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Facing challenges in dressing them up? Here are 3 best choices for designer frocks for kids.

I am a mother to a son and a daughter, still I feel girls add that X-factor to the family. Our daughter adds the life or what we say ‘Chaitanya’ in our lives. it doesn’t mean i love my son any less. Till the time she is awake she doesn’t let a single moment to be dull. Most of the time we are tired and exhausted while keeping her away from gadgets and screen, but she has endless games and ideas going on in her mind. We always wanted to be parents to a daughter, and thankfully God blessed us with one. The best part of having a daughter is, I can dress her up in as many ways I can. So many beautiful dresses, different patterns, and infinite accessories.

She has turned four this year but ever since she could communicate verbally and by gesture, she made it sure that she conveys her choices clearly. I remember when we were shopping for her birthday, it took us many hours to pick everything as per her choice. The choices are not just about clothes but everything.

Today her teacher taught the class about fruits, in the online school. She asked my DD, how does ‘Litchi’ tastes? The expected answer was ‘sweet’ but the answer she gave was, ‘Litchi tastes awful’. Because its not her favourite fruit.

Now you can understand, how tuff it is to dress her up. And for some important occasions like festivals, family gathering, parties etc I have to do the planning for days about her dresses. This is the case right now, I don’t know how tuff it would be when she turns a teenager, probably she won’t need my help in deciding what to wear by then.

Till then after a lot of hard work I have figured out three type of party dresses that can never go wrong.

Designer frocks for kids

Theme dresses:

Kids always have a favourite superhero, favourite cartoon character or may be even a favourite princess. We can always lure them into wearing these clothes. My son wore his Batman costume for almost all the parties that happened through out the year when he was three. That easy right. The set is ready you just have to get them ready.

Sofia the first, is my daughters favourite princess. And I have that entire set from shoes to her necklace always ready.

The other one is fairy dress. Any Designer frock for kids, with a pair of wings, magic wand and a hair band and the fairy is set for the party. This party can either be Halloween or any birthday invite.

Theme dresses never fail you.

Tutu dress:

They are just so adorable. My daughter had 2-3 tutu skirts when she was an infant. They are good for photography also. Toddlers look most adorable in these frocks.

They come in all lengths and neck designs. They are halter neck, spaghetti straps or with short sleeves with puff too. The length can be from above the knee to ankle length, depending on your choice. The material of the clothe can be with shimmer or plain. The more puff it has the better it looks.

They are mostly available in all sort of shades and colours. Bright and vibrant to choose from.

Floral Ruffle dresses

Yes, believe me they look as pretty on little girls as they look on us adults. I know most of us love the uneven frills and ruffle detailing on our dresses. Similar fashion is in for young girls too.

Especially if its floral, it just peps up their happy souls.

A lacy, well layered net frock with bright flowers can just make you child centre of all the attention at any event.

Apart from these designer frocks for kids

Ethnic wear can be very handy. Schools also always ask kids to wear ethnic dresses for festivals. So, a good salwar-kameez, Ghagra, lehenga or even a stitched saree becomes very handy. It can help you get the kid dress up in the morning rush without much fuss.

In party we go in with one set of clothes and after a while we have to change them into more comfortable clothes. You can try the organic cotton collection on berrytreeIndia. The clothes quality is outstanding and what can be better than organic cotton for you kids tender skin. They have a collection of frocks, tees, and onesies too.

This is us. All in Ethnic wear

Happy dressing up for kids, I never had to do so much of research for getting myself dressed. As a kid I used to wear whatever my mom got for me. The times are changing, and so is the parenting style, I guess.

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  1. Anahita Irani

    Beautiful cotton dresses is what I would always look out for my daughter. You have shared really pretty style collection from berrytreeIndia.

  2. Mayuri Nidigallu

    I love, love, love that Tutu dress and i am going to check it out for my Twin Nieces who love these dresses too. It looks like BerryTreeIndia has a great collection, time for some online shopping!

  3. Swati Mathur

    My children are grown they hardly wear frocks but I miss those tutu dresses which we used to get for their birthdays. They look so pretty and royal.

  4. Alpana

    Tutu dress has always been my favorite. You are right dressing up girls is so much fun and yes they add chaitanya in our lives. I have a teenage daughter and believe me it’s not at all easy to convince her for dresses these days. Sometimes I just give up and let her decide what she want. So enjoy this phase of dressing up your daughter.

  5. Surbhi prapanna

    Aww such a cute post..being a mommy of two girls, I know the joy of dressing up them so well. I had tried all of the options for them, you had suggested here. And floral one in my favorite and my girls love tutu more. Will check the brand you had mentioned here. Looking promising to me.

  6. Smitha N

    Loved the frocks they look pretty seriously it’s always with my daughter to pick up one outfit for her as she is always chooses what she want… I loved the pink 💕 one

  7. Mandavi Jaiswal

    I have tried the 2nd look and I swear, its one really good investment. Its one dress every girls must have

  8. Varsh

    My girl is such a tomboy and has started getting girly stuff only now. She has few of these flowy dresses though and likes them. I love that Tutu dress. So cute!

  9. Cindy Dsilva

    My daughter loves floral dresses and jumpsuits. Those are her go-to whenever she wants to wear something for her classes. i need to buy her more so she doesn’t wear the same thing again and again and again…

    1. Snigdha

      I live such flowy dresses for girls . I love the way a little girl look with a frock on . Love this post ..

  10. Dr Bushra

    Aww love those dress ideas for kids. Really like the concept of theme dresses. This is so beautiful and super cute.

  11. Judy Morris

    I love the theme dresses for girls. I love it when I was little and still quite like them when I see my son’s friends wearing them on their birthdays.

  12. Deepika

    You all are looking so beautiful. And I loved the ideas of these fancy frocks. It is looking very elegant. You are right, time is changing. And dressing the kids is the new channel for mothers.

  13. Gunjan Upadhyay

    These are such cute recommendations who have given here. It’s my nieces birthday next month and I was looking for some options, you have solved the problem

  14. Tina Basu

    Dressing up my son is the biggest challenge i have been facing – you dont get anything pretty and cool for boys!!!! I am tired of shirts and t-shits!!!

  15. Vaishali

    Very nice. I wish you could also post something for boys fashion 🙂

  16. Taranpreet

    Hey thank you so much for this blog post. I’m so glad I came across this. my daughter’s birthday is next month and I cannot wait to use one of your ideas to dress her up

  17. Kavita Singh

    My little one’s birthday is around the corner and I have been looking for some ideas to pick the next dress for her. She loves tutu dresses 🙂 That’s a lovely family picture.

  18. Rajshree S

    These are some great options. I am sure going to suggest this to my sister for my niece, I am 100% sure she will love them. Specially the tutu dress, it’s so cute!

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