You are currently viewing Jasmine builds on shifting sands, a self-help fiction with e-micro learning courses embedded. Book Review

Jasmine builds on shifting sands, a self-help fiction with e-micro learning courses embedded. Book Review

Book Review: Jasmine Builds on Shifting Sands: A Self-Help Fiction

Genre: Self-help Fiction

Publisher: ConsciousLeap

Total Pages: 134

Author: Sanjay Desai

About the Author:

Sanjay is an entrepreneur and an ex-banker, an alumnus of IIM Bangalore and a Chartered Accountant. During his successful career, Sanjay has been integrating the essence of a parallel spiritual journey with his material pursuits. He has now set out to share the ways and means of seamlessly traversing through the material and spiritual world. thereby enriching each journey.

Book Review:

Book Cover:

The cover could have been better. You can not make out anything about the story through the cover. If the cover has a model or young girl and kedarnath valley or something like that it would have been an advantage to the book. Honestly, you can not make out from the cover how amazing this book is. Basically, it unrelatable to the storyline.


There are 2 plots that are intertwined. One is spiritual journey of the Author through Kedarnath valley, to find answers and take guidance from his guru.

To answer his questions and to pacify this curiosity, his guru hands him a journal. It is story about Jasmine.

And other plot is the story of Jasmine. A studious girl, who accidentally lands into the fashion industry. Sets wrong goals and gets into self-doubt. She meets amazing people. And They just like a guru never leave her side. She has friends and guides like Prasad, who is a expert makeup man. Bala who is a renowned photographer. Sarojadevi, who is here dance guru and most importantly the one who binds all of these Ms. Shaheen. She had unfettered trust on the qualities that jasmine, most of the times even more than Jasmine herself.

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My Take:

I generally do not pick the self-help books, because they are less entertaining. My favourite are fiction. I picked up this book as it’s a combination of both, plus I though this would be a great way to be friends with self-help book. And believe me It didn’t fail me.

The book offers 4 e-microlearning courses. Which if you do right after you reach that page, will be more beneficial.

The story of Jasmine has similar ups and downs like all of us. This book talks about self-acceptance. How can we learn from past experiences and do better in life. Making a goal, planning out strategies to reach that goal with a focus and belief that you can manifest it into reality.

The book has many great examples and stories, so that the reader can easily grasp the concept.

What I loved-

The language is simple

The narration is very relatable. The story and dilemma of the Author and that of the protagonist Jasmine helps us understand about our dreams and importance of manifesting them.

Prologue and Epilogue are the real game changers. Do not miss it.

What can be better-

A little more editing. There are a few spelling and grammatical mistakes which could have been avoided.

You can get this book on Amazon as a paperback as well as Kindle version.

Thanks to BlogAdda, who offered me this book for review.

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  1. Jenny Pink

    I’m very much like you, I pick up fiction and can’t even count on one hand how many self help books I’ve read in my life. But glad to see you enjoyed this one!

  2. Gurjeet Chhabra

    This seems interesting book , I am also fiction book lover. Really like to read it.

  3. Sundeep

    I love reading self help books. And this book looks interesting I would love to read this book. Thanks for sharing the review about this book

  4. Hansa Kajaria

    I’ve read this book and liked how beautifully the author has woven a fiction story around self help. The book is an easy and an interesting read.

  5. sonam jain

    I have never read a fictional book on self help.. this seems to be interesting one. can wait to start reading

  6. Seema Bardeskar

    A self help books sounds very interesting as I’ve never read one. I’ve read a few reviews and this book seems to be a great one to start with…

  7. Amritha Srinath

    Thanks for the review. I loved reading this book too. It has been a pleasure reading this amazing blend of fiction and non-fiction. I would love to read your other book recommendations too.

  8. Monidipa

    The book sounds good, It seemed like I have read this story somewhere. Good review though.

  9. Jenifer

    I am reading this book review second time & now am eager to read this. I liked the plot & want to know about Jasmine’s story.

  10. Rahul Prabhakar

    I would love to read this book about self help and discovery. In any case, Jasmine’s story of making the wrong choices and finding the right people rings a bell on a personal level as well.

  11. Akanksha Singh

    I also don’t like to read self help books.. I feel all of them mostly tell you the same thing again and again

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