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Our definition of being healthy is somehow distorted. Unless the child is chubby with squishy cheeks, we do not think the mother, is paying enough attention, right? We have heard many grannies and aunties analysing a mother’s love, care, and attention by the health of the baby. But let me break their heart, an obese child is not healthy. He may have many other complications from developing the necessary motor skill to lifestyle problems. And its not only me but even a well-qualified doctor is here to tell us that child obesity is here, and if we do not pay enough attention and take necessary steps it’s here to stay.

Its not the problem in the western world only, it is very much in India. With junk food becoming mainstream, mobile games and binge-watching being part of kid’s lifestyle too. The problem of child obesity needs to be tackled widely.

To make us more aware about it, in this year’s blogchatter eBook carnival an amazing book is published,

 ‘Child Obesity and Adult Life’ by Dr. Amrita Basu

Book Review: ‘Child Obesity and Adult Life’

Genre:  Non-Fiction

Reading Level: Parents

Publisher: The BlogchatterEbook Carnival

Author: Dr. Amrita Basu

About the Author

Dr. Amrita Basu is an ENT surgeon with over ten years of experience in clinical practice. Previously a teacher in a Medical College, she now works with her husband at their clinic. Writing and sharing awareness about a healthy lifestyle since 2014, she has written eight books, all available on Amazon. Dr. Amrita is passionate about preventive healthcare. Through her books and blog (, Dr. Amrita continues to spread awareness every day. When she is not working in her clinic or writing, she can be found gardening or doodling with her daughter.  She always replies if you say hi to her on Twitter @misra_amrita.

Find all her books here.


About the Editor

Dr. Abhijit Misra is a Paediatrician with over ten years of experience. He has worked as a Medical teacher in two top Medical Colleges in India and now has his own private practice. He enjoys sports and traveling, and when not working, he spends time with his family.


Twitter: @drabhijitmisra

My Take:

This book is part of a series about nutrition secrets, and this is book 5. It talks in detail about how and what about Childhood obesity and what aftereffects is has on adult life.

Obesity in a child can lead to poor emotional health. Lower self-esteem as well as they have to, face bullying on many occasions. The bullying is not only from kids their age but also from judging and immature adults too.

Some amazing Secrets that doctor amrita shares in this book are about the child’s food preferences. We blame kids for being fussy eaters, but their food preferences are developed in womb. So pregnant moms must eat wisely. Else don’t blame your kids later.

Another such Secret is the reason why mothers should not eat food with strong flavours during breast feeding. Grab the book if you want to unravel it.

There are many reasons given why childhood obesity occurs. Its due to sedentary behaviour, more screen time, lack of exercise and even due to emotional eating. It’s time we must pay attention to kid’s mental health too.

The best part of this book is it tells you what the problem is, how to assess it and how to tackle it. Its all in one, a go to journal to tackle childhood obesity.

There are a handful Good nutrition and diet tips too. That’s not all at the end the author gives us a peak into ‘Nutrition diet myths and like’ that is the book 4 in this series.

The book has easy language and tight editing. If you are looking for a child health related book, you must grab this one. Good news is it is available for a free download. Click here and grab your copy.

Eat healthy, stay healthy.

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  1. Cindy Dsilva

    I give my kids whatever healthy stuff I eat and they are not obese till date. Let’s hope we attain a reasonable weight all throughout their lives. Seems like a good book for those not sure how to handle obesity.

  2. Anahita Irani

    Dr. Amrita Basu is brilliant in her field. I am a big of her work and articles. Glad to read about her E book too.

    1. Snigdha

      This is a brilliant topic and book too . child obesity is an issue these days be cause of unhealthy eating .I will read definitely the book

  3. Dipika Singh

    Amrita’s books are always informative and right to the point of knowledge for everyday necessity. I like the way you have reviewed it keeping the details intact for readers to download it right away.

  4. MeenalSonal Mathur

    Amrita’s books are always good to read for gaining knowledge and I like how her tips are doable and effective, Downloaded the book,.

  5. Varsh

    Childhood obesity is a serious problem nowadays and this book seems like a great way to get to the bottom of it and know how to handle it. Amrita is the right person to share this knowledge with us. Will be a good book!

  6. Dr Bushra

    Child hood obesity is one of the major problems many parents are going through this. The books sounds intriguing read and crisp. Love to check out

  7. Surbhi

    It’ll be really nice to read about childhood obesity from the doctor’s perspective. A lot has been written about it by so many dieticians and nutritionists. Although I am not worried about my children, I still think it’ll make for a good read. Thanks for the review and recommendation.

  8. Kavita Singh

    I have already read a couple of books written by Dr.Amrita Basu and they were really insightful. Childhood obesity is a topic that needs our attention, being a mother we have to take hold of the situation and make tomorrow better for our kids.

  9. Judy Morris

    Having been written by a doctor herself it becomes even more credible to give this book a read. Implementing her given tips on nutrition will be of lot of help to me for my son.

  10. Debidutta Mohanty

    Childhood obesity is a major problem in India too. It’s like an invitation card to other complicated chronic diseases when one grows up. Loved your review and am definitely going to give it a read.

  11. Roma

    I have been really meaning to read this book, thanks a lot for this exhaustive review. I have always found Amrita’s book useful

  12. Smita

    This seems like an informative book for parents who need to understand about healthy eating. Child obesity is a serious problem and following a healthy nutritional diet is an important habit which can Curtail it

  13. Amrit Kaur

    Having obesity since childhood is a serious issue that needs attention and need to be solved at the right time. Amrita is a great doctor, i admire her knowledgeable skills.

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