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Reduce the effects of Stressful lifestyle on your skin with ayurvedic beauty products.

Ayurveda is a part of our history and hence during the lockdown, more and more people are looking for ayurvedic beauty products to help them live a stress-free life.

Don’t you agree that life has become stressful since March 2020 for most of us?

Many lost their jobs, couldn’t see their family, lost their only source of income, or got affected by COVID-19. While the lockdown did awaken the inner chef within many people, it also gave rise to stress that kept adding with each passing day. There are many types of stresses we carry like,

  • Work-life stress
  • Family life stress
  • Mental stress, and
  • Stress during the lockdown

All of this can affect a person badly and the first sign of that can be reflected on your skin. Yes, I am not kidding at all. Look at your face and you’ll know if you have a healthy or a stressful lifestyle.

After-effects of stress are real and one can get fat, acne, low self-esteem, and the will to succeed can also diminish. Here are some of the major effects of stress on your skin;

Aging skin:

Stress can lead to aging skin. This means your skin will age prematurely and you’ll look older than you are. For most individuals, aging skin can lead to anxiety, low self-esteem, and even cause mental stress.

Excess of Cortisol is dangerous:

When you are tensed and in stress, your body produces excess cortisol i.e. also called the stress hormone. This can affect everything right from your immune system to blood pressure. It also leads to excessive acne and skin sensitivity.

Other effects:

Other effects can be listed as follows – dark circles, dry and flaky skin, rashes, greying of hair, and a lot more. It’s worse and hence it’s best to start living a healthy lifestyle.

Amazing fixes for your skin:

While these after-effects can affect your skin, there are amazing fixes that you can apply in your regular life to give good treatment and love for your skin.

  1. Healthy mind = Healthy Body: Remember that if you can train your mind, your body will follow. Adapt to good mental health. Plan your day, fulfill tasks priority-wise, and give balanced time to both; work and personal life.
  2. Healthy Lifestyle: Manage an active sleep pattern, eat on time (avoid junk food), have a decent amount of water, and exercise to get fitter.
  3. Healthy Skincare treatment: As you start managing a healthy mind and lifestyle, then it’s time to accentuate your skin through an effective ayurvedic beauty treatment. You can do so by trying the best ayurvedic beauty products in India by Vicco.

Vicco has been in the industry since the ‘50s and has been one of the most trusted brands in India. They gave us some of the most iconic products like their Turmeric WSO Cream and many more creams for skincare.

The best part about Vicco is that they provide ayurvedic beauty care for most skin types. Hence I advise you to first research your skin type and then check their website for ayurvedic beauty products.

If you are wondering, what all can you carry with you everyday, do check this post.

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  1. MeenalSonal Mathur

    Yes stress has crept in our lives slowly and affecting our skin too. Vicco is a brand trusted for decades , will look for new products in facial cream.

  2. Ruchi Verma

    Thanks for this article, as we all are facing so much stress nowadays, I am happy to know these skincare products from such a trusted brand!!

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