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Dreamy love, will it culminate? #storytellersbloghop

The Gloom of covid was not at its peak, it was weaning but it had already done the damage and taken away some of the most precious moments, memories and people from Samir’s life. The only Son of Joshi household. Now was truly only one left in family, as he lost both his parents to covid. The door to door runs for ICU beds and oxygen cylinders, still wakes him up from dreams, drenched in sweat, and now as if the worst was yet to happen he also got infected by Sars Covid Omicron variant. He was doubly vaccinated so the symptoms were mild. And was hoping he would recover because there were many of his parents dreams were yet to be fulfilled.

He did recover, Although empty, but life had to get back on track. He was trying his best to live a normal life. Almost six months had passed. One morning Samir got up due to the blaring alarm from his new mobile phone. He was trying to remember something; it was one of his dreams that was lingering in his mind. A brown puppy, a train and himself running on the tracks. But this alarm work him up before climax. He had no time pondering over it further, as the journey ahead was gruelling.

He got dressed up and ran to catch the Churchgate fast local, that originates from Borivali. From there he had to get down at Bandra (East Side) and a shared auto to BKC. Bandra Kurla complex, is where his office was located. The journey was hectic and many people recommended him to relocate in the nearby area. But his home in Borivali was a treasure of his parents’ memories. He was okay with the inconvenience of traveling every day to work, when he gets a feeling of coming back to his parents every night.

He was waiting on the platform, when he saw a very peculiar thing.

A brown puppy was lingering on train tracks. Samir would have ignored it, and would have considered it a coincidence that an identical puppy was on railtracks, like in his dream. He looked at the puppy for a while, admiring how carefree and innocent it could be. He soon heard a loud sound that startled him. It was a train.

Heading right for the puppy. He glanced at the puppy, and then at the train, before seeming to make up his mind. He put his bag down, before jumping off the platform and running along the train tracks, getting a sense of déjà vu. The train was getting closer, and closer. Samir quickly picked the puppy up in his hands. It seemed agitated, almost alarmed that this stranger it had never seen in it’s life picked it up. Not knowing the situation it was in, The canine bit Samir’s hand, and Samir dropped it.

To his horror, it began running in the direction opposite of the train. Samir ran after it, faster than he ever had before, trying to catch it and get it away from the path of the locomotive. He had had enough of death for a while, and was determined to get this puppy to safety, at the very least. Running after it, Samir managed to catch up, almost tripping as he once again held it in his hands, this time successfully getting bark onto his platform.

As if the dog had no idea of what Samir did for it, the moment he put it down, it barked at him, before running off. His hand was bleeding a bit, but it didn’t even hurt him at the moment, due to the adrenaline running through his veins. His own train had seemed to reach right as he looked up, perfectly timed. He had a small chuckle, finding all of these coincidences and ran back to where he left his bag, finding it, and carrying it with himself into the train.

He let out a sigh of relief, as he found his seat, finally having a bit of time to breathe.. Nothing exciting happened the entire day apart from the morning brush of dejavu.

Night after night, his dreams started coming alive in-front of his eyes. May it be his neighbour Kulkarni uncle meeting him at train station or he having spicy chicek at lunch. He accepted this as one of the unexplainable side effects of post Covid recovery.

One night, she came in his dreams. He didn’t ask her name but kept on following her to a beautiful garden. She sat on the swing, and he was standing just admiring her beauty. Next day he kept on waiting for the girl, as he took it for granted that all his dreams will come true the next day. But nothing like that happened. The girl kept coming in his dreams night after night, he finally gathered courage to ask her name, Mansi she said with her soft pink lips.

Gradually they started meeting more often, Mansi also started liking Samir. They went on movie dates, music festivals, dinner date and enjoyed every day together. But Samir was getting anxious as all her dreams except the one involving Mansi were coming true. He went around to all the places he visited in dreams, thinking that he might find her, but all in vain.

Finally he decided to live the life fullest with his love during his dreams, and not fret over it anymore to make it true. Days turned into weeks, and he was not lonely anymore. He could share everything with Mansi.

One morning, his sleep was disturbed due to lot of noise, screeching and movement of heavy things. Someone was shifting in the house next to his. He was very upset because, that noise broke his dream. That was the only time he could live with Mansi.

With a frown on his face, he went to see and shout at the new neighbours. And to his utter pleasant surprise, he saw same beautiful hair and lips, right from his dream indeed. The dream girl had moved in next door.

He knew everything about her but for her he was a stranger, but he knew love will happen, this dream will also come true!!

This story is written for the season 3 of #storytellersbloghop, hosted by myself and my co-hosts MeenalSonal

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  1. Dipika Singh

    A nice story, the beginning connected me back to the Covid scene, which was really ugly for us. Great beginning to the blog hop. I will be sharing mine soon.

