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What your sleeping posture say about your relationship? Couple Sleeping Position analyzed #myfriendalexa

Sleeping is important. An average human spends a third of their life sleeping. We also know that we can survive for more days without eating than sleeping. It’s most essential part of our life. Where ever we are, whatever we do sleeping is the part. Some people sleep early, some sleep late, some sleep very late but finally everyone sleeps. If you are married or in a relationship, couple sleeping position is a good to know thig for you.

People observe non-verbal communications as well as body language of people around us very keenly, and learn a lot of things through it about the person without explicitly saying so.

Sleeping position is one such moment when we unintentionally display our feeling, sometimes we ourselves are unaware about these feelings when we are awake. There is nothing good or bad about it. Its good to know what’s your couple sleeping position.

But when I researched deeper about sleeping positions and what it means, I realized one thing. Bollywood fooled us here too. People sleeping with back towards each other, does not mean having a strained or bad relationship rather it’s the opposite. Will come to that in this post.

Let’s Find out how do you sleep. What’s your couple sleeping position.

There are many interesting positions like how people sleep like a log, star, shooting star, spoon and many ways of sleeping have fancy names too. For example, Liberty lovers, moon landing, back kissers etc.

couple sleeping position

Spoon Position

One partner cuddling the other one from behind or we can also put it this way that one partner caves into another.

The partner who is on outer side is called Big spoon, and the one who cases in is called Small spoon.

People who are new in a relationship generally sleep in this position. So, if you sleep like this, you are in a new relationship or in the phase of rekindling love.

            This can be further classified as Chasing Spoon and Loose spoon.

Chasing Spoon

Chasing in sleep is common, irrespective of your starting sleep position. The chaser wants more attention. Wants more physical intimacy and importance in the relationship. Where as the person being chased, either liked being pursued or needs a little space in the relationship. It can also mean that the person being chased feels, he can’t look up to the relationship to meet his or her needs, it can be physical, emotional or financial as well.

Loose Spoon

This shows you are settling in your relationship. You might start your sleep with a tight spoon, but as the night passes you loosen up as you are getting more certain of you partner as well as the relationship.

As people have a long-term relationship, they prefer comfortable sleep over spooning.

Touching Each Other:

When two people are sleeping on a bed, first thing is the bed needs to be comfortable and big enough for both of them. If one of the partners is taking 3/4th of the bed leaving a little space for the other, simply means that thy need a bigger bed and need to sit and talk about equality in their relationship.

Facing each other

Couple sleeping face to face with each otherand if they are touching may be hands or legs. The meaning of this couple sleeping position is that, they both are on the same page in life. In terms of their expectations from life as well as each other. They are having a healthy relationship.

Back to back

Couple sleeping back to back, and touching at hips are called moon landers. This position means, they both respect and love each other, want to maintain physical intimacy however they command and respect their private space too. They have balance of closeness as well as independence.

Leg Hug          

Leg Hug, needs a special mention when we are talking about couple sleeping positions, as this is a solid couple. Their lives are intertwined. They both are one, in their decisions as well as dreams. They exist as a single unit. Couples might start their sleep in this position and then change to a more comfortable position later during the night.

Not Touching each other:

People who prefer their own space and do not touch or spoon or tangle their partners, are not unromantic or detached. Please note this. They do not need that constant assurance about their relationship. They are pretty confident and sure about it.

Face to Face

Couple sleeping face to face and not touching each other during sleep, need they have expectations from the relationship. They look at each other as they need something more, and it’s not physical.

Back to Back

Couples sleeping back to back and not touching. This couple has love, security, confidence and yet they are independent. They have built a strong foundation for the relationship and they can sleep comfortably as they have everything to be content.

Sleeping on back

Neither looking at each other not back to back. Rather both the partners sleeping on their back. This is one couple sleeping position, that needs attention. If you or any one you know as a couple sleeps like this, then they need to talk. As they are sleeping, they are unaware about their posture. Such position means they both are unsure about the relationship. It might be due to their past or current stress in their live. This posture means angst and fear in relationship. It also represents anxiety and lack of sexual trust on each other.

That’s it from my side, hope you have gone through my other post in this series of Modern-Age relationship. Check out how parents can have fun, sometimes without kids too.

Relax, meditate, talk, plan, discuss together and keep the spark alive. You will already know that your couple sleeping position is just perfect.

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  1. Nazish Kondkari

    Thanks for sharing such informative post. I thought sleeping cuddling each other only exists in movies and books..

    But reading this blog i feel for some it.might be real too.

