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Is your dream trying to tell you about a future incident? #atozchallenge

Today many news reports and researches are showing that during the Covid-19 times, people all across the world are having very vivid, realistic and memorable dreams. More people are having dreams where they are able seeing corona virus.

All this is because of too much exposure about news and high level of emotions. This is fuelling the conscious as well as subconscious mind. Plus, the sleeping time has increased, people can get up late in the morning. Due to this REM cycle is extended and people are able to remember dreams.

Is your dream predicting future?

This has always been an intrigue question. Psychologist, sleep experts as well as researchers differ in their opinion.

Dreams are generated from our subconscious. It is widely believed that our subconscious is more powerful than our conscious mind. When we are in dream state, we are more receptible to new ideas or information. We are even open to explore and deep dive into challenging situations. Which we might not explore in waking life.

As many as 15-20 % people say that they had precognitive dreams. It means dreams that predicted events before they happened. It might be coded. Not as clear rather in symbolic form. That is why we should check interpretations of our dreams and try to understand till we have time in hand.

I once had such a dream, but it was too late before I understood it. We were going through first year of our engineering and ragging was very new to us. Our hostel was separate from the college hostel and seniors were very good and friendly. One of the rowdy girls from college hostel was transferred to our hostel and she influenced all the seniors to start ‘disciplining the juniors’.

While all this was going on, one night I dreamt that she is lying dead, that senior. Wrapped in white cloth, cotton balls in her nose. Just lying in our hostel lobby and no one was either crying or attending her body. Not even her room mates. Everyone was behaving as if it doesn’t matter to them.

I woke up with lingering thoughts about this. Obviously, I didn’t tell it to anyone. Until one day after a week, our patience broke about all this discipline and we complained to our warden who was a very good and genuine lady. She took immediate action against her and at that point no one from the seniors came to this girl’s rescue. She even faced wrath from principle, suspended from hostel as well as barred from college for a month.

That is when I realized what my dream meant. Now I do not ignore my dreams.

Precognitive dreams are rare however it makes sense if you could understand them at a right time.

I you are fond of comedy movies and have watched the Bollywood movie ‘Fukrey’ you know that dreams can tell or predict future. If decoded properly and on time. The movie shows us both dreams being predicted correctly as well as incorrectly and the circumstances follows.

It’s a fun movie to watch and as we are on this topic and we are locked down you can catch up.

Enjoy, have fun. Sleep more. Dream more. If you remember them interpret them.

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  1. Noor Anand Chawla

    That’s quite crazy! Never thought of the power of our subconscious in that way!

  2. Roma

    You won’t believe Ujjwal but all through my life I have had precognitive dreams or premonitions I call them, I totally forget about them until months later they happen n I can recall

  3. Roma

    I can so relate buddy because I have premonitions too and have seen them coming true


      This is fascinating!! I agree with you that dreams do tell us something about the future.

  4. Simrit Bedi

    Wow ! I never knew that our subconscious mind could predict future too! Very interesting post Ujjwal.

  5. Anagha Yatin

    I have a vivid memory of such dreams that foretold the future. They were cryptic and as you said, I understood their meaning only in hindsight. Can it be the case of the cosmic forces trying to project the picture on the mind screen of the brain that is tuned to the frequency of those forces? Or just plain divine intervention? What it must be, I wonder.
    – Its I for “Important Question” at

  6. Arushi Seth

    I sometimes feel i had either dreamt or had premonitions> i never remember them till that thing happens and i wonder why is it happening again. Strange. Lovely post

  7. Gurjeet Chhabra

    Many times, I felt the same. This has happened before or it was in my dream.

  8. Sindhu Vinod Narayan

    I’ve not seen future events in dreams but I’ve experienced deja vu. As for I haven’t watched the movie but seems interesting from your post so will check it out.

  9. Kinshoo Agrawal

    Oh yes my mom and my husband had precognitive dreams like you and fukrey.. it’s mostly about interpretation.

  10. Tamara

    What do you think your dream wanted to tell you? Did you save her life by talking to the warden, because otherwise that girl might have suffered revenge from the juniors?

    I once dreamed “out of the blue” that my then boyfriend got together with another woman. I told him about it, and he was like “Her? Noooo, don’t worry.” Guess what. Six month later he moved out to be with her.

    My I is about International Organizations based in Geneva, Switzerland. I threw in a good portion of sightseeing, too.

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