You are currently viewing Horribly shocking Exams! Have you failed one in your dreams recently? #AtoZchallenge

Horribly shocking Exams! Have you failed one in your dreams recently? #AtoZchallenge

Exams, who really likes them? I still remember my school days, I used to get sick in every year’s annual exams. My mom had to take me to school, I used to write the exam and she used to get me back home. This much was the stress. Although I was always a good student and scored well.

Any type of exam at any age can give stress, my brother is preparing for IELTS and still he is scared about the score.

Exams is about proving ourselves to others, it’s a parameter of evaluation. And we are not scared about writing the exam but about the uncertainty of result or score.

The current time of COVID-19 is the biggest exam of mankind, no matter how much we prepared we don’t know what kind of future awaits us all.

The feeling of butterflies in stomach is synonymous to exams.

Seeing yourself giving exam, checking score or even running late to the venue in your dreams involve similar feeling as you would in your waking life. Anxiety, fear, stress, uncertainty about future.

There are many ways in which you could see these dreams. Basically, exam means the real-life troubles and challenges. We have to face them. Cross the hurdles irrespective of the results. let’s start.

If you are not writing the exam, rather you are the teacher who is invigilating the class or helping students to understand something. It means you have power to help people in crossing hurdles in life. You can monitor how they are performing and hold hand when required.

When the question paper is in foreign language that you do not understand. It can be blank sheet and you are struggling what are you supposed to answer. It means that you have worked hard towards an important thing but now you are not sure if you will be able to perform with same vigor or hard work and get same results.

Writing an exam of particular subjects also interesting connotation.

Suppose you are counting numbers or solving a mathematics paper implies you are on the right path. You will overcome your enemies at work. There might be politics at work. People pulling each other down to score in bosses’ eyes, but you don not have to worry about it. You are doing your maths right.

You see yourself writing a history paper. History is not always pleasing. This dream decodes that you had or going to have a long unpleasant relationship with the opposite sex.

Do you know how to drive a car? When was the real-life driving test you gave?

Seeing yourself taking a Driving test in your dream.

It is related to your career or love life. This means you have less control on which direction your love life and career path are going. So, in waking life you have to figure out who is the boss and try to be in decision making position.

Seeing yourself Giving a good presentation to an audience.

Audience can be your colleagues, old friends, unknown people, no faces. It means you are completely prepared on whatever assignment you have in hand and can present and share your plan and idea with everyone around.

What is tougher appearing for the exam or telling your score to your parents?

When you dream about disclosing your score to you r parents in dream means you have no fear of failure and irrespective of being jugged you will share it with family. You do not expect family to be judgmental, and if its about solving family conflict then you are open to discuss it.

You see your result specially your score in your dream, if you remember that till you wake up then you must focus on the numbers you saw. If you are content with the numbers, its good otherwise you are over expecting from yourself.

It also means that you are doing well in your waking life, you are being strong and facing challenges head on. When you see yourself giving exam means you want to prove your capabilities to those who do not trust you.

Failing in your exam or scoring low than your expectation.

Is about your unrealistic expectations with yourself. So, tune with your capabilities and keep reachable goals.

When you see yourself writing the exam

It means you are being hard on yourself. You self-criticize a lot, lack of confidence might just sneak in. rather than criticizing yourself it’s better to re-calibrate your expectations from yourself. Plan before you act.

To understand and analyse the challenges in waking life, meditation of finding some quite me time are good ideas.

If you see yourself running late for the exams, meetings or presentations

This means you are feared of the unexpected. Which is completely understandable, if we consider current time. When we do not know what to expect, no one has seen such times earlier.

This is from me for today. Exam is part of life. The format will differ. The method of evaluation and evaluator will change. Keep giving your 100%, and till the time you are content with your efforts and results you are emerging a winner already. Compete with yourself, to make yourself better than what you were yesterday. Rest will fall in place.

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  1. Tina Acharya

    It really happens to me. You know what once i used to dream that I failed in exam and now I dream that my son has written anything in exams… Beautifully articulated.

  2. Arushi Seth

    Wow. I often dream that my exams have come and i have not studied all year and thus, I am not prepared. Interesting post

  3. Simrit Bedi

    I was always a good student but used to be so scared during exams that I hardly used to sleep at night 🙈

  4. Urvashi

    This is amazing decoding of dreams. I have never seen exams but I do see some criminals who I am fighting as a cop. Any interpretation? Am I sane

  5. Sindhu Vinod Narayan

    This is one of the most common dreams that people get and one that I haven’t. Insightful post.

  6. Sonia Chatterjee

    I used to have this dream that I ran out of pens or ink during exams. Usually happened during some major exams like the boards.

    1. Annie Arora

      I have past the school age but I still sometimes get these dreams! Because these things are dug deep inside. A very interesting read !

      1. Ujjwal Mishra

        Even my husband has these very often, you might be setting very high goals for your self and keeping judging yourself. go easy on yourself 🙂
        Glad you stopped.

  7. Prakhar Kasera

    I have failed many exams, but never dreamt of failing them. In fact whenever I dreamt of sitting in exam halls, I always dreamt of topping them and in reality I always failed the next exam. :p

  8. Pooja Budhiraja

    Yes missing exams wala dream had also happened with me. I still thank that it was a dream.

  9. Kinshoo Agrawal

    That’s an interesting analysis of exams in dreams. I have seen i am late for something, don;t remember exactly if it is exams.

  10. Vashi

    Im amazed how our dreams carry so much more meaning & we usually brush them aside. Very insightful. And exam time used to be a waking mind in sleep for me. Hyper active thoughts!

  11. Sundeep

    Though I was a meritorious student throughout my life, I always dreaded exams. So much so I would not want to face the exams and sometimes would think of doing something really bad to avoid exams. The blog is bringing all the nightmares in front of my eyes but as you said the key is to give your 100% and move on.

  12. Sandy N Vyay

    The interpretation of dreams is a really fascinating subject. Exams are probably the worst nightmares in most people’s lives. They do make their appearance in some form or the other in dreams, highlighting some or the other anxious moments in our lives.

  13. Saumya Chaudhary

    I dreamt of this a lot and then you wake up realise Everything is OKay .

  14. Rahul Prabhakar

    In our country, we only teach our children about success not failure. I believe that unless you learn about failure completely, you cannot be a well-rounded individual. Failing in exams is not necessarily a bad thing.

    1. Ujjwal Mishra

      Indeed. It’s a fun series to interpret dreams. So faling in exam in dreams isn’t that bad either.

  15. Abha Singh

    I had this exam dream many time and most of the I wasn’t able to reach the exam venue on time. Interesting post.

  16. Gunjan Upadhyay

    This is really awesome, I never knew dreams related to exams could mean so much. I always thoughts it’s all for the stress but now I know. Really fun and interesting post.

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