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A story about magic #BlogChatterA2Z

I must be the last person, who is still struggling with the theme. It’s not that I don’t know what am I going to write, its just that I am unsure if the theme will last for 26 days. Tried a lot of planning, and finally I came to a conclusion that let me start writing. I juggled between choice of writing Fiction and non-Fiction. Finally a story is coming up this year. By the blessings from Goddess Saraswati, once the flow of words start it will stop only after something beautiful is created.

Journey So far

Thanks to BlogChatter for creating the Fb and to my blogger friends for creating a WhatsApp group. When I saw the linked being posted, it supercharged me to write. This is my third year of participation in #blogchatterA2Z, and I want to experience the joy of Hat-tric.

In the first year I wrote a fiction, which is now available in Blogchatterebooklibrary as “journey Sutra”. Second year was non-fiction, discussing night dreams in detail, Thanks to BlogChatter eBook carnival that its now an eBook as “Dreams decoded”. Let’s see what’s the outcome of this year going to be. So, we come to the topic, what am I really planning to write. I am a story teller, and that what I am going to try again this year. I am going to weave a story.

#BlogchatterZ2Z 2021, let the story begin

This story begins in a big house. A house with modern infrastructure with lot of air and sunshine. In the outskirst of Shimla city. A city that is buzzing with tourists around the year. The charm of the city stands out during snowfall. Now a days, summers are hotter than they used to be.

Beauty of the Mountains

Family of Anokhi and Manav, moved here few years back. Anokhi is a writer and Manav is a photographer. Anokhi writes fantasy tales for kids, most of her published books are available in the city library too. Kids like them, as they are full of imaginary and made-up stories about good and bad fairies. I am sure they both are doing well professionally. Otherwise, how can they have such a a lavish property and swanky cars.

Both being creative like to live in their own bubble, and don’t much socialize. They have a well-guarded social network. People like their neighbour on the left in the secluded area. Mr. Pandey. Ratnakar Pandey, is their only link to the outside world. People like them, remained absolutely unaffected by the lockdown and covid19 restrictions. They always liked to keep it to themselves.

Apart from them, they have a fat, white cat. Her name is Ms. M. Who calls a cat with such a formal name, I wonder? And even the cat is as snob as her pet parents. Most of the times I see her sleeping either in the window or near her milk bowl.

Oh! Didi I tell you who am I? I am Miss Morris, my house is bang opposite to Anokhi’s. I have my sharp eyes always glued on their home. There is more than it meets the eye. I don’t think its as normal as they show it. And I am adamant to find what is it. I am an explorer. No gossip in the town can stay long from me.

Stay tuned for this entire month, to know why Miss Morris is doubt full and vigilant. Is her gut misleading her?

This is a story of self-discovery. What we see, is it the truth? Or its just made the way we would believe it.

If this is your first attempt at BlogchatterA2Z challenge, make sure you go through this post, 4 tried and tested tips to succeed in this challenge.

Continue reading the story ahead Blooming

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  1. Dipika Singh

    You have got me intrigued to know what happens next, Ujjwal. You are a fabulous story writer, I am looking forward to the next episode.
    Hope you like my Budget Home Decor idea for today too.

  2. Surbhi Prapanna

    I was waiting for your theme and post since long. your last year’s posts were so amazing. and now, this year, you are writing fiction. the first part is so interesting. looking forward for next posts in series. all the best dear.

  3. Richa


  4. Jyoti

    I really liked your theme and first part is looking interesting .

    1. Deepika

      Miss Morris a neighbor we all have 😀 i quite like the cat too. Willbe tuning in for more. I like your style of narration

  5. Suchita Agarwal

    You had me at A story on about Magic 😀

  6. Archana

    Your have phenomenal storytelling capabilities Ujjwal. No wonder this time too you are going to delight your readers like me, with so interesting turn and twists. As of now all my eyes are on Ms. Morris, I think her gut feeling leading her right!

  7. Harjeet Kaur

    Ujjwal, my dear..i have no theme at all..I dont even know if I will complete the challenge. I have been ill for 3 months. now. Your story sounds very interesting and I guess you are the gossip lover 🙂

    1. Ujjwal Mishra

      Ha ha ha… I am not as social in real life as on SM. Take care of ur health.

  8. Swati

    I love magic ..there is a web series “Just add magic”, I am in love with that and now I would love o read your magic series Ujjwal.

    1. Ujjwal Mishra

      Yes just add magic is awesome. I am humbled by your comment

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