  2. Amritha Srinath

    What a wonderful story Ujjwal! Many times when life shuts one door, the other doors open and we need to keep going. This story is an absolute reflection of the same. I loved the way you have spun a fictional tale albeit keeping covid & life after it very real.

  3. Romila

    Nice to read you after a long time! Didnt expect a love story coming around Covid. The idea of hope has been treated in a different way. The start of the story made me sad, as I recalled the horrible covid times but the puppy and Mansi, gave a twist and I am sure love will surely happen! Great start to the #StoryTellersBlogHop.

  4. Mayuri Sharrma

    Good to see life being kind to Samir again. Hope you will pen a sequel of the Samir and Mansi love story.

  5. Aditi Kapur

    Enjoyed reading your story and it reminded me of season 1 when I was one of the participants. Dreams are the reflection of the real world. You’ve taken this quote to a new level 🙂

  6. Chitra Iyer

    A well penned story Ujjwal! Fabulous beginning to the bloghop!

  7. Ambica Gulati

    Wow! Am glad he saw his dream love next to his place. Dreams when they come true are magical.

  8. Matheikal

    The speeding train almost hit me. Superlative narration.

  9. Deepika Sharma

    Loved how the story was not stereotypical love story. The dream sequence was nice. The plot and narrative moved smoothly. There were a few spelling errors that could be avoided like work instead of woke, bark instead of back, chicke where an n went missing.
    I also found some grammatical errors that jarred the otherwise beautiful narration. For example were is used twice in this sentence
    “There were many of his parents dreams were yet….”
    Overall a very well attempted fiction

  10. MeenalSonal

    Wow! It was such a gripping story!! A great narrative that kept me on toes till the end. Enjoyed it thoroughly.

  11. Chinmayee Gayatree Sahu

    We often have such ‘de ja vu’ moments! A very gripping story and I enjoyed reading it thoroughly!

  12. Swarnali Nath

    Wow, the story sequence has its own charm, a story weaving in the dreams. It’s very unique and i totally loved your narration style.

  13. Zenobia Merchant

    What a wonderful tale of having lost and found love again in the most unexpected and bizarre way. Mother Nature works wondrous ways and the shades of love in the story, be it his love for his parents, an astray puppy, or simply reigning himself to fate and being content.

  14. Era of Illumination

    Best way to tell a story is to make it the classic’s way. Too good to ignore..
    Good one

  15. Rakhi Jayashankar

    De Ja Vu moments are plenty in our lives but we seldom notice them and keep on guessing how a particular situation seems familiar. Here the protagonist is feeling a lot in terms of his dejavu moment.

  16. Sivaranjini Anandan

    Cute story. Seems like one episode of the show. But was a beautiful read. Family and love well wowen.

  17. prisha

    so covid gave him a super power. i really like the twist of something so strong turning it into such a big blessing 🙂

  18. harshita

    A sweet love story Ujjawal. Though the start was a little grim, I liked the premise of dreams coming true and he finally finding his true love.

  19. Sakshi

    I like how he manifested his girl from his dreams. Definitely not a typical love story.

  20. Sadvika Kylash

    Such a pleasant story it is. Amazing it would be if dreams come true and this is one such.
    de ja vu’s are real. we all experience it.

  21. Era of Illumination

    Wonderful yet simple story told in the most easiest way.
    Dreams do come true sometimes!!

  22. Anushka

    Romantic story with a dreamy plot. Apart from some grammatical errors, it was a smooth read. A quick editing after writing the final draft would do the job. Overall, good narration!

  23. Sakshi Bindra

    A story with the power of manifestation. Powerful, vivid yet simple.

  24. Sivaranjini Anandan

    De ja vu in the story. It was great and crisp and left me with that feel-good feeling. Happy to have read this one from one of the super hosts.

  25. Cindy D'Silva

    It would have been so frustrating when the most wanted story wasn’t happening in real life. Great story. We all live with this hope!

  26. Monidipa Dutta

    Yeah indeed, half dream had come true, and now love will indeed find its way.
    Beautifully narrated.

  27. Disha

    A beautiful narrative which makes you believe that all dreams come true! 🙂

  28. Jaideep

    Nice story. It portrays how one can cope with loss and find new hope in life by cherishing memories and finding happiness in small things.

    Samir, who lost his parents to COVID-19, struggles to recover from the trauma but manages to get back to his daily routine. He finds solace in his parents’ memories, which he associates with his home in Borivali, despite the inconvenience of traveling every day to work.

    One day, he saves a brown puppy from getting run over by a train and gets a sense of déjà vu from his dream.

  29. Pooja Jha

    Yes, ofcourse! Love will surely happen….
    Mansi and puppy had faded the horror of COVID and the best is yet to happen.

  30. Sonali Kathuria

    If only all our dreams would come true! :’)
    Manifesting for Samir’s love story to become as beautiful as in his dreams.

  31. Mayura Amarkant

    A pleasant read… it ties in everything from start to finish perfectly and leaves the ending in the hands of the reader’s imagination.

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