.

What could have been better?

The prejudice that society has is for all or rather every women, for what one does or does not do. That part for Dipti could have been elaborated more. Myra and deepti both could have given equal space in the book.

This book qualifies for a classic thriller for me.

Since many reviews I was unable to give 5 Starts to any book; however this one is beyond that.

Amazon link to buy Eye on you is HERE!!

Thanks to #bookchatter bookreview program by The blogchatter, for bringing this book my way.

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  1. Tina Sequeira

    This book certainly looks intriguing. Will get my copy after your review. #MyFriendAlexa #TinasPicks

  2. The Siriusgram

    Wow I’m intrigued. Adding this to my to read list . Thanks for the review

  3. Neha Sharma

    I read a couple of reviews of this book a few days back and both were positive. But I was still skeptical to pick this book from the thriller genre. After reading another positive and 5-star review, seems like I will have to pick it up now.

  4. Ritu Bindra

    I enjoyed reading the book too and quite agree with your review. The fact that it could actually happen to anyone gives goosebumps. Love the way you structured the review.

  5. Deepti

    Your review makes me want to pick up this book by Kanchana Banerjee who is an amazing writer. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  6. Sivaranjini

    Wow, such a clear way of presenting the review. A realistic plot makes it a perfect read.

  7. Sonali Baidya

    Nice book and loved the way you have written it.

  8. Madhu Bindra

    I have read so many reviews of the book and everybody is recommending it. It is high time I picked up the book. I really liked your to-the-point review.

  9. Ninu Nair

    I really enjoyed reading this review. Though I am not a huge fan of thrillers, I would like to read this book some time.

  10. Abha Singh

    Many bloggers reviewed this book before and rated this a good read. I will read this for sure.

  11. Sadvika Kylash

    Thriller is a new world. i would love to explore it all the way! thanks for such amazing review,

  12. Manali Desai

    Thrillers are always exciting to read. Nicely reviewed

  13. Swets

    Seems to be fantastic . I would love to explore it.

  14. Debidutta Mohanty

    Well, structured review. After reading so many reviews on this thriller I am know tempted to pick this one for my next read.

  15. Srikanth

    A wonderful review for us to go through, loved reading about the author and the book which gives us a good perspective.. Thanks for sharing

  16. Swati Mathur

    Wow.. Love the plot and the story line.. With thrilling experience and I think this book is going to teach us some very important life lessons too. Will grab my copy soon.

  17. Charu

    Looks like a very interesting read. Will check.

  18. Gurjeet Chhabra

    Your review is excellent. You made an urge in me to read this book.

  19. Geethica Mehra

    I totally agree when you say that all women are different but fight the same battle in some or another way. I watched Kanchana’s live on the book and found it intriguing.

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