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Until few months back, I was just another rookie writer on the block, who wrote for sake of having a hobby! It’s been just ten months that I embarked on professional blogging journey. And getting in touch with some like-minded souls, I came to know about the BlogchatterA2Z challenge. Iths their 10th Anniversary year too.

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary badge

As I researched more and more about #BlogchatterA2Z challenge, I realized it was deeper than it initially appeared. It’s always been talk of town in bloggers’ community. And it has been wonderful to know so many people participating and helping each other grow. I decided to take the plunge, despite having heard stories of people giving up mid-way through the challenge, troubles of keeping up the pace, to name a few. However, entire community has been very supportive and in last few months, and I am yet to find a naysayer. All the love has been so overwhelming that the fear vanished.

For my friends from non- blogging world, #BlogchatterA2Zchallenge is a special event that usually starts in month of April. Participants write every day except Sunday and the title generally starts with one alphabet from A-Z. e.g. On 1st April, one writes with topic starting with alphabet A, 2nd April its B so an and so forth. Q and X are tricky alphabets and they confuse too. BlogchatterA2Z challenge is a global event, there are so many wonderful writers participating that you have so much to read and gain. The viewership of one’s blog also gets improved hence improving Domain Authority.

Jumping to main agenda of writing this post, The Theme Reveal.

I love challenges; hence I have taken up the nested challenge to test myself with real waters of blogging. It’s my first time in participating and I am trying my hand at fiction for the first time and that too on the most complex animal that God has created that is Human and that too about the gender that’s not understood by anyone easily. YES!!!!! It’s going to be a fiction about a woman and her life.

I am looking forward to complete this with flying colours, with support from all of you.

Do come back on 1st April to know more about ‘Antara

Note: The entire credit of concept, research and motivating me to write goes to my darling husband.

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      1. Sudip Saha

        Interesting. Looking forward to reading your post. All the best.

  1. nooranandchawla

    Excited to read about Antara and her journey! Good luck for the A2Z Challenge:)

  2. Varsh

    Antara should be interesting to know. All the best for the challenge!

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