You are currently viewing Falling in your dream, is it you, someone else or some thing? Is it really a serious thing? #A2Zchallenge

Falling in your dream, is it you, someone else or some thing? Is it really a serious thing? #A2Zchallenge

Yesterday we spoke about Eerie Nightmares, falling is among the common scary dreams.

Although most of the nightmares occur in second half of the sleep, many people experience the dream about falling during the transition of being awake to being asleep. Many dream interpreters do nit consider it dream at that point rather it the transmission of body from physical state to dream state. And there is no interpretation for those. However, if you experience these falling dreams when you are fast asleep, and they are recurring and scary then we will surely decode them.

The general feelings or emotions associated with falling dreams are shock, fear, concerned, worries, unsafe, confused, threatened and many more.

These dreams can wake you up with a jerk, with a pounding heart and racing pulse. Have some water, breathe deep and try going back to sleep. This is the most common dream and nothing that you cannot take care about.

Falling from Stairs, Mountains, Abyss

Falling cannot be a pleasant feeling neither in walking life nor in dreams. In simple words, falling dreams indicate that you are not in control of your life. This can further be indicating towards fear about loss of security. We look for security in our personal relationships as well as career.

Sigmund Freud believed that falling is associated with feeling overwhelmed in life. When you have too much on plate and don’t know how to manage all of it. At that time, it feels like you are loosing the control. Even worst that if you are not in control who is or what if this opportunity goes to someone else.

When you see yourself falling:

It is scary to fall from a certain height and that sensation gives us Goosebumps. The fear of uncertainty and even death takes over. Its vividly realistic. Isn’t it?

These types of dreams signal towards fear of failure, it means you are looking for security but what you are headed to is not as promising.

Are you falling from a window or an Airplane?

I am not sure how does it feel as I am yet to experience it, however I am sure its frightening to fall from such a height. This dream wants to warn you about being out of control.

You have reached a particular height in your career or I must say a considerably high level in your career or a waiting for that CXO promotion, now hold on to your horses. Don’t try to control everything as you won’t be able to. Allow yourself to discover the position and its challenges, give yourself time. You are there now plan to stay.

Falling out of bed or chair:

It’s a small height, it won’t hurt you much, but it can come as a surprise for sure. I have fallen a lot from bed as a child although not in my dream. These dreams represent an unconscious desire to succeed in whatever you are doing.

We indulge in things to succeed so nothing wrong if you desire the same.

Did you fall or were you pushed?

IF you are standing somewhere and you are being pushed by someone, means you are being taken by someone into a situation. That situation can lead to good or bad. The meaning is the decision is not in your control rather you are being manipulated by someone to take a particular decision.

If you have seen the face of the person who pushed, you in dream then go talk to them in waking life else be vigilant.

Landing at the end:

When you are falling the immediate thought comes it where, when and how will I land or will this fall break. It is uncertain.

If you hit the end in your fall means that you are going to hit the dead end before you can take control or find solution to your fears. It’s generally applicable in personal life, where as the people involved are not vocal about matters and you are losing out on a relationship. This relationship can be any and not just partners.

Is Someone else falling in your dream?

We do not have control over dreams. You can just helplessly see what is happening, if you see someone else falling in your dreams it means that you can not do much about the past or what has happened in past, you have to let it go and move one.

A building falling in your dream:

You can see or feel that a skyscraper if falling or crumbling it suggest that you are going through difficult times in a situation. Unable to achieve balance, it can be in work-life or priorities in life.

The sooner you find it the better.

Is that your teeth Falling in your dreams?

As per bible, teeth mean Power so falling of teeth directly indicated being powerless or losing control of life.

It also means that your life is going to change big time, so when phase of life changes some trouble will surely be there. We call it teething problem; means difficulties we must face when something is changing for good. Just like growing up, it can be growing up in personal and professional life.

Due to major changes that might be coming your way feelings like stress and anxiety will also accompany.

A thing falling in your dreams:

It can be a picture, vase or even an electronic gadget that’s either falling on you or just falling. It warns you against making wrong choices. It also suggests that you might already be in a challenging situation and are trying to hide it from others. Do not pretend, you must come forward and take the responsibility.

The conclusion is we must take control of few things in our lives and let go few. Falling is not all that bad if we take it as a signal or warning and act accordingly.

That’s all for today. We are 6 posts down in this journey about interpreting dreams, don’t just go mad with all these interpretations as we talk about Getting Looney dreams tomorrow. Is it funny or serious, will get to know tomorrow.

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  1. Swarnali Nath

    Since childhood I am fascinated with dreams and its psychology. Loved your post.

    1. Ujjwal Mishra

      I am even today very facinated by dreams. Hence this series.
      Thanks for stopping by dear 😊

      1. Urvashi

        Oh I have seen myself falling many times. Never knew that had a meaning till day.

  2. Gurjeet Chhabra

    Many a time , I fall from stairs and in reality it make me wake and was always in shocked state. What that means

  3. Simrit Bedi

    I am really enjoying reading about dreams. Never thought that each dream could have such a deep meaning to it

  4. Arushi Seth

    Ujjwal I so wish i remembered a dream which i could interpret. Your posts are so interesting. Thanks for the research and for sharing with us

  5. Anagha Yatin

    Your efforts to demystify the dreams and variety of them are worthy of a praise Ujjawal.
    I have seen myself falling but at the same time landing safely somewhere or with some help. I did had goosebumps and beads of sweat on my forehead in real while everything was happening in my dream! At times I wonder about the magic of making of cinemascope episodes by the mighty brain and aired exclusively for the person.

  6. Noor Anand Chawla

    Falling in dreams is a common feeling for sure. I find that I almost always wake up from a dream where I have been falling.


    I did dream of falling from mountain once, another time I was just falling not sure from where, I googled at that time but here you have explained it really nice

  8. Surbhi Prapanna

    You know Ujjwal my mom often reads the meaning of dreams in some books and share with me their meaning..your series and post reminding my that experience. ya..falling is not such a good feeling and indicate that our life is not in our control.

  9. Sindhu Vinod Narayan

    Your posts are super insightful. I’ve been having this falling off dream regularly. This gave me a lot of information. #tmmreads #blogchattera2z

  10. Deepika

    Oh great! You described the connection between your dreams and what you think or feel. I have to go to previous ones too. Interesting read

  11. Kinshoo Agrawal

    I think have seen falling dreams, though don’t recall exactly now. But from next time onwards i will try to remember and then come back to your post.

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