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Parent’s, do we really understand them?

Mahi couldn’t decide, whether she is more excited to know her parents love story or that she is a queen and can do magic. She has seen many movies and web series about accidental princess and queens, since childhood but getting into a queen’s shoes was something else. ‘Anyways, there is still time to really get her hands dirty there’, Thought Miss Morris.

The day almost passed. After the tiring night everyone wanted to catch some sleep. After having a lavish dinner, I acted as I want to go back to my house and sleep. It is so new and exciting here, that I honestly want to stay with these magic people. God knows once I go back, they might disappear for ever, and the story will remain unfinished. I cannot stand unfinished tales. I want a closure. All these thoughts were clouding Miss. Morris.

Without Miss Morris saying so, Anokhi understood. Plus, the favour she has done last night by keeping Mahi safe, was far more than letting her stay for a night. ‘Stay with us miss. Morris!’ said Anokhi.

‘Are you sure?’, said miss Morris trying to hide her excitement. ‘Yes sure’, came the apt reply.

You can sleep in my room, said Mahi. Finally, everyone went to sleep.

The next day was clearer. In terms of weather as well as everybody’s head. After morning tea, they all gathered in the living room.

“Common, Mom. Tell me what happened next. Do you know I couldn’t sleep well? I kept on thinking about Thethoris as well as you both. Had dreams as well as nightmares. Please tell me what happened next” Mahi spoke in all her excitement.

Then Mahi Started.

After things didn’t go as per my wishes at Thethoris, we had to go to your grandmother and take her blessings to get married. Manav loves his mother a lot. After his father’s demise, she had handled him all alone as a single mother. He can never hurt her. We both were praying that at least he should not have to choose between the two most important parts of his life.

From Thethoris, we headed straight to Delhi. Manav, had already spoken to his mother, that he wants her to meet with the girl he loves. But I am not just a girl, I am a girl with magic powers. Manav, was of an opinion that we can hide it easily from his mother, as we were going to live in a different city only. Which was important for her safety too, as I was not sue how and when people of Thethoris would find me.

But I was very sure, to keep everything crystal clear with her. We cannot keep our own family in dark. I am from a family of magic and same would be part of her family in future, she must be aware.

Mahi rolled her eyes, thinking what about me? you kept me in dark for 13 years. But she was matured enough not to bring it up right now.

So, I met Manav’s mother. All was going smooth, till I told her about my true identity and also that my people are against this alliance. She politely withdrew from further discussions. Any mother who loves her child would have done the same.

Days passed. Then, she called me one day and said, you could have hidden the facts about you, but you didn’t do that. You are honest and love my son, but what about the future generation? If your people are against this alliance then how will they react when they come to know about your future kids.

I liked the way she took her time and thought about everything in detailed, rather than creating a fuss and blackmail Manav. I told her that people of Thethoris can only track me, and they cannot track my off-spring till it reached teenage.

And promised her that we will keep the child with her till then. That’s why we left you with your grandmother until last few weeks.

“Wow, I am proud of amma. She is super cool.” Exclaimed Mahi. ‘She is my mother after all’, added Manav.

The banter continued for a while till we all got up and moved ahead towards our daily activities. I think I am going to be here for next few days.

This is a fiction, written in 26 parts, as a part og BlogchatterA2Z challenge, hosted by Blogchatter. you can go to the previous chapter ot the begining.

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  1. Surbhi Prapanna

    Yes I can feel the Mahi’s emotions as she must be very confused with her own identity. belonging from a magic family is not a common and normal thing, looking forward how she will react to other future incidences.

  2. Ruchi Verma

    Looks like there is so much is waiting for Mahi to handle!!

    1. Deepika

      Mahi will have to prepare for so much more. Loving the plot
      Deepika Sharma

  3. Sindhu Vinod Narayan

    Love the fact that how she mentioned the truth and that also scored with the mother

  4. Archana Srivastava

    Each turn and twist makes me greedy to know more, this love story of ordinary humans and witches with magical power is super interesting.

  5. Varsh

    Wish one could swoosh a wand and magically make Thethoris people accept the alliance. So this is why Mahi had to stay away from her parents. Fog’s clearing up now.

  6. Swati Mathur

    Wow story is getting interesting want to know what is going to be their next step as Mahi is in her teens.

  7. Aditi Kapur

    I liked the reaction of Manav’s mother. At the same time Mahi’s future is bothering me, will she go to Thethoris?

  8. Neha

    Manav’s mother is mature and thoughtful and I think Mahi must have picked those traits. Wondering how she handles her next few weeks till things are clearer to her as well.

    1. Jyoti

      Wow story is getting interesting. I am totally looking forward for next part . What is going to be their next step as Mahi is in her teens.

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