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Secrets of Infused water. What, Why, when and How.

Water is most essential element or we can say nutrient for life. In summer we tend to have more water, however in winters we have to keep reminding ourselves about having water at regular intervals.

Rather than having plain water, having infused water is a good idea. Even in summer rather than having ‘Sugar heavy’ drinks, infused water does wonders. They have natural sugar and tastes like juice too.

So, what is infused water?

Infused water is also known as detox water. As the name suggests, when the water is infused with various flavours of fruits, seeds, herbs and vegetables of your choice is called infused water. It can also be called flavoured water.

Such water has more benefits than you think. Detox water is recommended in case of weight management, where we want to limit intake of carbonated and sugary drinks, to keep the body hydrated.

Why should we have infused water?

First of all, once you try experimenting with infused water, I can guarantee that you will never go back to carbonated or sugary drinks.

Apart from taste, there are many health benefits this water offers, like Appetite control, brain function, blood sugar regulations, weight management, acidity and heartburn prevention, boosting immunity and nutrient intake along with keep you hydrated and boosting memory functions.

When you need that 4PM snack, you can always have a glass full of detox water with your favourite watermelon, lemon and mint dash, absolutely no added sugar.

Infused wated is just capitalizing on the goodness of water and boosting it with goodness of herbs and fruits.

Flavoured water makes water more appealing not just for kids rather for adults too. It helps in getting rid of toxins from body. It has minimum calories hence, makes you more energetic and helps in weight management too.

And its easy to make. Take water take you favourite fruits and herbs. Infuse it and drink

Correct Way to make and store infused water:

We can divide infused water in 4 or more categories. It simply depends on what are you infusing or flavouring you water with. Seeds, vegetables, herbs and fruits. You can make one drink with multiple fruits, or mix and match of seeds and fruits or herbs and veggies or even all 4 together. Just make sure, you understand the taste and like it when its ready to have.


You can add the desired fruits for 3-4 hours before you can start enjoying the drink. By 12 hours you can take out the fruits and keep the water in the refrigerator. That way you can keep having it for 3 days.

Another way of storing flavoured water for long time, is making ice cubes of the water. That too with or without fruits. I like to freeze it with little pieces of fruits or herbs. That way when I add them to normal water the goodness of texture and fibre is intact.

Ideally, refill your pitcher or bottle when it’s half empty to preserve the infusion flavour.  

infused water
Berry Berry Tasty and healthy

What all can you add to your water:

Here are few most loved ingredients, that make your water not just super delicious but also full of health benefits.

Fruits to be infused

Lemon- Gives a tangy taste. Helps in improving digestion and gives lot of antioxidants and Vitamin C.

Berries- Berries are loved by most of the people. They add colour as well as flavour. strawberry, blackberry, blueberry and even Indian Gooseberry that is Amla is a great infuser.

Kiwi/Mango/Watermelon- These fruits not just look beautiful but are packed with fibre and micronutrients required for body.

Infusing Vegetable:

Although there and not many vegetables that you can infuse, but yes one stands out.

Cucumber- It has antioxidants and helps in lowering BP. What I personally do is, I do not keep it infused for a long time. And never put it alone, I add a dash of mint and lemon to it.

Herbs infused water:

They are as best as fruits; in fact, they stand out in goodness as well as flavouring.

Mint- It adds flavour to anything. If you can add fresh mint leaves its best but even dried one can work well. Mint helps in cooling body temperature and in digestion of food. The fragrance of mint can help in improving energy levels and brain function as well.

Ginger- Ginger adds a great taste to the water. Helps in nausea and digestion.

Basil- Basil is known for its goodness and taste. It works well in flavouring water.

I love to add clove and cilantro also to my water some times.

Seeds infused water:

Seeds are my personal favourite. They have a very mild flavour, but lot of goodness.

Jeera – Jeera can be soaked overnight. It helps in regulating acidity.

carom seeds- Carom seeds help in digestion, plus it can be added as seasoning to any water recipe.

Chia Seeds- better soaked overnight. They look translucent and beautiful. Plus has heavy fibre boost.


Just one tip before you start having detox water is, don’t forget to try infuser bottles. They make it easier to add and remove fruits.

Keep Hydrated, Keep Healthy!!!

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