Top 5 Positive things that Covid-19 taught us

Corona virus pandemic or COVID-19, since they day it made an entry in our lives it just made us sad, negative and scared. The event is unprecedented and the future is unpredictable. Still being a human, we cannot loose hope till last breath. We have been taught to see positive side of everything. Humans believe that there can be blessings in disguise, so here is my take. sharing Top 5 positive things that COVID-19 gave us.


Judged #TheWomanThatIAm

Every woman is judged no matter what she does and what she dosen't ans sad part is the person judging are mostly other females only. lets all live our lives and let other live too.


A new epidemic is around the corner- All you need to know about #Coronavirus

As a mother and women of a house we are always taking all the precautions to protect our family and take preventive measures to protect them. But with increasing population, pollution and many environmental changes every year there is one or the other virus epidemic threatening the safety of our family sometimes its Rota, Zika and this time its CoronaVirus. I am sure you have heard of it as its making headlines in most of the national dailies as well as #CoronaVirus is trending enough on social media as well. Here you will get to know everything about it so that you can proactively safeguard your family, proactively.


Social Media is bad! Oh Really???

We have been told and know since generations how bad is television, how it makes us a couch potato, that television is an idiot box, but don’t we all have one or even more at our home? For that matter, we know reading a book while lying down or while in a moving vehicle is harmful for eyes but we do it right. The point I am emphasizing is nothing is bad if done in moderation, and over do of everything is bad. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs ‘self-esteem’ and ‘self-actualization’ are at the top, humans cannot live without being appreciated or feel accepted in the society. Rather than just looking at the negative side lets take a quick look of how social media has improved our lives.


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