Cat named Miss.M #blogchatterA2Z

Cat named Miss.M #blogchatterA2Z

There is so much more that I want to share about this family, I am sure we have a lot of time for that. Right now, I want to introduce you to Miss M. A big and fluffy cat. I don’t really envy that cat or maybe, I do. You see, my name is Miss Morris which can be abbreviated as Miss M too. That’s the reason I do not like this white furball, people take her more seriously and respect her more than me, rather they prefer ignoring me.

This Miss M, is a Persian Cat, bulky and lazy. She has long hair fur with a round face, round ears and short muzzle.

She can be easily spotted across the beautiful garden; mostly sitting by the window. Any moment when I try to peep inside the house, I have to come face to face with her peering eyes. Yellow bright eyes. Although Persian cats are quiet, gentle and docile but not Miss M. She roams around everywhere with strict discipline. As if she is working as a guard, being vigilant and alert all the time.

Although she looks like she is sleepy but slightest of the movement, even aggressive wind can wake her up. Yesterday night I saw her walking on the roof of her house, that was scary. Only white pack with deep yellow eyes against dark background, I almost dropped my binoculars.

Why was I using binoculars? Ohh…I didn’t mean to, it’s just that I am a sky gazer!!

I feel I have seen something like a snake. A very big one, like that movie Anaconda, in Anokhi’s garden one night. Then this snake become a man, spoke something to the cat and went away. Miss. M was not scared, neither she moved from her place, she was listening. I am not sure whether she spoke anything. I am sure the poor soul must be scared to hell.

You do not believe me right, no one ever believe me and they all blame it on my binge watching of random daily soaps with Naagin ,Jin, Daayan etcetera. They think its just fragment of my imagination. Some even think that I am not just entertained by Anokhi and Manav, but I am jealous of them and want to spread rumours against them.

And to prove myself correct I have taken up this mission to know who these people are and what they really are. Kuch to gadbad hai!!!

you can see the earlier part of the story here Blooming

This post is my 3rd post of 3rd year participation in BlogChatter’s #BlogchatterA2Z challenge.

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  1. Swati

    Omg this is scary and intriguing too. Want to know what is it about. Kya kadbad hai..jaldi pata lagao.

  2. Nikunj

    Look forward to quenching my curiosity

  3. Jyoti

    Oh you are raising ny curiosity about all this . Waiting for the next part

    1. Archana

      Haha! This fluffy member took all the attention in today’s part, waiting for the next interesting turn.

  4. Arulmozhi N

    This is definitely fishy. I am eager to know how this turns out

  5. Navita Bhatia

    OOPS!! You kept me hooked. Looking forward to the next part!!

  6. Harjeet Kaur

    Hahaha..kuch to gadbad hai!! Wild imagination. I love the name of the cat as well. and now a gossip turned star gazer. Waiting ti read more, Ujjwal

  7. PraGun

    Haha, a simple plot described in a cute manner, I loved the binoculars, snake kind of thing, and serials effect on you. Pata karo kya gadbad hai…

  8. Deepika

    Kuch to gadbad hai. I am feeling like that neighbor i really have to get to know what’s going on. I kind of sympathize with her. Lol you’ve got great story telling skills
    Deepika Sharma

    1. Ujjwal Mishra

      Thanks Dipika. Hope it keeps readers glued till the end.

  9. Roma Gupta Sinha

    Hey your this years weave is far different from you last year’s interpretation of dreams, so happy to see you are weaving fiction, loved the read.

  10. Roma Gupta Sinha

    Hey your this years weave is far different from you last year’s interpretation of dreams, so happy to see you are weaving fiction, loved the read.

  11. Daisy

    I liked Miss M… in fact I loved her!! Your storytelling was gripping and flowed like smooth butter. Binoculars were icing on the cake 😁

    1. Ujjwal Mishra

      Thanks Daisy. Hope I am able to keep the story going well till the end.

  12. Nitisha Mathur

    Loving how you’ve kept your posts as a quick read yet interesting!

  13. Surbhi Prapanna

    Just re read the previous chapters to get into flow of story. the introduction of cat was really interesting. going on next chapter to know what has happen next?

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