You are currently viewing Ownership, Optimisim or Prejudice what exaclty made her choose?

Ownership, Optimisim or Prejudice what exaclty made her choose?

Finally, Manav proposed to Anokhi. See I told you the met in college and fell in love. I know it was incomplete story, but now I know exactly how they met. Getting answers to mysteries is as satisfying as having water after long time. We all took a lunch break before the story began ahead. I was having food with a queen. literally. Although the major question still remained, who were those people who attacked Anokhi and Mahi.

Post lunch Miss M just waved he r wand and instructed the scrub to wash the dishes and clean up the kitchen and dining room. I liked it, no effort at all. Magic would make life of a housewife so easy.

we all came back to the drawing room. Mahi was so keen to know her parents love story.

“so, mom did you say yes? Has dad visited Thethoris ever? Can I go?”, Mahi couldn’t hide her excitement.

Yes, I said yes, because I never expected a proposal this way. Continued Anokhi.

“So, who are you? How did you do this? “, Manav asked me

I reminded him, that he was lost in the foothills of Himalayas, and I was no wanderer but a warrior of that area.

“I was happy, shocked and surprised to know that I am in love with a queen. A real queen that too who knows magic” Manav mischievously added.

When we both were sure that we want to take a step further, I planned to take him to Thethoris.

I was confident that I am the queen, and I have freedom to take all my decisions. But when we reached their, my own people proved me wrong.

I had disclosed about my plan of returning to Miss. M only. After my parents she is the only guardian, I have. She was my nanny as a baby, she has seen more of real me than my mother. She warned me of the consequences of putting our kind at risk, by inviting a human to our kingdom.

Citizens of Thethoris, lived with common people. Mingled and partied with them but never disclosed their true identity. They never brought them home, the real home. Thethoris.

When I reached there and Introduced Manav to our congress, they got furious. There were just a few people who were loyal to me and my parents stood by me. But after many heated arguments, finally they decided to dethrone me. Our prime minister was the one with malicious intentions to take over the throne for a long time. This way he got a reason, through which he could convince the Thethorians that I was not the right queen for them. I was the one who is threat to their identity.  

For last 15yrs we stayed away from them. Although the people who are still loyal to me, kept coming here and tell me that the new kind is bad. He has no mercy for the citizens. I always wanted to go back, but I had to choose make a choice between my live and kingdom. I chose love.

As per my bloodline I am the real queen of Thethoris, and hence my first born when reached teenage would be the real heir of the throne. That’s what they came here yesterday.

“Oh God, does that mean I am queen of a place I have never been to? I don’t even know magic.” screamed Mahi

This is one of the episodes, here you can go to the previous episode. This story will be written in 26 episodes as a part of blogcatterA2Z challenge.

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  1. Harjeet Kaur

    Wow..a queen no less and now Mahi will become the queen! How do u even imagine such stories? I could never do this, Ujjwal 🙂

    1. Ujjwal Mishra

      Thanks.thats encouraging 🤩

  2. PraGun

    Haha loved this line that getting answers to mysteries is as satisfying as having water after a long time. So thethories queen is among us now, the story is getting interesting day by day.

  3. Navita Bhatia

    The queen of Thethories!! Quite intriguing!! Will Mahi be able to digest it?

  4. Aditi Kapur

    Wow, Mahi will be the new queen of Thethoris if they decide to settle there! Interesting:)

  5. Swati Mathur

    So sweet of Mahi..she is extremely stressed of becoming a queen without even knowing magic….god help them.

  6. Varsh

    Wow, now this got The Princess Diaries twist, but only with magic people who wouldn’t accept real people. This is getting interesting!

  7. Ruchi Verma

    Wow the new Queen, I am so impressed with the way you are taking ahead of this story am getting hooked here!!

  8. Deepika

    Magic wand to make life of house wives easier. I liked that observation. And her daughter is to be the new queen. Love the way the story is progressing.
    Deepika Sharma

  9. Roma Gupta Sinha

    I loved the way the plot has evolved buddy, getting a hang of it now, keep it up.

  10. Surbhi Prapanna

    Knowing more about the past and how the anokhi and manav’s relationship was build is really interesting to read. looking forward what happen next?

  11. Jyoti

    Oh now i got to know the real story .So Mahi is going to be the next queen .plot is getting interesting .I wish i have that Magic wand to make our easier.

  12. Archana Srivastava

    How beautifully you are taking forward the story Ujjwal, Kudos! Things are getting sorted, I guess; it makes me more curious what next now?

  13. Sindhu Vinod Narayan

    I love how you’re weaving this ujwal. Your making it intriguing day by day

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