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Love – The Reason, The Treason and The Pull Off

The day has risen well, bright sunlight. Very rare in mountains during winters. But the day is clear than expected, considering the Blizzard at night. Mahi was awake. I don’t know when did she get up. She was sitting at the window, looking towards her home. She was longing to see her loving parents, or may be its just my thought.

“Happy Birthday, Mahi”, I said breaking her stream of thoughts. She just smiled meekly. “you want to get back to home and speak to your mom and dad?”, I said in an insisting tone. Even I wanted answers. She stood up, ready to go back home.

When we reach the main gate, It opened up automatically. Magic, now I know the answer. When we reach the living room.  Manav, Anokhi, Mr. Pandey and the cat turned women Miss. M were aggressively discussing something. Anokhi and Mr. Pandey were saying, “It’s time we tell her”. And the other two were, insisting that she is young and vulnerable to be told the truth. I don’t have to be a genius to know that they are talking about mahi.

I loudly cleared my throat, to get their attention and to let them know that even we are here. Manav and Anokhi ran towards Mahi. Manav was profusely apologizing to her for spoiling her birthday. He loves her very much; she is apple of his eyes. Anokhi also loves Mahi, no doubt about it. But daughters have a special bond of love with fathers. Anokhi with folded hands was thanking me for keeping Mahi safe, without asking her any questions.

I actually wanted to ask many questions; I still do. But yesterday before I could recover from the shock of seeing a real-life witch waving her wand, she had already left.

“But I have many questions mom. Dad, are you guys still going to hide things about who am I.” urged Mahi. “I don’t even know who my parents really are”, she continued. “Sit sweetheart, we will tell you now”, Manav said giving her a glass of water.

“By the way, where were you yesterday Manav. you were not there waving wands.” I innocently asked to which Miss M frowned. Ignoring her was my best option.

“I was inside the house, taking care of the injured. I am a common human being like you. No special power, No magic.” He declared

Anokhi hugged him saying “Aww… Don’t say that, you have the greatest power of love and compassion” They both smiled.

“So what’s your story?”, I asked in a mood of interrogation

“Will tell you all, first lets all celebrate 13th Birthday of Mahi.” Declared Miss M

Its so easy for people with magic, to prepare for the party. Right from dressing up to decoration all was ready in a wave.

Mahi was back to her parents, although she was confused but she was happy to be home.

Mahi was super excited to give her the birthday gift. It was a Wand. Both Manav and Anokhi together gave that to her. Mahi was taken aback, with her new identity.

“What? A wand? Is it for me? I don’t know how to use it, I am no witch.”, she said with lot of confusion.

It’s Okay dear. I am here, your dad is here. we will tell you all, Anokhi said confidently and lovingly.

More than Mahi, I am keen to know the story and be part of it.

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  1. Deepika Sharma

    Me too i am keen to know the story and be part of it. Wonderful narration
    Deepika Sharma

  2. Anita Sabat

    Mahi is a witch?
    Reminds me of the special powers of Sabrina & Harry Potter.
    It will take a while, butt they’ll figure out.
    Well expressed, Ujjwal.

  3. Srivalli Rekha

    Ah, a story of urban witches and magic. I think I stumbled midway through. Will go back to the beginning and read from first. 🙂
    Good luck with the challenge.

  4. Roshan Radhakrishnan

    Loving the direction this has gone so far. Looking forward to where you take it from here.

  5. Roma

    Now I am getting a hang of it gradually, good job Ujjwal, look forward to reading it more dear

  6. Ruchi Verma

    I am loving the way this story is building up and I am waiting for more to read!!

  7. PraGun

    Wow, a magic wand on Mahi’s 13th birthday…
    hmm my boy just turned 13 and I’m sure he wishes to have a similar gift, But I’m no magical mommy… hahaha
    So now Mahi will learn to use the magic wand, interesting.

  8. Surbhi Prapanna

    I can understand how difficult it is for Mahi to deal with these kind of situation at the tender age of 13 and specially on her birthday. waiting to know more about her real identity.

  9. Navita Bhatia

    How will they reveal the reality to Mahi? How will she react? Is it a real wand? Or is there a secret behind it too? Lots of questions in mind!! Let’s see where do you take it next.

  10. Archana Srivastava

    Even I am keen to know about all the logic, mysteries behind the witch house’s doors. looking forward to the next episode.

    1. Jyoti

      Now i am slowly getting hang of this story gradually .Mysteries are going to unfold . Looking forward .

  11. Aditi Kapur

    The story is getting more and more complicated, but then you are dealing with magic and witches;)

  12. Varsh

    So Mahi has got a wand now and is going to hear her story too. Lucky girl, err, witch. This is getting interesting!

  13. Harjeet Kaur

    The intrigue continues! Dunno if Mahi is Anokhi’s daughter or if she is a witch or not. Glad to know her so-called dad is normal. Waiting to know the rest.

  14. Sindhu Vinod Narayan

    Love how your weaving it just like magic and look forward to know where it’s headed to

  15. Swati Mathur

    Does that mean Mahi also has these special more.. I am really getting excited. This is such an intriguing story loving eash party of it.

    1. Swati Mathur

      Dane here even U want to know what’s the mystery. Hope Mahi takes it well whatever it is.

  16. Roma Gupta Sinha

    I was doubting Mahi for some time now. I really am enjoying the weave now.

  17. Swati Mathur

    Samr here even I want to know what’s the mystery. Hope Mahi takes it well whatever it is.

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