You are currently viewing Baby in your Dreams, what does it mean? #AtoZchallenge

Baby in your Dreams, what does it mean? #AtoZchallenge

Let our tryst to understand our dreams start with where our life actually begins. Birthing and babies

Have you ever had a dream about baby delivery irrespective of gender?

What does dreaming about childbirth mean?

I have seen those although I don’t remember then vividly. It’s very common for pregnant women to dream about childbirth. Its generally due to anxiety and due to predominant thoughts about future and childbirth.

However, if you are not pregnant and dreaming about baby delivery then there are many interpretations to it. In fact, you remember it or not, but such dreams can leave you with various emotions like happy, fulfilled, satisfied, anxious, tired, amazed or even disgusted.

Babies are symbolic to unadulterated and pure form of emotions, mostly babies in your dreams represents you, your hidden potentials and desires.

Dreaming about baby delivery generally means you are about to start something new in your life. It can be professional or personal. May be a new project or a new relationship.

Giving birth to a healthy child, with less labor pain and fatigue means the path to this new role will be easy without much struggle. However, if the childbirth in dream is with lot of pain, agony and frustration then you will start something new but after a lot of hardship.

If you found a baby somewhere in your dream, it means you have realized your own potential, a skill that you had but you were not acknowledging it.

If you are a mom already in waking life or in the storyline of your dream, and you dream that you have forgotten about having a baby interprets that you have lost yourself in the everyday rut, its kind of a notice to you that you need to find yourself. Pick up your long-lost hobbies or projects that you have given up on.

There is another interpretation to forgetting about having babies is that you are vulnerable and want to hide it from others, you don’t want others to know about your weaknesses.

 If you see a crying baby or is unattended means you are neglecting yourself as well as you are not getting enough attention from others. You need to nurture and show some selflove. Utilize your skills and potential to its optimum level.

Its very close to seeing a baby starving in your dream, it means you depend on others for your happiness and feeling of fulfilment, and you need attention from others to make you feel important.

Our babies need us the most in their early lives, as they grow up, they need us less, I have seen that creates a lot of void in many woman’s lives. Similarly, if you see yourself holding a baby it means you feel less needed or dependent and you are holding on to those years or past experiences where you were at the center of realms.

Dream of saving a drowning baby means you are ready to accept your lacking and vulnerabilities and open to accept help and support from your loved ones.

Babies who come to your dreams dancing, clapping or laughing means you are happy inside, satisfied with your life. You need to keep taking small baby steps towards your goal or the current project in hand and you will complete it with flying colours.

A mother is a mother it may be a birth child or an adopted child which we fondly called hearts child; the love never changes. So, if you see adopting a baby or delivering a baby from a different race can make you feel awkward but has a positive outlook. It means you are broad minded, and you can embrace everyone around you without thinking of heir physical appearances but rather you see the purity of their heart and soul.

When I think about three eyes only ‘Lord Shiva’ comes to my mind. But if you agree giving birth to a baby with three eyes or just a baby with three eyes, it can invoke various emotions. Here are two interpretations to this on is simple that someone is keeping a watch on you if you try to go out of your limits and behave carelessly. The second and my favourite dream interpretation is you must believe in your intuition, the third eye is for the extra sense that we have. Trust your instincts and act accordingly.

Babies are always seen as cutest bundles of joy, but we don’t have control on our dreams. Although dreaming about a demon or evil baby is uncommon but still such dreams can leave you frightened. These dreams clearly represent your deepest fears, fear of uncertain, fear of results of your actions may be even failure. If you are worried about something please speak about it and try and resolve it. These dreams can have a hovering effect even when you are awake, so its better to take them seriously.

If you yourself are giving birth to the baby means there is hope, if you see delivery of baby girl means treasure or inheritance, whereas dreaming about delivery of baby boy means family feud or troubled times ahead. Even seeing twins birth means abundance and money.

Even imagining demise of the child is so painful, seeing one such dream is surely a nightmare. Having stillbirth in dream symbolizes that an emotion or part of you died inside you because of circumstances.

It also means if you are holding on to your dead past, its time to let it go. There is no reason to oppose rather let it go.

seeing only baby related stuff

As we are speaking about babies, there can be many baby related things that you observe in your dreams and instead of a baby or childbirth you can see just these things. It can be baby clothes, baby food, Baby feeding Bottle, cribs, cradles absolutely anything related to babies even soiled nappies. All of this more or less means the same you are not independent; you rely on others and you need to be taken cared and made feel important and needed.

I hope you enjoyed these interpretations, so next time you or a family member sees a baby in their dreams you know what it means. Spend as much quality time you can spend with your family so that the feeling of unimportant or less nurtured doesn’t even cross their minds.

