You are currently viewing Are you seeing Dogs and cats in your dreams? want to know, what does it mean? #AtoZChallenge

Are you seeing Dogs and cats in your dreams? want to know, what does it mean? #AtoZChallenge

Amid the growing tension around COVID-19 today I am feeling unwell, nothing serious as such just restless and hyper acidity. I guess stress fuels acidity and the continuous updates and videos about grave situations people are facing increases it further. So i was in double mind if I will be able to write today’s post. Finally, here I am.

Earlier I have planned to write DeJa’Vu Dreams today, while doing the research I realized there is a lot of ambiguity with it.

What is DeJa’Vu is a feeling that we have been through this experience earlier as well, so some researchers believe there is nothing called DeJa’Vu dreams rather its just a recall of a memory which is very strongly embedded in our conscious and subconscious that we want to experience it again.

 Whereas some researchers think, it means your going to have happy times ahead. May be a reconciliation with someone from family or friends. It also interprets that something unique is coming your way.

This is it. I Wanted to share more with the readers. Then two of our beloved pets came to my mind. Dogs and cats.  

Do you know they are among the most common visitors in our dreams. Even if you do not have a pet but in everyday life, we see many dogs and cats and they get registered somewhere.

A Dog in your Dreams? What does it mean?

The basic qualities or characteristics of a dog are Loyalty, protection, friendship. Even in dreams they represent the same qualities. They are man’s best friends in waking life as well as in dreams.

The Dog Dream Interpretations are very exhaustive, as the colour, position as well as the mood of the dog are the primary things to be considered.

I generally remember all my dreams. And that’s what motivated me to write on this topic. Not long ago just a couple of months back I have a dream of a brown dog saving me and my mom from a chaos in market. His tail was so long, rough and strong. We held his tail and got out safely. The memory of the dream and even the feel of that tail on my hand was so much clear in my mind when I woke up, I ran to check what it means.

Dogs guide us with their instinct and generosity.

Dog dreams often have to do with the basic instinct towards friendship, loyalty, and protection. 

Let’s keep it crisp and simple

Angry Dog-If a dog is angry in your dream, it indicates the inner conflict or conflict with a dear one or it even represents that someone disloyal to you

Brown Dog- The one that visited me in my dream. It is a sign of natural healing and friendship. It shows that you are focused on your relationship with happiness and are content.

Dog biting or Black Dog- IF you ever see a blag dog in your dream or if a dog bites you it means you are battling with your negativity. You have some hidden desires or anxiety. It also warns you that either you are into Depression or headed towards one. It can also be an indication that either you are disloyal to someone or you are being back stabbed.

Dying pet or Dog– It might be your own pet or any dog dying in your dream, it means your friendship with someone is ending. The faster you work on it the better as true friends are hard to find.

Pack of dog- If you see a jovial and happy pack of dogs, so a reunion or family get together is on its way. Either you initiate one and reconnect with your loved ones or you would be invited to one shortly.

Lets head to the feline friend of ours.

Cats are the only domesticated species in the family Felidae, rest all are wild ones. Cats are a small carnivorous animal.

The cat in your dream symbolizes an independent spirit, feminine sexuality, creativity, and Power. The cat could indicate that someone is being deceitful or treacherous toward you.

When a Kitten visit you in your dream, it means you are not handling the problems in your hand with maturity rather you are displaying childlike attitude towards problem solving.

Brown cat– If you see a brown colour can in your dream it means you are about to receive some important information

Multicolour cat- I wonder how a multicolored cat would look like. Its unique. However, if one visits you in your dreams it means you need to do teamwork in achieving your goal, Teamwork can be at work or at home.

Aggressive cat- problem with your feminine self, you need to understand yourself better

Cat hiding from you in Dream:

A cat plays hide and seek with you in your dreams to warn you that someone is going to cheat you. So be watchful.

A cat running away from you in Dream:
You are too pushy with your endeavors and your actions are pushing people around you away

The Cat is Chasing or Eat Mouse or Rat in Dream:
Dreaming about a cat hunting down to catch and eat a mouse means good fortune.

The cat is dead or is being killed in Dream:

No one likes to face a situation where death is involved neither in waking life nor in dream , but if something like this happen it means that you are not getting independence or power to make decisions rather you have to follow someone even if you do not agree.

That’s all for today, hope if these animals visit you next time you know what measures you need to take. There are people who do not take dreams seriously, that’s ok. But try decoding one of your dreams, it might help you solve a mess.

Stay tuned as tomorrow we speak about Eerie Nightmares. Sleep well😊

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  1. Sonia Dogra

    This is some interpretation. What research! I remember as a child, my grandmother would look into a jantri and interpret our dreams. That was in the distant past. I just remembered that.

  2. Kinshoo Agrawal

    Omg seeing dogs and cats in dreams can have so many interpretations .. this is something new

  3. Vartika

    What a well researched post. I remember we used to have a calender in which afew dream interpretations were mentioned and whever we would see some weird dream, wevwould check that calendar to know the interpretation. Good old days without internet 😀 thanks for sharing

    1. Ujjwal Mishra

      glad you stopped by, yes one my my hostel mates has a book to decode dreams.

  4. Operation Awesome

    You know, I don’t think I’ve ever dreamed about a cat or a dog. I remember a lizard in one particularly vivid childhood dream, but no animals in anything since. Am I a freak?

