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Destined, The most awaited invitation #BlogchatterA2Z

Few weeks have passed since I saw that big snake in the house in front of me. Although no one has believed me yet, but I am convinced.

Mahi has settled well here. She seems a pretty girl. She has spoken to me a couple of times, about her grandmother, school and what she likes and dislikes about this new change. I had this urge of discussing with her my doubts about the cat, snake and her home altogether. But I buried the idea considering my budding acquaintance with her. She is looking like my only hope to get closer to unfolding the mystery and sneaking deeper into her home. She loves her parents, and trying to accommodate them in her scheme of life. Tweens are the new teens. The toughest one to understand. They are neither grownups nor too young.

And my friendship with Mahi, is bearing fruits. Finally, I am invited to Mahi’s home today evening. Yes! Yes! Yes!!! I was about to give a loud scream of first step towards success, when she asked me, to come for evening tea. You know there is so much beyond that garden that I want to see. See with my wide-open eyes. Seeing is believing. I want to see how they live? What they do? Specially I want to ask Anokhi why this cat gets undue importance as if she is not a pet rather a supervisor for the house and people living in it.

Manav’s mother has gone back, in a couple of days after leaving Mahi here. Her departure left Mahi lonely, it was very emotional even to watch. But you know, a real seeker like me can’t miss anything. It will affect my hypothesis, research and finally the conclusion you know.

So, I took a chance to strike rapport with her, and you know with my charm although people took it as blabbering, she became my friend. I didn’t do much, I just started meeting her everyday in the afternoon, on her way back from the school. In a few days, she had to give up her mother’s teachings and open up to me. No no, its nothing like Little red ridding hood and the wolf, who tricked her in ignoring her mother’s instructions and reveal the secrets to a stranger. I do not mean to harm her or her family rather it’s just to quench my curiosity.

To today evening is the most awaited evening for me since ages. Its not just that I love parties and get-together but it’s at the most awaited venue too. Let me find a suitable attire, find a gift. Of course, you though Miss. Morris is miser or what? I am planning to grow this friendship, that much investment is must.

Stay tuned to know what happens when Miss. Morris visits Anokhi and Manav’s house. If you want to catch up from the first post the link is here!

I am wriitng fiction in 26 posts as a part of BlogchatterA2Z Challenge.

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