You are currently viewing Hostages Season 2, treat to watch on Disney + hotstar #Honest #Unsponsered Views

Hostages Season 2, treat to watch on Disney + hotstar #Honest #Unsponsered Views

As a viewer I am sharing my review about Hostages Season 2 review. We have been sitting at home since March 2020. Covid has given us many good things, if you don’t believe me have a look on this. Along with all that, came a lot of free time to binge watch. And OTT platforms made sure that they keep brewing original and fresh content for the wider audiences. Honestly, not just me but many of my acquaintances agree to the fact that during the lockdown their petrol and shopping expenses might have gone down however the broadband and subscriptions of OTT’s has considerably filled that gap. Hence finally no savings 🙁

Anyways that is not the topic of discussions right now. I have watched Hostages Season 2, on Disney + Hotstar.

And here I am to share my views about it. what I liked and what I didn’t like much.

Hostages Season 2

Season 2 Director : Sudhir Mishra

No of Episodes :12


The story continues from where it left us in part one. You can watch the Season 2 even if you haven’t watched hostages season 1, however at couple of places you will be in doubt. Like where this character came from, who is she, how do they know Prithvi Singh etc.

The story is simple a passionate and loving husband and father, is ready to go to any extend to save his family.

Prithvi Singh is a decorated and just a week ago retired SP ATS. Plans to escape the country with the hostage a VVIP politician the chief Minister of state Khushwant Lal Handa. But his well-rehearsed and planned operation is spoiled by greed.

People who want the chief minister to be killed at any cost. There is a larger conspiracy which no one is aware about. A larger conspiracy which includes huge corporates, terrorists and even extreme ideologists.

While Prithvi is busy to come out of the unpredictable circumstances, Shikha an investigating officer goes behind details that no one is interested exploring it.

Will Prithvi save his family? Will CM be retrieved by the forces? What will happen to shikha? Why is Ayesha not convinced about the story shown to her? What exactly is the conspiracy?

These any many such questions will be answered in an action packed 12 Episode series Hostages season 2.

Hostages 2 Cast

Ronit Bose Roy as Prithvi Singh – Protagonist

Sharp, experienced, sensitive and successful Police officer, Prithvi Singh. Retires from SP ATS role. There is a past of his wife, which connects her to CM KL Handa. On duty as well as off-duty its his empathy and compassion for humans irrespective of their deeds, earns him many loyal and trust worth associates. These people help him in executing various tasks required for the mission to succeed.

Hostages season 2

Ronit Bose Roy, needs no introduction. We all have been his fan for decades now. He emotes most of the emotions through his eyes and expression. Ronit smoothly changes shoes of a rude kidnapper and a caring husband effortlessly.

Divya Dutta as Ayesha Khan – Negotiator

Divya Dutta has won us over in many roles may it be Delhi-6, Bhaag Milkha Bhag or Stanley ka dabba. She leaves an impression; this role gives us an awesome Divya Dutta. Right from the first scene, she makes an impression. Even Ayesha’s boss agrees that she can negotiate with anyone and in any situation.

Hostages season 2

Ayesha is the one who has a strong gut feeling and extreme understanding of human nature and behaviour, physical as well as psychological. Very strong character, which makes her presence felt in all 12 episodes.

Dino Morea as Ranbir – Antagonist

Ranbir is strategist come henchman, for the big shot General International.

He is absolutely evolved from his 1999 Bollywood debut movie ‘Pyaar mein kabhi kabhi’. In this movie we have seen Dino as a cute and innocent Siddhant.

Ranbir is anything but that. He is crooked, mean and a cold-blooded murderer.

Hostages season 2

Ranbir never thinks twice before killing any one may it be of any age.

Dino does complete justice to the character. The moment he comes on the screen you want to hate him for his meanness. His eyes and smile let you know that he is Satan. Comes in late, but makes space among powerful actors like Divya and Ronit.

Shweta Basu Prasad as Shikha – The only one who pursues and unravels the conspiracy 

I honestly didn’t understand where she works. But she is a very hardworking, headstrong and gritty person. Being abused by her reporting manager, she handles herself and doesn’t loose the focus from her case. Her boss goes to an extreme of making her visit a psychiatrist, who can convince her that what ever she thinks is a conspiracy is actually games of her own mind. Her only motto is ‘truth must come out’ and for that she doesn’t even care about her life.

At the end she unscrambles the entire game.

Shweta has performed with complete honesty. You can feel her as shikha. The character is complicated, but Shweta takes care of it. I have seen her as a child actor in ‘Makdee’, she knows acting better than many known names in the industry.

Dalip Tahil as CM K L Handa- Hostage

K L Handa is the only hostage in season 1 as well as season 2. An astute politician. He can convince even his enemy that he is a well-wisher. When his past comes in his present his life goes upside down. And believe me even when he is a Hostage, you don’t pity or empathise with his condition for once.

