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Book Review: Conspiracy of Aunts

Thanks to blogchatter and Readomania for this humorous fiction, here goes the review

Name of the Book: Conspiracy of Aunts

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Total Pages: 253

Publisher: Readomania

Author: Anjana Basu


About the Author:

Born in Allahabad, schooled for a time in the UK, Anjana Basu has published seven novels and two books of poetry. The BBC has broadcast one of her short stories. In 2004, she was awarded a Hawthornden Fellowship in Scotland where she worked on her second novel, Black Tongue published. She began writing for children in 2010 with Chinku and the Wolfboy, the Jim Corbett series for TERI—In the Shadow of the Leaves, Leopard in the Laboratory and Eighteen Tides and a Tiger. Her byline has appeared in Vogue India, Conde Nast Traveller, The Hindu, Outlook and Outlook Traveller.


This book is a ladies party, it has emotions, humor and lot of fun. Every relationship is different and how are they handled or understood is an individual perspective. Conspiracy of Aunts, in one such book that will take you deep int relationship. It’s a tale of aunts and nieces. Based in high class society where there is lot of show off, parties, chiffons, cocktails and even surprise trips abroad. Character building is good like Bubbes Masi and Ghari Dadu leave a print on readers mind. The language of the book is very rich and knitting of the story is good, however the pace is a little slow. The main plots comes into front after quite a delay. Although the relationship of aunts and their niece has given lot of space to flourish, however the lead couple doesn’t get that much of scope. There story takes a backseat. How did they meet and how did they go separate ways, the sweet nothings of a couple’s life are missing.

Other male characters also just get a mention here and there, that’s why I called it a all ladies party.

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Whether the Aunts are able to reunite Shunu and Shreya or not, the mystery will be clear for you too.

I would rate this book 3/ 5

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  1. nooranandchawla

    The cover certainly looks inviting! But I’ll skip it due to your low rating. Thanks for the honest review!

  2. I really like the cover and the name of this book. I was planning on asking Blogchatter for a review copy of the same.

  3. delhifundos2014

    I really like the title of this book and this book look interesting I am going to order this book right now. Thanks for the review

  4. Nisha Malik

    When I read the title, I knew it would be hell of a fun read. I really look forward to grab it soon.

  5. dimplemangal

    The title and cover seems interesting! The story as you described seems average! Will try tomorrow read it while traveling

  6. Mrinal Kiran

    I think it is a good one time read, as per your review! The name of the book is really catchy! Will get it soon!

  7. prakharkasera

    I am still not sure whether to give this book a try or skip it, as your review seems inviting to me, but the genre doesn’t.

    1. Gurjeet Chhabra

      It seeM a interesting book to read but I doubt that it hold back my interest for long.

  8. Blogaberry Foo

    The cover itself says a lot about it being a book only women would enjoy. Seems interesting. I have to start reading again.

  9. simi sp

    ty for review looks ok to read once sure will be checking out..

  10. MeenalSonal

    Book looks interesting and the title too. Will save it in my reading list.

  11. Saurabh Jadhav

    The name itself is quite catchy! I will definitely think about reading it.

  12. Deepika

    I am not sure about this book so I will skip. Recently I read a book and reviewed it also through Blogchatter Program.

  13. Papri Ganguly

    The title and the cover of this book is really interesting. Thanks for sharing your honest opinion.

  14. Neha Sharma

    Oh, the title & cover of the book looks so interesting. Thanks for sharing your honest review. I will check it out.

  15. Aishwarya Sandeep

    This seems like a good book for a light reading. I would have definitely picked up the book for its cover. Quiet quirky

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