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Full of questions rather than finding answers!

While this food here is to mislead me from my primary mission of coming here. That is to know as much as I can about these people. And why is the house so well guarded? There are many questions that have pulled me here. Plus, all those people who think of me a nosey, will be waiting for me tomorrow to hear some dirty secrets of this place. So, I must start, for what I came here for.

But I think the party has just started and neither the hosts are in any rush to wrap it, nor am I to get out of the house without proper investigation. But first let’s eat in peace. I filled up couple of plates and settled in a corner from where I can keep an eye in over all movement of the house. But ever since I have threatened, this fat cat, I am little too scared of her. She is sitting opposite to me, completely attentive and staring at me as if she is my dietician and currently looking at my plate and counting my calories. Oh, poor cat can’t do much apart from staring at me. I kept eating; I can’t disregard such delicious food.

After filling rendezvous with food, it was time to get on my feet. The easiest way to roam around the house was to ask for a washroom. I know a little unsophisticated, but that was my only chance. I am going to make a mental note of every little detail I see.

The house was not just big but also beautiful each and every artifact was unique and well placed. Without a full time, job to either of them, how are they affording so much luxury. They might be doing good, but for living like starts they were not world-famous writer and photographer. They were just doing okay as per me. Then where is this opulence coming from? Has Anokhi got this from her parents, some type of legacy? How will I know it? Who will tell me this? May be Mr. Pandey can help. I thought and kept walking.

While I passed the kitchen, I expected to see dishes for cleaning but it was clean and shining like they show in scotch brite commercial. If the food was ordered from outside, then I expected some garbage of empty packets, but nothing. I didn’t like it.

While Anokhi was in kitchen talking to some guest with a very pointed nose and eyes with extra Kohl, I intentionally pushed down a whole pile of clean crocery and moved away fast. I don’t want the blame of breaking such costly crockery. I can’t afford to repay either. While I moved ahead, I was expecting the satisfying noise of plates crashing on the ground. But nothing. That was surprising.

I did my business, and when I came back I was so soaked in sweat, that the only thing that was on my mind was to run out of the house as soon as I can.

When I was coming back, and I crossed the kitchen the pile was crocery was sitting exactly at the same place in same style, as if it was never moved from there. Where as I by my own hands has pushed them on the floor.

If that wasn’t spooky enough, when I returned to the drawing room it was stark empty. None of the guests were seen. I can confidently say, I took only 5-10 mins in the washroom to relieve my self. when I left, they were all eating, talking and making merry and now they disappeared.

I tried to ask Anokhi and Manav about the guests, but they just ignored the question and handed over me a huge return gift, with larger smiles. And said that they would like to see me again.

OH, good lord. All this has left me with more questions than answers. I must go home and take some rest now. As I was getting out of the main gate and crossing the road, I can feel someone was watching me. My gut tells me it’s none other but the evil cat Miss.M

I almost ran back home; have to check what is the gift too. But before that, I will take some rest in my non spooky home.

To check out the earlier part of the story, click here! These posts are part of BlogchatterA2Z challenge.

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  1. Alpana Deo

    omg Ujjwal… such a precision with an element of mystery and thrill. How do you do it? Your work selection is very apt for this storyline.

  2. Preeti Chauhan

    The mystery keeps building up. Now I am equally excited to discover the return gift that Anokhi and Manav have given to this special guest. Great work Ujjwal !

    1. Hansa Kajaria

      You story is getting interesting with each blog and now I am curious to knw about the gift. What’s it going to be… keep writing wiaitng to read more.

  3. Nitisha Mathur

    I wouldn’t like nosy Miss Morris to be my neighbour 😅 She makes everything sound so suspicious!

    1. Ujjwal Mishra

      It might really turn out that her suspicion isn’t all that wrong 🙂

  4. Sakshi Varma

    I kind of like the spook and chill you are building into the narrative! One could see a little bit of it in the last episode but has come out even more clearly in this one!

  5. Dr.Amrita Basu

    Oh God Miss M sounds so scary .Who knew cats could send shivers down our spines too!This was a very good bit to raise our expectations

    1. Ujjwal Mishra

      Thanks Doc, glad you liked my writing.

  6. MeenalSonal Mathur

    Ujjwal, completely loving the flow of the story and the way you unfold the mystery is making me look for the next post. Can’t wait to read the entire series.

    1. Ujjwal Mishra

      Thanks a lot. I wait to here from you as a friend as well as a reviewer 🙂

  7. Ruchi Verma

    This mystery is something that will make me return to read more. I love the narration and Miss M the evil cat catches the actions.

  8. Rakhi Jayashankar

    So, to quench my curiosity, who is the stalker. You have left me at the edge of for seat. I will keep on thinking who it is

  9. The Champa Tree

    You have narrated the tale with detailing. For instance your narration about the house, makes the reader visualise the house that is the location. Hence it gives a 3D effect.

  10. Roma

    Your hardwork is evident Ujwal, your narration is bang on girl, keep penning this and yr book shall be ready

  11. Rakhi Parsai

    Oh its becoming spooky as we are moving ahead in the story. Desperately waiting to read more and what was happening in that house and where did the guests dispear suddenly.

  12. Dr Bushra

    The story has so many things to unfold. I’m curious to know what will happen next and what’s in the gift. Looking forward to more

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