I remember Dalip Tahil as Madan Chopra from the movie Baazigar. He performs the role of Handa effortlessly. The mean politician, who is not ready to give up and tries every plan to get away from his kidnappers.

My Take

The story is unbelievable but interesting. The intrigued conspiracy keeps you hooked till the end. Episode after episode you want to know what exactly will happen next. You will be involved with Prithvi, Ayesha and shikha and will follow their thoughts closely.

For me it is an unpredictable, on the edge gripping drama.

Hostages season 2 gives us many strong female characters. Sarah, Hyma, Mrs. Handa, Ayesha and Shikha. They all are the pivotal characters of the story.

Story loopholes:

There are couple of unbelievable situations. Where the hero can get out unscratched, it happens only in fiction.

In an episode when kidnapping happens of a kid from new SP ATS house. The local police know it but his own boss and colleagues are absolutely unaware of the situation. Is one unrealistic part.

You can see model Shibani Dandekar in all posters and trailers, but beleive me the role or character is not at all important for the storyline. Shikha or Ayesha would have made a difference in the trailer.

Not going in detail as it may spoil the story for you. But still these can be ignored in the flow of events.


Not like a thriller. The music couldn’t create an impact during suspense or action scenes.

Overall Rating

4 and half STAR the half star is for women power

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  1. Subu M

    Great stuff and I’m a fan of the cast as it is. The storyline and season is gripping. Great feature on this one.

  2. Chaitanya Lele

    I have just finished season 2 and found this review. While reading your review blog I thought I am reading my own thoughts about the second season. About the characters I think everyone has played there part up to the T. Never the less I am completely agree with you that the character played by shibani dandekar is not at all important and she has shown her acting skills one in one scene if you know what I mean 😜😜. Rather other female characters are more powerful then her.

    1. Ujjwal Mishra

      Thanks for stopping by, glad you liked it.

  3. Cindy Dsilva

    Oh wow good actors are in this show. Chal I will put this also on my list of things to watch when free.

  4. Surbhi prapanna

    I agree with lockdown our binge watching time has increased. Loved your honest review. The star cast of this series is looking really impressive. I had not watched season one too…will explore both season for sure. Sounds interesting to me.

  5. Sundeep

    Season 1 had left everyone curious about what happens next! And I really need to know what happened to CM Handa. And good to see the new dynamic star cast. I am going to start watching the second season from today only

  6. Seema Bardeskar

    Disney+hotstar is mostly watched at our place given that our family has people of all three generations and this show has been our fav in Season 1. Need to watch Season 2 now tk know what happened next.

  7. Dr. Rahat Sayyad

    Thats a gripping story line. Huge fan of thriller and suspense and this one has ticked all the boxes from actors to story line.

  8. Manisha Garg

    Have seen the Season 1 of this and was planning to watch the Season 2 this week. Your review is honest and makes me look forward to watch it.

  9. Ishieta

    To be honest, with a starcast like this, they can tell me its make believe story and I will happily watch it!
    The fact that despite a few unbelievable situation you have still enjoyed the program is high praise in itself for the show

  10. Shagufta

    I had seen a few episodes of season 1 when it was shown on TV (in the beginning of lockdown). Somehow I didn’t find it quite gripping and left it. Though I liked Ronit and the beautiful lady who played doctor (keep forgetting her name) but still loose story doesn’t take me back.

  11. Hansa Kajaria

    You have shared a genuine review. The start cast of the show is very talented and my husband n I I enjoy nail biting suspense n thriller shows to binge watch so this is for sure gonna be on our weekend binge watch list.

  12. Mrinal Kiran

    I liked the first season… It was a good watch! This looks good too! Thank you for sharing your review… I will watch it! 🙂

  13. Rahul Prabhakar

    I liked that you rated this series high because of women power. I will surely watch Hostage 2 basis your recommendation.

  14. Pratibha

    Wow that’s well written review, I really admire Ronit Roy’s acting skills

  15. Amritha Srinath

    Hostages Season 1 was a hit and I have loved watching it. Tonight after the IPL, I shall be watching season 2, thanks to your intriguing review.

    1. Ujjwal Mishra

      Once you watch it do let me know how did you like it?

  16. Jenifer

    I have not seen season 1 , but now am intrigued to watch both seasons.
    Thanks for your honest review.

  17. Raksha

    Hotstar has such amazing and interesting shows. Hostages seems like another awesome show and I will try to catch the season 1 and 2 over the next weekend.

  18. Pallavi Watermarks

    I had seen season 1 and loved the plot ,after reading your review im definitely adding this in my list.

  19. Aritro Chattopadhyay

    Ronit roy has been my favourite since Kyunki Saas bhi kabhi bahu thhi aired on TV. Good to see him active on OTT.

  20. Snigdha

    Seems like a great watch. I love Ronit Roy acting. Will watch out this .

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