How are you keeping yourself Cool this Summer???

This summer temperatures are soaring, and creating new records every day. hottest April after 12yrs was the recent headlines. 40, 42, 45… looking like it’s not going to stop anytime soon. The orange Alert has already been issues by the weather department. Here are few simple tips to keep you cool.

Traditional drinks:

Sticking to healthy and traditional summer coolers is a great way. They keep the internal system and body temperature in control. Moreover we have so many great options we have aam panna, lassi, shikanji, bel sherbet, kokum sherbet, sugarcane juice. All has a variety of taste and can be made with seasonal or readily available ingredients. Was about to say pocket friendly but immediately the rising cost of lemons got my attention.


Make popsicles:

Making popsicles is an easy and fun way to spend some quality time with kids making them.

You can use various fruit yogurts add a little granola and small fruit pieces and freeze them.

I remember when we were kids we used to make rasna and put them in kulfi moulds and make popsicles out of them.

My kids love to make and eat the home make watermelon and mango popsicles. You can find raw mango and mint, watermelon and lemon and many new and innovative receipies all over the internet.

Proper clothing and eating:

Avoid oily and heavy food, rather go with more of dairy or fresh fruit or vegetable salads. Fat rich food will make you warmer and generate more energy in digestion.

Summers are not for synthetic clothes. Keep them aside unless you want to have skin rashes due to heat and sweat. Go for loose fitting, light and calm color cotton ware. We have enough fashion brands with this typical selection.

Apart from these simple things there are a few more tips for betterment of not only you but for environment too. Such heatwaves are not good or earth as well as other living beings.

  • Keep the Airconditioner at a moderate temperature if you need to keep it on for longer period, else getting out and coming back in the controlled environment can do more harm than doing well.
  • Keep a bowl of water in balcony or out of your gate for birds and stray animals, water is source of life for everyone. There is no great ‘punya’ than giving someone water.
  • Keep a spray bottle and spray water on leaves of indoor plants at least once in the day.
  • And if you have no compelling reason stay indoors, it’s the simplest way to save yourself from the scorching sun. because the sun can leave you dehydrated and can even give you migraine and other problems too.

And be happy, ever problem has solution. Summer is not all that bad, we have mangoes to compensate the heat. So go ahead make you mango shake and add some ice-cream to it!!!!

If you want to check out recipes for Satu-sherbet, kokum-sherbet, aam panna the straight way head to one of my old posts!! click here for cool summer drink recipes.

If you are looking for some fresh content to read, head to for stories, poems and much more by my dear friends Meenal Sonal of Auraofthoughs.

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  1. MeenalSonal

    These are some cool tips to keep oneself stay hydrated in summers and we also choose light colors for summer wear.
    And thanks a lot for showing support for our new blog Dhoopchaanv

  2. Alpana Deo

    Summer is bad this year in India. And as you said, we should consider staying indoors as much as possible. Fresh juices are always my first choice. And yes, I remember making Rasna popsicles.🙂

  3. Harjeet Kaur

    All ideal tips for summer, Ujjwal. But the heat really saps you. I really like nimbu pain and you are si right about the expensive lemons >:) Just this morning I made aam panna to beat the heat. Also, I made some yoghurt and mango sorbet or ice cream.

  4. Surbhi Prapanna

    Great tips Ujjwal. we need to take extra care of hydration and diet during summer to keep ourselves healthy . healthy summer drinks are great in this aspect. lemonade and aam pana are my all time favorite.

  5. Thanks for sharing these tips to keep cool during Summers. Keeping hydrated well is very much essential for everyone.

  6. Noor Anand Chawla

    Delhi had a huge storm last night and so the weather has cooled for a bit but before it was deathly hot! These are all great ideas to beat the heat – especially making popsicles!

  7. sonu chouhan

    Much needed information to beat the delhi and north part of india is under it.these tips will work as rescue for us.

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