    1. Ujjwal Mishra

      Glad you stopped by, stay tuned Reptiles are in pipeline 🙂

      1. Aritro Chattopadhyay

        The prime traits of a dog are Loyalty, protection, friendship and it has been regarded as man’s best friend.

  5. Matheikal

    I had two cats both of whom I pampered very much. One disappeared and the other died in a road accident. I was chagrined by the latter incident and the cat started appearing in my dreams. He disturbed my sleep for a while. But now he chooses to leave me in peaceful sleep.

    1. Simrit Bedi

      Wow! Never thought that animals in your dreams can mean so much. Wonderful post!

      1. Hansa Kajaria

        Wow I really loved reading this blog. I also get intrigued with my dreams at time and try to connect the dots for some dreams which have been recurring for a long time. Also if I see a strange dream I ponder upon it the whole day.

  6. Noor Anand Chawla

    Ujjwal I hope you feel better soon.
    Though I experience deja vu very often in waking hours, I don’t remember having dreamt of dogs and cats.

  7. Arushi Seth

    Your posts are so interesting and there is some level of research you are putting in them. Amazing is all I can say. Thank you sharing these awesome posts with us

    1. Abhishek Kumar Singh

      What a piece of research you have done. Though I dream alot but never had such a dream . Be home be safe.

    2. Abha Singh

      Interesting facts you have shared about dreams. I never had dreams about Dogs and cat but loved reading your article about this.

  8. Sivaranjini

    Hi rey hi rey I never got such dreams, 🤪

    1. Mrinal Kiran

      Wow… I never knew dreams have so much meaning… I am not getting any dreams these days… Bookmarking this post for future!

  9. Gurjeet Chhabra

    With all your post, I come to know what my dream means.thank u

  10. Cindy Dsilva

    Interesting to know. I don’t recall seeing any dogs or cats in my dreams. Or maybe I used to… Not sure…

  11. Vashi

    I never knew dreams resonate such diversified study.. yes i too dream a lot & saving your blogs to get back for interpretations

  12. pooja budhiraja

    Such an interesting topic to read on. The dreams about cats and dogs and the connecting story is something unique.

  13. pooja budhiraja

    it is an interesting concept to read on. The dreams about dogs and cats and the story interlinked with dreams.

  14. Nitya chawla

    I cannot recall any dogs or cats in my dreams but it’s very interesting to know…

  15. Nisha

    Sadly I forget my dreams by the morning . Does that mean anything?

  16. sapna bansal

    oh, I never knew seeing dogs & cats can have so many interpretations. thanks for informing

  17. Docdivatraveller

    I have never dreamed of cats and dogs. Usually it’s the previous days affair

  18. Dr Bushra

    I’ve seen lizards, snakes and monkeys in my dreams. But not dogs, the interpretation is helpful and informative.

  19. Prakhar Kasera

    As much as I am loving your dream interpretation series, I am curiously waiting for the post which might help me understand my dreaming reality.

  20. Ghunjain

    I never dreamt about dogs or cat… Very well written post

  21. Manisha

    I would say I have never seen cats and dogs but snakes a lot and they scare me a lot. I am waiting to read about that interpretation.

  22. Smitha N

    No doubt I get rare dream of dogs… But cats no nice information regarding the dream of dogs which i I was unaware of… Thank you for sharing

  23. Mayuri Nidigallu

    I see Dogs in my dreams often and am always perplexed as i am scared of them. Now i know what they mean. Very informative post.

  24. Ruchi Verma

    Dream meaning I used to look for a lot …Sometimes I see dogs in a dream …now I know where to look up for a dream meaning

  25. Judy Morris

    An exhaustive post indeed. I dont have many dreams or maybe I don’t remember them but this post made me curious with dogs and cats.

  26. Charu

    Interesting facts about dreams. I mostly don’t remember my dreams unless it’s a bad one. But this post makes me recollect now about the kinds of dreams I get.

  27. Roma

    Wow ujjwal, I often see dogs in my dreams buddy but didn’t know it can be interpreted this way

  28. Deepika

    I don’t see any dogs and cats in my dreams. I listened from my grandmother and from elders. They told about some meaning of visualising such dreams.

  29. Varsh

    I haven’t seen a dog or a cat in my dreams till date. Interesting to see what significance they hold and how their presence can be interpreted.

  30. Dr Bushra

    Never know that dream holds meaningful interpretation. Next time I see a cat or dog will refer this post

  31. MeenalSonal Mathur

    Ujjwal, I am loving your series. And seeing dogs and cats has so many interpretations, now I know if I see a dream where I need to look meaning for it.

  32. Pinal Shah

    Interesting facts. Never knew that a simple dream of Cat and a dog have so much of meaning. And that too different types. Also had at times experience a feeling of Deja-Vu. It seems that the situation or the fact has already happened or i have seen it…

  33. Amrit Kaur

    I like reading your posts over the dream challenge series. My friend is dreaming cats in her dreams, will share with her.

    1. Ujjwal Mishra

      Good to know that it will be useful to someone

  34. Snigdha

    Wow, these are done really interesting facts. I was unaware of these .. Once some 2-3months back I has dreamed about a cat .. I can’t remember properly now .

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