You are currently viewing Story of Revenge, Rivalary and secrets. #bookchatter Girls and the City #BookReview
girls and the city

Story of Revenge, Rivalary and secrets. #bookchatter Girls and the City #BookReview

Book Review: Girls and the City

Genre: Contemporary fiction

Publisher: HarperCollins India

Total Pages: 360

Author: Manreet Sodhi Someshwar    

About the Author:

Author of ‘The Long Walk Home’ and ‘The Taj Conspiracy’ too

Manreet Sodhi Someshwar is an award-winning and bestselling writer of five books, including the Mehrunisa series and the critically-acclaimed The Long Walk Home and The Radiance of a Thousand Suns. Hailed as ‘a star on the literary horizon’ by Khushwant Singh and garnering endorsements from Gulzar for two of her books, Manreet and her work have featured at literary festivals in Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, India and NYC. Her articles have appeared in The New York Times, the South China Morning Post and several Indian publications. Manreet lives in New York, New York, with her husband, daughter and cat. Girls and the city is the latest addition.


girls and the city

Book Cover:

The book cover clearly gives an idea about what to expect. The cover has 3 ladies, who are together yet looking in different direction. They have different personalities. And in the backdrop is a glimpse of garden. As the story is set in the garden city Bangalore.

Plot and Review:

Manreet Sodhi, as an author writes gripping tales and this one is not different either. Right from the word go, you would be keen to know more and what happens next.


Juhi, Leela and Reshma are thee girls. They have landed in Bangalore due to their work. Their life gets entangled due to a man in question called Virat Mehta. He is a mean, greedy and terrifying man. The story revolves majorly around these 4 characters. Apart from that Mrs. Rao, Kieren, Alu and Leela’s daughter Nani are main characters.

The story about corporate rivalary, cultural differences, Expectations and abuse.

It is about what the not just these three, but most of the woman go through if they want to stand tall in the cultural and corporate world.

There are many twists in the tale and it surely keeps you gripping.


This book truly deserves to be seen on screen. Loved each character.

Manreet, has given space to each one of them to bloom. No one overshadows other.

The descriptions about the city is great. Like she writes

“The Royal Foods compound was a sprawling, green complex. “The description about why Bangalore is called a green city full of lakes comes often. If you have been to Bangalore you will feel nostalgic and if you have not been there yet then you can see the city through the writer’s words. So as much importance the girls get in the story, the city gets limelight too.

The story is good. The language is easy to understand.

The twist at the end, is unpredictable.

You can grab this book on Amazon

The rating got to be 5* nothing less than that.

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  1. Preeti Chauhan

    I would say that this is more of a teaser review that just tantalises my interest in this book,not really giving anything away from the plot or the characters but yet egging me on to read it !

    1. Sakshi Varma

      Thanks for the review. Thanks to these book reviews I am finding a lot about new authors and their books. Have usually read the regular international bestselling authors and these give a good idea of multiple other options.

  2. Alpana Deo

    Lovely review Ujjwal. While reading the review, I had the same thoughts that it can be a good fit for a TV show.

  3. Surbhi prapanna

    Though the basic plot of book sounds predictable but as you said that twist at the end is unpredictable, so I am feeling curious about the book. Thanks a lot for sharing your honest review.

    1. Smitha N

      Seriously was hunting for something new like this nice review definitely will be checking out the books as thy look great…

  4. Swati Mathur

    You know instead of reading I would love to watch this story on the big screen. Very well written review. I could actually visualize the whole scenario.

  5. Jhilmil

    Wow, that’s a good rating from your end. The story indeed looks gripping and worth a read. Personally, I love books with such set ups!

  6. Mandavi Jaiswal

    Sound quite a read, very common man or rather women’s story. Does it have a bit or humor or is it more towards feminism? What do you feel

  7. Kavita Singh

    I am not a fan of a corporate thriller but this plot seems quite interesting. Looks like my next week read is sorted 🙂

  8. LifeCoachPreet

    Now That is a very interesting storyline. I am definitely keen on reading this one. I really love thrillers with some drama like this.

  9. Harjeet Kaur

    I am not at all into thrillers but your review makes me really curious about the book.Your rating and your description makes it a must-read, Ujjwal.

  10. Hansa Kajaria

    Thanks for this wonderful review. I just finished my last book and was looking out for something new to read. The story and the plot looks interesting. Will check it out on amazon.

  11. Judy

    The book by Manreet looks quite an interesting plot and yes you seem to also got the same vibes as I got seeing the book cover. It needs to be adapted in a web series.

  12. Cindy Dsilva

    Oh seems like something I would love to watch on television. But I’ll try getting the book for now. Good review.

    1. Dipika Singh

      The story line is quite gripping and I would like to read it for sure. I like such interesting layout of strong independent personalities combined in a single reas.

  13. Dr. Rahat Sayyad

    I absolutely loved the teaser. It was just enough to show a glimpse to the amazing plot and it got me hooked from the beginning. Looking forward to getting my hands on this one.

    1. Jyoti

      Sound quite a read with full of twist and turns . I would love to watch this on bog screen

  14. Dr Bushra

    The story of corporate life and abuse sounds like a binge read. The book sounds intriguing from your review. Would love to check out

  15. Amrit Kaur

    Having lots of twists and turns in the stories always keeps the reader hooked till the last word. I would surely get hands on this book soon and enjoy the read.

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