You are currently viewing Lost in a cemetery or a mountain? stranded on road? lost handbag or money? Of course in your dreams!! #AtoZchallenge

Lost in a cemetery or a mountain? stranded on road? lost handbag or money? Of course in your dreams!! #AtoZchallenge

I remember as a child, once I got lost at a busy interstate bus stand. Following a lady wearing an exact same saree as my mom. I followed her and was about to board a bus with her, when she turned back . I got scared that I remember the complete incident and even my mom’s saree which I followed vividly. Glad that my mom was alert and spotted me before my fate would have turned to worst. I was hardly 10 or 11 then.

The emotions of being shocked, fear, uncertainty, surprise, upset, sad, lost literally area all same when you get lost in your dreams.

As we are talking about being lost in your dreams, we will even talk about what it means to lose your precious little things in dreams. Loosing items, loosing people, searching them, finding them and even you are being lost. If we must generalize these dreams about ‘something lost’ it is a sign of profit.

Few interpretations are pretty simple like:

Lost in a cemetery:

It sounds very weird and scary right, however its not that odd. You are going to find an everlasting friendship or in fact you are already in one.

Lost in Park or Lost on an Island:

you already are at a beautiful place and are not in a rush to go back and search for your way back, it suggests that you are at peace. Lots of peace of mind.

Lost in mountain trail:

What can be better than getting lost in the nature. This means good luck and good health.

Lost in Snow:

It means although you are enthusiastic and positive you have some doubts in your mind about your future.

Lost in Sand:

This can be a sign of being jealous and suspicious in your real life.

Lost on the Road:

Lost on the road has different and contradictory meanings. It depends on your current life scenarios. When you get lost on the road it means you are free of worries and take any path you like to lead a happy life.

The road on which you are lost is straight, it means monetary gains are in picture.

If the road is rough and through village area it means a setback or accident.

When you find yourself lost in a garden or orchard it means a very fruitful and pleasant life awaits you.

You are lost and the weather is bad:

As bad as it sounds, this dream surely doesn’t indicate to anything positive. When you are lost and trying to figure out your way to come to a known place and the weather is bad, it means that the decisions you are taking and not in right direction and more to this that these decisions are not going to help you accomplish  your goals.

Lost in sea:

Sea, river or any type of water body or in fact water implies out emotions. They are free flowing and endless. Getting lost in sea means you are feeling ignored or unheard. Your thoughts and opinions are not being considered seriously.

If you can relate and fee that is the case in waking life, then take a stand for yourself and push your opinions ahead, make them Heard.

Losing a loved one in your dream:

I am a mother now and I can understand that what my mother would have gone through in the moment she couldn’t find me at that crowded bus stand. It is scary, very scary.

Dreaming about losing your child is very common in dream, yet it can disturb you even when you get up next day. If it’s your own child who gets lost and you are searching for him or her implies that you are overworked, overburdened and are worried about something, you know what it is.

In your dream a child is lost but have not seen the face means it is your inner child, it represents your own anxiety. Give yourself some peaceful time.

Getting Lost in school:

If it’s for a child who is still studying in school makes sense and is related to his conscious and subconscious thoughts, culminating into dreams, but if you are someone who has left school decades ago and still having such dreams, has very interesting interpretations.

You are in school and are unable to locate your classroom:

This signifies that your have work related anxiety, you have too many things on your plate and you need to figure out a way to make them work.

You are in school and do not know which way to go:

This means you have trust issues with your peers. Work towards transparency in communication and make your work environment better and less docile.

Trying to get back home but are unable to do so:

You know the route, you are going towards your home but there is no end to it, its just going far away. In the dream world Home means a lot more than just a shelter or property. Home is more of content, satisfaction and comfortable feeling. Where you feel secured, loved and heard.

Such dreams mean that you need change in life, the path which you have taken is not leading you there.

Its better to listen to yourself than others and take decisions accordingly.

Loosing handbag:

We all know what our handbags mean to us. It’s like a treasure, finding out a particular thing from it is a treasure hunt. It has all the important stuff, Necessities without which you cannot do.

Losing a handbag means you are not paying enough attention to your important stuff. You need to reprioritize your things. This can be a warning of loosing something important. Important papers, jewels or something like that.

Losing money is not as bad as it sounds, yes. If you lose money in your dream. You accidentally drop it, lost in a bet or a casino it is a symbol that more is going to come back your way and you are going to be rich.

The basic of most of the dreams is stress and anxiety in real life. The dreams become recurring because we generally ignore these as work pressure rather than resolving it. Being lost is not at all a happy feeling. Dream of getting lost or losing someone are in fact very upsetting and unsettling.

As a break from your over working from home you can binge on a series called LOST. It has 6 seasons and 121 episodes in total. My brother has watched the entire series thrice when he was doing his PG in UK. It has an interesting plot and has many mysterious elements. The series has an edge of sci-fi as well as supernatural phenomena. It is a good watch for people who like thriller and suspense drama. It is rated as one of the greatest television series of all times by critics.

Stay tuned, tomorrow we explore what money and dreams means to us. Good or Bad omen?

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  1. Sonia Dogra

    I started with this one and got so engrossed that I kept tossing from one to the other. I don’t remember losing as such but failing in exams and falling and eerie dreams. I’ve had all of them. Thanks for all the interpretations.

    1. Ujjwal Mishra

      Glad that the blogs kept you hooked and I hope the interpretation are useful too 🙂

      1. Urvashi

        Luckily I haven’t been lost in dreams. But your explanations do ease some scare as it is not always bad to be lost. Loving this series

  2. Arushi Seth

    Wow. Very interesting. I would like to keep all these interpretations handy for referring later 🙂

    1. Ujjwal Mishra

      That why I am collating them in this challenge, hope its useful for many 🙂

      1. Sundeep Bhatia

        Some of the worst nightmare I had as a kid came to surface after reading this blog. So much fun. I read it 2-3 times.

        1. Ujjwal Mishra

          Humbled by your comments. glad you stopped by.

  3. Prakhar Kasera

    I have had some related dreams a lot many times. Thanks for the interpretation, have now a bit clearer thought about my dreams.

  4. Jenifer

    Thankfully until now , I haven’t dreamed of anything Lost and pray the same always.
    Ur post is very good though.

  5. Sandy N Vyay

    Dreams have their own meanings and interpretations too. I have known someone who used to wake up and jot down his dreams, as you tend to forget them in the morning.

  6. Vashi

    Your dream interpretations make my mind boggle & curious simultaneously. Love to read them. And Yes i have watched Lost too twice; equally mind blowing & amazing .. though end leaves you in a fix.

      1. Ujjwal Mishra

        oops…that wasn’t the purpose rather it was to find yourself in dreams 🙂

  7. Abha

    In my dreams sometimes I wasn’t able to reach home. Now I know what it means. I really needed break from my daily routine that’s why I saw that kind of dream.

  8. Aritro Chattopadhyay

    Oh these dreams keep on intervening my mind and I dunno why I love residing in it, temporarily.

  9. Rahul Prabhakar

    Thanks for this lovely blog post! Losing a loved one in a dream or reality. That sounds awful!!! I have dreamt about losing love and the thought of that dream still makes me feel sad.

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