  2. Nikunj

    Interesting article! Well researched

  3. Pratibha

    Please share the sleep position pics!

  4. Ruchi Verma

    This is really great to know the sleeping position!! Thanks for shring this!!

    1. Seema Bardeskar

      A very interesting blog indeed. Sleeping positions do say a lot about a couple…

  5. Mayura Amarkant

    Very interesting post! I have been married for 20 years and we sleep in almost every position mentioned here. Loved the way you have written this one.

  6. Samidha Mathur

    Quite an interesting read. Now I am thinking that in which position we sleep!! I guess we sleep in all above. 😀

  7. Swati Mathur

    Hi Ujjwal..This is really an interesting post.. I thoroughly enjoyed reading and at the same time exploring my relationship. What if I fall under two three categories…hahahah

  8. Varsh

    I was trying to figure out one position but guess we’ve been through all of these at some point! Didn’t know that sleeping positions said so much about a relationship.

  9. Alpana

    Wow Ujjwal, from where you come up with such interesting topics and then you research on that. Awesome. Recently I read somewhere that the wife should sleep on the left side of her husband. And how your research has added to my interest in this subject. Great theme for MFA.

  10. Cindy Dsilva

    I have come to love my own space and my hubby hates this change in me. But I cannot sleep if someone is putting all their weight on me anymore. Not even a hand. Im in the space wanting category.

    1. Hansa Kajaria

      This was a really interesting read and got to know a lot about the meaning of various sleeping postures. Great read.

  11. Surbhi prapanna

    Wow this one is again an interesting topic and I had a great time while reading this. Though I knew that sleeping position tells a lot about a person s personality but I don’t know that it is equally important in couple relationship. All these observation seems so perfect. Thanks for sharing this amazing information.

  12. Sundeep

    I read somewhere the way someone sleeps can say a lot about them as a person. How you sleep with your partner might tell you how your bond is. This is so interesting. Thanks for sharing this article with us.

  13. Preeti Chauhan

    I really found this article about what a couple’s sleeping position can mean for the intimacy between the couple , very interesting indeed . It busted a few of my own beliefs !

  14. Dipika Singh

    Amazing! Even the sleeping patterns tell about the relationship and intimacy. Well, honestly I think we are sleeping in almost all these positions depending on the time and period of the month 😉 jokes apart, this is very informative.

  15. Geethica Mehra

    Interesting analysis, I must say, Ujjwal. Well, we fall under not touching each other and enjoying our personal space when in bed. This is time, he reads articles or watch series on his mobile and read my books or write. This is the best time when the world is quiet, your spouse is around and you are happy doing your own thing.

  16. Pratibha

    Wow that’s so accurate and an amazing analysis love it

  17. Snigdha

    Wow, I was not aware that a sleeping position can says a lot about the relationship. I can’t find out any particular position in my case . By the ways these days we sleep with our kids in between..😉😉

  18. LifeCoachPreet

    This was an interesting read. We have been married for over 10 years and we don’t have just one way. awe now have intruders sleeping in between us.. hehe

  19. Pragnya Mishra

    By the end of this post, I was smiling as the positions cuddling or touching or no contact we have seen all in our long time together. Ujjwal, please do write about the sleeping positions of toddlers kicking all night 😉

  20. Ishieta

    interesting post. its sweet how every position while has a different meaning, has a positive connotation about the relationship and the partners.

  21. sweta

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  24. Roma

    Cool yaa, I loved the analysis and kept matching it with ours as I read, this is super fun 😊

  25. Harjeet Kaur

    This is for couples 🙂 I have been single for 16 years now. And I always sleep on my left side. I try to change t but I never can. When I was young I used to lay supine on my back and I hardly move n the night.

  26. Neha Sharma

    Very well researched post, Ujjwal. I read about the sleeping positions in an article long ago but it was not this deep. After reading this, I was actually thinking which one resonates with us since we don’t have any particular sleeping position. It keeps on changing with mood, time of sleep, etc

  27. Judy Morris

    quite an amusing post as I read it out to my husband.. Fortunately, we as a couple seem to be very confident of ours relationship and content too…

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    Wow yar this is soooo sooo sooo useful n nice thx for sharing this yar

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    This is a fab blog. Tells a lot about relationships/equations and relative security or the lack of it. Sharing with those who believe a sleep position can define the relationship better than ones own’s innate intuition and feelings towards the relationship 🙂

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    While sleeping I love the Spoon Position. I find cuddling therapeutic 😁

    But my better half doesn’t like any touching while sleeping 😴

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