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God, Tussi Great Ho!! #A2ZChallenge

Returning to normal life after getting the finances back on track, after the last few months’ debacle, Dad has set my savings and investments right. It’s time to drop another atom-bomb, of course on Mom and Dad. They were busy in their own lives thinking I am happy focusing on my career but my focus had changed long before that. Yes!! I have been working for more than a year now, and wanted to settle in my personal life too. My parents are in no rush, as for them I am too young, however Suvin and I both think otherwise. Working in different cities is making things even more complicated. Matters of heart always are priority for me.

Our parents were in the same city, so we took leave from our respective offices and come home. We both told to our parents and tonight they are meeting for dinner, off course with us hovering over them. I wish everything goes well.

Suvin with his parents and I with mine reached in time. After an initial icebreaker, they are talking to each other as if they have known for long. Or at least giving an Oscar winning performance. It is too smooth to be realistic. I expected some Bollywood drama here. We are happy when we get what we want, but I was unaware of this human emotion that we get unhappy if we get it too easily. See struggle always adds value to the prized achievement. God has been forever kind and everything got finalized then and there, I don’t know but I guess parents already knew everything. It’s just we kid who think that we can fool them.


We got married in a couple of months, I had applied for a transfer few months back so that transition also happened smoothly. On the day of our marriage, we were paying gratitude to God many numbers of times, this was a dream come true. Finally, I and Suvin are together, till death does us apart.

All these transitions happened better than expected, now what was left was our transition from Girlfriend-Boyfriend to Wife and Husband. I want the relation not to change even when we are old, I want Suvin to be unpredictable, pampering and loving man. And flowers, gifts, dates and lot of time together, endless chit-chat all stayed just the way I wanted. Although our leaves were almost exhausted, still we managed to take out a weeks vacation to Kerala, We both prefer Sea over Mountains.

Days pass faster than we think, we recently celebrated our third marriage anniversary, I am feeling very dizzy and tired since yesterday. Suvin thinks its work pressure, I think he is right. After reaching office, I remembered, I have skipped my dates this month. Oh GOD!!! Are we prepared for this new responsibility? Parents from both sides have been following up with same vigour as Insurance salesperson about when are we planning to start a family , but we want some more time for each other, Isn’t it fair? I thought. Upon reaching home I told Suvin, the feeling is mixed nervous and excited. We have taken an appointment for gynaecologist for next week. Keeping it to ourselves and not telling it to parents till the doctor confirms, is very tough. Suvin’s behaviour has already changed. He is more attentive towards my eating, taking care of more household chores. He is sure that we are going to have addition in family.

The doctor today confirmed and has asked to get ultrasound done. We are still unable to predict whether it will be a girl or a boy and to our surprise we are going to have twins.

Oh My God!!! Surprise Surprise and more of them? One voice says we anyways want two kids, so its good that we will have them in one go, the whispers as a first-time parents, that too with little availability of elders to handle things, how will we manage?

God, Tussi really great ho!!


This blog of part of #A2Z Challenge, there will be 26 blogs in this series all the blogs are in continuation. I am writing them from Z to A, as the story also flows from Death towards life. Hope you enjoy knowing Antara’s journey.

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  1. Satya

    Such a cute episode of their life❤️

  2. Sonia Chatterjee

    I cracked up at the mention of follow up like an insurance sales person. This is such a sweet episode of transition from a couple to a married one

  3. aditi

    Enjoyed reading your transition from carefree gf-bf to a responsible married couple ❤️

  4. Sanjota Purohit

    One of the sweetest episode in this series. I could relate to that transition, we think it won’t differ much but becoming husband & wife is an extraordinary feeling.

  5. nooranandchawla

    As they grow younger, life seems to pass them by rather quickly. I love how you use their relationship as a metaphor for life.

    1. My Words My Wisdom the leap of time is fastet. Happy to get feedback from you.

  6. Maithili Kundu

    I love your writing! I’m assorting your work and would love to read it from A to Z. Does your work borrow from your story?

    1. My Words My Wisdom

      Not really as I am yet to see all these phases of life but yes some real life inspiration is surely there. Glad to hear from you.

  7. Madhuri Lele

    Oh great. Good writing Ujjwal. You actually draw picture before myself.

  8. mahekg

    It’s always a dream come true when you marry the person you love. Love the narration from Ms. To Mrs Antara 😊

    1. My Words My Wisdom

      He he he… I can completely understand that feeling. Glad you could relate.

  9. shravmusings

    Nice to see them learning the ropes of the life

  10. shravmusings

    Nice to see them learning the ropes of the life

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