A new epidemic is around the corner- All you need to know about #Coronavirus

As a mother and women of a house we are always taking all the precautions to protect our family and take preventive measures to protect them. But with increasing population, pollution and many environmental changes every year there is one or the other virus epidemic threatening the safety of our family sometimes its Rota, Zika and this time its CoronaVirus. I am sure you have heard of it as its making headlines in most of the national dailies as well as #CoronaVirus is trending enough on social media as well. Here you will get to know everything about it so that you can proactively safeguard your family, proactively.


10+10=10, his life stopped a Decade ago…

Everything crumbled down for Makarand, he couldn’t even gather courage to get back home alone. As it was just a house now, house which was full of Tarini’s memories. Since then he was a robot, living life for the sake of it. Wishing everyday to go and meet Tarini in heaven as soon as possible, its been a decade today and the wait is still on……


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