You are currently viewing All He Left Me Was a Recipe by Shenaz Treasury #BookReview

All He Left Me Was a Recipe by Shenaz Treasury #BookReview

Book Review: All He Left Me Was a Recipe

Genre: Biography, Short-stories, Romance Collection
Publisher: Penguin Random House India
Total Pages: 288
Author: Shenaz Treasury

About the Author:

Shenaz Treasury, India’s OG MTV VJ and Bollywood’s charismatic ‘it’ girl from Ishq Vishk and Delhi Belly, has become India’s hottest travel vlogger. A dynamic entertainer, Shenaz has moved beyond acting over the years. She wrote, produced and hosted Culture Shock for Discovery Travel Channel, US, and sold a screenplay to Yash Raj.
In the US, Shenaz acted in 107 episodes of One Life to Live on ABC and added her humour to The Nightly Show on Comedy Central, produced by Jon Stewart. She played a memorable role in the Oscar nominated The Big Sick, produced by Judd Apatow, and starred in Brown Nation on Netflix.
Back in India, Shenaz reigns as the country’s top travel vlogger. Her debut book, All He Left Me Was a Recipe, ventures into relationship dramas, aiming for an exciting web series adaptation.

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Book Cover:

The Book’s cover is Vivid and suggestive. The central character, the author is standing with a in hand, looking like collecting thoughts or memories. And besides her are few mended hearts. Apart from the title the book cover says ‘Lessons from my breakups’

The cover is as peppy as the narration inside.

About the Book:

All He Left Me Was a Recipe is a book of part-fact, part-fiction essays by actor and travel vlogger Shenaz Treasury about all the men who have been a part of, or influenced, her life in some way. The men whose roles have morphed between her best friends, lovers, teachers, fathers, sons and boyfriends. From when she was 3 to this very moment. The men she’s laughed with, cried with, shared food with, had adventures with, travelled the world with. The men who made her laugh, the men who made her lunch, the men who took her to dinner, the men who later unfriended her on Facebook. Ranging from funny to heartbreaking to profound, the book is a candid and funny collection of pages out of her (very personal) diary, from her first kiss to her first breakup and all the awkward moments in-between.

All He Left Me Was a Recipe

Final Verdict: ‘All He Left Me Was a Recipe’

“All He Left Me Was a Recipe” by Shenaz Treasury is like a cozy chat with your bestie, blending fiction with real-life stories about love, heartbreak, and figuring things out. You’ll meet characters who feel just like people you know and get swept up in their ups and downs of dating today.

Each chapter ends with a recipe and some timeless life lessons, adding a comforting touch to the storytelling. Shenaz Treasury’s writing style is so inviting—it’s like she’s right there with you, sharing her thoughts and experiences like an old friend.

Sure, some readers might have wished for more detailed recipes, but the heartfelt stories and relatable moments definitely leave a mark. Plus, the inclusion of diagrams and ‘Lesson learned’ columns adds depth to the reading experience, giving you plenty to think about even after you’ve finished the book.

“All He Left Me Was a Recipe” has been praised for its honesty, humor, and touching reflections on love and relationships. It’s a light, enjoyable read that’ll leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside—I know I loved it!

In summary, “All He Left Me Was a Recipe” is like a warm hug in book form, offering a refreshing perspective on love and life. It’s the kind of read you’ll breeze through, savoring each page like a tasty treat. So grab a copy, cozy up with a cup of tea, and get ready for a heartfelt journey that’ll leave you smiling long after you’ve turned the last page.

It is a light and fun read, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I got a chance to read this book through blogchatter under their #bookchatter program; you can buy this book on amazon.

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