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Book Review : Because I Promised

Book Review: Because I Promised

Thanks to blogchatter and Anupriya for this gripping thriller, here goes the review

Name of the Book: Because I Promised

Genre: Fiction/ Love story

Total Pages: 245

Publisher: GJ Group

Author: Anupriya


About the Author, most of it are directly her words:

“I am a rebel in a mother’s skin. Having worked for almost a decade as an IT professional first and then a Human Resources Manager, I took a break to be with my three kids all under 5 ( 2 boys and a blog). As I nurture them, I pick on thoughts that help me become better at my job as a mother and jot them down in this space. Her blog is This blog is a legacy sibling I wish to leave for my sons.”

Apart from being a wonderful writer she is a great mentor, good human being who is ready to help fellow writers.


Let’s come to the point. Straight! Be it movies or books, I prefer the ones with a great love story which has a happily every after conclusion. This book in review has many unexpected characters, situations and reactions. However, what I liked the most beside serpentine twists and turns, it is surprising to see how big joint families can be connected yet can have separate life and influence in making decisions.

As much as Varnika and Sushant are the lead couple of this story, I cannot underestimate the love story of Beena and Satish. The highlight of the story is “relationships”. How people set their own boundaries and burden themselves with so called family expectations is really amusing. In the story, the grandmother is controlling the lives of the entire family and most of the decisions are taken as per her wishes. Those who do not follow have to bear the consequences. What happens to her parents because of making Badi Maa unhappy, has a huge impact on Varnika.

This story also offers the passion, dedication and zeal one can have towards making unrealistic goals real. Taking up challenges, corporate rut and fighting the prejudices of society are also showcased really well.

The narration is good, story is well told. The story has enough ups and downs, happy and sad incidents, romantic as well as jittery moments. Some times it gets a little repetitive and editing mistakes could have been avoided.

To know whether the story has a happy ending? Is Badi Maa going to let customs take a back seat for love? Can Varnika complete a challenge with a corporate big shot, why and what is the challenge? What is Beena and Satish’s story? If you are curious of all these questions, I promise this book will not disappoint. Just grab a copy of this book Click here!

And you will also be part of ‘The Home’.

I would rate this book 4/ 5

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