How would you feel if you are being chased by a wild bear? Or you are chasing someone? of course in your dream. To know what it means Stay tuned for tomorrow we talk about dreams where either you chase someone or being chased.

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  1. Shubhra Rastogi

    Wow this is indeed a detailed interpretation of dreams with babies. I didn’t know these. Great theme. 🙂

    1. Simrit Bedi

      Really enjoyed reading your I interpretations. Though I hardly remember my dreams but I remember when I was pregnant I used to remember about babies. Maybe like your saud it was because of anxiety

  2. Maya Bhat

    That was so interesting Ujjwal. I did see one of these dreams at some point in time earlier😄. Your new blog looks so awesome btw

  3. Swarnali Nath

    Wow, a nice post with so many information. Loved it.

  4. Noor Anand Chawla

    Wow Ujjwal I don’t think I’ve ever dreamed of a baby and certainly had no clue of so many types of baby dreams- how enlightening!

  5. Sindhu Vinod Narayan

    I’ve never dreamt of babies in dreams and never knew there were these many interpretation too . Thank you for sharing this. #tmmreads #blogchattera2z

  6. Anagha Yatin

    Though I never had any baby dream, I thoroughly enjoyed the various interpretations in the post.
    Interesting post indeed.

  7. Vashi

    I have often seen baby dreams; but had no idea about the nature of interpretations. Excited to know more for i dream a lot!
    Good read!

  8. Surbhi Prapanna

    Wow it seems you had done in depth research for this series. I had learnt a lot about different aspect of babies in dreams. and I agree dreams work like an intuition and give us an indication about our life or future happenings. looking forward what is coming next.

  9. Deepshikha

    Interesting theme. Your interpretation has forced me to ponder

  10. Alpana

    wow Ujjwal. never knew about any such dreams. Now I am thinking have I ever had any baby dream? But wow…amazing work.

  11. Kinshoo Agrawal

    Wow that’s awesome interpretations. My mom saw a dream that she found a baby and someone just left her baby with my mom and went away.. is it related to the 3rd point about potential? Might not fit well here bcoz she is awesome talented and she knows it 😉

  12. Ira Mishra

    Sometime in the past I used to dream a lot about demons… And suddenly stopped dreaming of them… I guess now I know they meant I was scared of my failures….

  13. Shubhda

    Detailed interpretation expressed flawlessly!

  14. Arushi Seth

    I simply love this post. You obviously have done a lot of research or know a lot about dreams. I dont remember dreams so cant remember if i ever saw a baby but i for sure will keep this in mind. I am looking forward to your other posts and keeping a copy of your ebook if you are intending to publish one ::)

  15. Smitha N

    It’s so beautiful and knowing the dream of babies in dream for the reason is really wonderful… Wonderful post thank you for sharing this amazing post… Before I used to often get the babies dream…

  16. Mayuri Nidigallu

    Oh wow! I had no idea that dreaming of a Baby had so many varied interpretations .

  17. MeenalSonal Mathur

    Ujjwal, your post has so much detailed pointers about baby and the dream. I am loving your series. Good luck for further letters in this challenge.

  18. Anahita Irani

    These interpretations are thought provoking. I often see myself taking care of a baby in the dreams. And interpret it as not getting the priviledge to be a mother for the second time

  19. Roma

    Wow ujjwal never in my dreams have I thought that having a baby in my dream can have such many interpretations. This is such a unique post

  20. Pinal Shah

    Ooohhh…A very interesting post. Never ever had thought that there will be so much interpretations of a dream related to baby. Now will try to correlate my dreams with this if I can sometimes. Would be interesting 😀

  21. Amrit Kaur

    I always hop onto internet to find interpretations of dreams that I see. Few days ago I dreamt of smiling baby and now I know the thought behind it.

  22. Deepa Gandhi

    That’s an interesting theme. I didn’t know about this. Good to know about what dreams mean.

  23. Neha Sharma

    Wow, this one was an interesting read. I have always believed that dreams hold some meaning and they are a reflection of our body, mind and soul. I don’t remember dreaming about a baby recently or in the past but I used to get nightmares during my pregnancy. And there was this strange dream which kept repeating every other day. I used to see a boy about 4-5 years old, running ahead of me to show me something. And then I would enter a house and turn into a room which had dead people (the whole family) hanged from the ceiling, one of them is the boy too. And then I would turn around to see the boy & he was not there. I would cry whole night thinking about the dream. I don’t know if it held any significance or was just due to anxiety.

  24. Pooja Budhiraja

    This sounds like an interesting article to read. So much connected with dreams.

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