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Chasing in dreams, who is chasing whom? Pause and Analyze #A2ZChallenge

In most of the movies may it be Bollywood or Hollywood chase sequences are always thrilling may it be a chase sequence in Sholay where thakur follows gabbar or the Mad max series or even any cartoon movie, chase is an entertaining part of the drama. So how can we miss it in our dreams.

Getting chased by someone is one of the most common dreams people all over the world get.

Although we might like to watch these on silver screen however in real life the chase or stalking is very scary. The feeling is very scary and in fact makes us feel vulnerable.

Today we dive into dreams where either we are chasing someone or are being chased by someone.

How about being chased by a big wild bear or snake or a policeman or yourself? What does it really mean?

In the chasing dreams, there are many aspects that we need to consider as we interpret them.

To understand the dream correctly we need to collect some information like Who is chasing who, what is the distance between both, you are just an observer or part of the dream.

The basic underlying message or emotion when you get these dreams is Anxiety and Insecurity. You have something going on in your life which you think or is already out of your hands, so the option you feel is running away from it.

Are you chasing Yourself? Really?

How often do you listen to yourself? When was the last time you spent some time just for yourself? If the answer is, you don’t remember then that is the reason why you are chasing yourself in that dream. It has something to make you listen.

Mostly a there is some supressed Negative feelings that you ae ignoring. You might be jealous of someone or upset about something which you are not accepting or acknowledging in your waking life.

So next time if you get such a dream then stop running, turn around and ask yourself what the issue is.

And if you think you can’t remember your dream or do not have control on your dream then its better to find some me time and have conversation with yourself, so that it doesn’t have to chase you in dream.

Being chased by a Stranger or a known person

If you are being chased by someone you know, it means you have a problem with this person, and you are just not accepting or facing it like a man. The soon you resolve it the sooner these dreams will stop.

If it’s a stranger the generally it’s a task more than a person. It can be a large project or something at home. A problem which you are not facing or a situation which you are avoiding.

You might not be good with confronting people or situations but running away is not always the right way, sometimes you must take things in your hands and try to resolve it.

Being chased by an animal

Being chased by an Animals

Animals generally represent our wild side. That is aggression and anger. If you are angry with someone or something and not expressing it enough then your subconscious is making you realize it through such dream.

It is good to control your anger most of the times but there should be a limit and of how long can you supress your anger, all your emotions need a way to vent it out.

How far is the chaser?

If the chaser is far away from you the you are not too frightened but if its on your heels then the situation is frightening.

If the chaser if at a considerable distance it means that you can take care and resolve whatever the problem is well withing time.

And if you have no more options to run ahead or the chaser is about to grab you means the time is running out and the problem needs urgent attention as well as it will take a lot of efforts for you to escape unhurt from the problem.

As per some theories and researches the distance also depicts how important is the problem, does it need immediate attention from you, or you can do it on your own pace.

Are you chasing something or someone?

This can be a little tricky if you are the chaser. Why would you chase anyone? You are not a stalker in waking life, are you?

So, the acceptance that you are running behind someone or something can be awkward, you might be take aback realizing that you are the chaser, but its ok. Hope it’s worth it.

If you are chasing a person or thing that you recognize simply shows your desire to have it, it can be your family or friends who are busy in their own lives and you are not getting the desired attention. They might not be doing it intentionally as everyone is preoccupied with their own priorities in life. So be vocal about it, that would help you not get these dreams and of course your will get the attention that you are looking for.

When you do not see who or what are your chasing are generally desires like a promotion or peer pressure comes in to play.

Why you had this dream?

So, if you have read the complete blog you must have understood the simple reason why are you getting these chase dreams is when you don’t face a difficult and uneasy situation or person head on and keep running away from it.

The study also reveals, Women get these dreams more often than men.

They are just as warning sign that your life is going into a wrong direction if you do not let go of your inhibitions and handle the situation immediately. It’s always good to let go of the bad habits or toxic situation rather than getting such scary and frightening dreams that would disturb rest of your nights peaceful sleep.

That’s it for today, tomorrow we find out dreams about dogs and cats, yes the most common and beloved pets and at the same time the most common visitors in our dreams.

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  1. Arulmozhi

    Am enthralled by this series of posts. This one is very relevant to some of my dreams. Thank you for writing this

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    Interesting… I don’t think I’ve ever had a chasing dream. I’m learning a lot about dreams through your series for sure!

  3. Frédérique

    “Life is going into a wrong direction”, oh, ok, I hope I will not dream too much about chasing. Usually I don’t remember my dreams…
    C is for Colour

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    I’ve been puzzled many a times what it means when I’m being chased. Thank you for this insightful post. #tmmreads #blogchattera2z

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    Again a lovely post. I think there should be some way to remember your dreams so that we know what is happening in life. 🙂

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    Your posts are so wonderful and interesting. Everyday I get to learn something new.

  7. Anagha Yatin

    Chase is always dramatic whether one is getting chase or one is chasing something or someone. It seems the chase dreams interpret the same desire of running away from unwanted or seeking something desirable.
    One thing is sure, I remember getting up panting after a dream in which I saw a lion on the prowl behind me!

  8. Surbhi Prapanna

    This is really interesting to know, and ya, now I understand the deeper and different meaning of dreams..chasing is an intense emotion and you had explained so well the different aspect of seeing this in our dream. really interesting series Ujjwal.

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    Another interesting interpretation… I guess everyone of us at some time or the other do dream of something or someone chasing us

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    Wow I never had this dream . I always have the math exam. Maybe the dreams represent our biggest fears

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    Interesting..I use to have dreams like this during my college days… nowadays I just pass out and woke up with my alarm

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    I have had such dreams a few times, and mostly whenever I am having a feeling of walking a wrong path.

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    A very interesting post and a toz challenge theme. Looking forward to reading your insight. You are right such dreams can be scary and if we can understand ourselves that will make everything better

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    Very interesting…I never had this kind of dream. But the fact and analysis you presented looks logical.

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