You are currently viewing God ever visited in your dreams? Was he in a bad mood?

God ever visited in your dreams? Was he in a bad mood?

We all know and understand the current time. It is difficult. Not just staying inside the house, doing all the household chores, working and talking care of kids but the mindset, the scare and uncertainty. All this is tough. What we all are doing consciously or subconsciously is to PRAY. Pray to God to the almighty or who even you believe in to save you, take your and everyone, the entire mankind out of this Pandemic situation.

In one the addresses USA president Trump has said, “all this will miraculously go away”. I am sure it will go with time, effort and sacrifices. People emerging as leaders will lead this miracle. At the end all will be well. Where am I getting this confidence from? From my prayers, that’s all I want and can hope.

Moving back, we all have pinned hopes on God. Has he visited you in your dreams? He has visited mine, by now you know, what a dreamy person I am. There are more than a couple of dreams that I clearly remember. May be because they were recurrent, or they were just so real. SO yes, God has visited me in my dreams. What did he say? What does it mean? Let’s explore.

It is not necessary that you see the image or the power that you worship as a person, rather it can be the things that are deeply touched to the religion you follow. You can find them in your scriptures. Like in bible, Bhagwat Geeta or Koran. If you see candle, temple bell etc. it can also be considered as a God’s dream.

As in all types of dreams, with dreams involving God you can be happy, nervous, shocked, excited or even resentful and sad.

Hearing God or seeing his light can mean that you are deeply religious, more spiritual and have an urge to be closer to the almighty.

 You are The God in your dream:

You are all dressed up or taken a get up like the almighty. Its generally as per the god you follow. It means you consider yourself above everyone else. You have started considering yourself as high as almighty or the power of writing others fate is in your control.

You know what happened to all the kings and demons who has this thought that they are the almighty, so better to come on the ground. If you are twisting arms and getting your work done because you have some power in family or at work, change your ways.

When you see God in your dream:

Really? The entire mankind and the entire struggles are to know God, to be with him, to see his real self. Look at you, you are simply sleeping and getting the topmost reward of seeing God. Speaking or listening to him.

You will be very lucky if you remember this dream after you get up. As it will mostly be a message or advice that you need at that point in your life. It will surely enlighten your spirit. We all need God in walk of our life, what better than experiencing it first-hand.

What’s Gods mood in your dream?

We human can be creative even in our sleep. Dreams mostly depends on the circumstances or emotions of the character visiting your dreams. Same is with God dreams.

If the God is angry, or just standing and watching you and there is a storm or lightening it simply means you are on the wrong path. Correct your course. You are about to be punished for you bad deeds or careless behaviours.

Human life is a blessing. Things that we do right or wrong, I believe we have to face the consequences here only. No matter whether God appeared in your dream to advice or warn you, do your best to help the mankind. This is the right time. A small help from everyone can be a game changer in this situation.

Before I preach, I will tell you what I am doing. We have a community fridge right outside our society gate. Everyday 10 families cook fresh meal for 5 people and keep in there. So total 50 meals per day. The needy people come all through the day and take as much they can eat from it. Not to forget we keep a tank full of water, soap and a hand sanitizer bottle. I have posted the same in one of my Instagram feeds too. So, rather than waiting for the God to come and visit us, lets be his good children and do a little help for mankind.

Tomorrow we connect with a dream my husband usually gets ‘horrible exams’ DO you get them as well?

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  1. Noor Anand Chawla

    Very interesting… Never dreamt of god. I didn’t even know that was a thing!

  2. Arushi Seth

    Interesting as always. Looking forward to the post for Tom as I have a dream related to exams!!

    1. Rahul Prabhakar

      I have also seen God in my dreams, and of late I have been dreaming a lot. It maybe because like you, even I’m thinking a lot.

      I read your post with great interest. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. Alpana

    wow..sometimes, I do see Sai Baba in my dreams and I remember the whole dream which is rare in my case. You are right, these teams are never disturbing…

  4. Gurjeet Chhabra

    I never had dream like this and few days back I was thinking ,why don’t I get any God dream.

  5. Sindhu Vinod Narayan

    I’ve never had this dream in particular. Good to know about it though. #tmmreads #blogchattera2z

  6. Prakhar Kasera

    Never had that kind of dream. Never even have dreamt of Gods, good mood, bad mood is another thing.

    1. Nisha

      Oh I have never been so lucky to witness God in my dreams. Now I know what it would mean.

  7. Pooja Budhiraja

    This is a difficult time. May god give strength to all to face this situation. Nice post

  8. Jenifer

    U r so right, we all should pray to God.

    I have got spiritual dreams but never seen God maybe coz we Muslims don’t have God pictures, so subconscious mind shows the same.

  9. Ankita

    That was such a creative post… I too believe in the power of prayer and God is the only one who can save the earth right now 🙏

  10. Urvashi

    This is actually very relatable because my mom gets these dreams. She has on more thna one occasions seen God and deceased family members and many times it is pleasant and sometimes it is also warning her or supporting her.

  11. Kinshoo Agrawal

    This one was pretty interesting and never heard of anyone dreaming God and his mood can matter too. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Abha

    I never saw God in my dreams. Very interesting post again about dreams. I have heard from other people about their dreams and God told them to do certain things in their dreams.

  13. Saumya Chaudhary

    This is so surreal and powerful. Dreams like this are special.

  14. Docdivatraveller

    Omg this is such an insightful post! I have never seen God in my dreams. In fact I hardly ever dream!

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