You are currently viewing Menstural cup…….. As I have understood

Menstural cup…….. As I have understood

Menstural cup…….. As I have understood

Ohh… No matter how much you dislike or detest will be a right work your periods and the pain and discomfort it brings every month, the truth is they are an essential part of a women life. If you’re menstrual cycle is not regular it can lead to many health problems. I have been hearing about these menstrual cups for quite some time on various social media groups, so wanted to understand myself that what they exactly are, how they work, what’s are the pros and cons.
And here I’m sharing you the information I have understood, might help you in deciding what’s better for you between tampons, sanitary napkins and menstrual cup… as far as my understanding goes there is no fourth option… Please don’t say reusable homemade cloth napkin… it’s a strict NO NO for me… Honestly as a child I have used them and they break your hands while you wash them and try to get rid of those stains.

So moving on what are these cups?
A menstrual cup is a flexible device that you put inside the vagina during menstruation to collect menstrual fluid/ blood. Menstrual cups are typically made of silicone or rubber.
They come in two forms reusable and disposable, Reusable cups need to be emptied when they are full and re-placed in vagina after cleaning. Just like there are different type of Sanitary napkins depending upon how heavy the flow is, there are different sizes of menstrual cup, they basically last longer than pads or tampons. And they are absolutely leak proof. They are on a steeper side than sanitary napkins or tampons. There are several brands of menstrual cups available in the market. In retail shops as well as online stores.

They are safe however if you are using and intrauterine device like “CopperT” for birth control then you must consult a gynecologist before starting use of these cups.
It can be tedious to put these cups inside and change them or clean then once full. They can last for 12hrs. Hence they are more comfortable during travel and at work. And it also reduces solid waste. The cups hold or collect fluids instead of absorbing it like sanitary napkins. Reusable cups need utmost hygiene as they even need to be sterilize after every use.

How to use it?
To use a menstrual cup, squat with your legs apart, fold the cup using a “C fold” and gently insert the cup into the opening of your vagina at an approximate 45-degree angle until it pops open and feels comfortable. After 12 hours or less, remove the cup by grabbing the base and wiggling it down until it comes free, then dump the contents in your toilet. It may take time and practice to get used to using one, but menstrual cups are a highly sanitary and Eco-friendly means of dealing with your period.

Good things about it:

More Capacity: It has almost double capacity than a tampon or pad, they even last long.

You can have mess-free sex: I have seen most of the women generally don’t prefer Sex when they are on period, however if some on is looking forward to it, they can use the soft, disposable ones are designed with sex in mind. Apart from soft disposable ones person has to remove silicon or rubber cups.

Reduces Odours: As they are inside, they control the odour of blood that makes you conscious.

It’s safe: Safer than tampon and pas as it saves from bacterial infection and abrasion or rash both.

Things to doubt about:

It can cause irritation. To some people the thought of putting something inside your Vagina itself makes uncomfortable. If they are left for long or skin is very dry then chances of irritation are high.
It can be tough to find the right fit. They come in different sizes, so finding the perfect fit can be a challenge,

Removal can get messy — or embarrassing. The insertion is quite simple as compared to removal of the cup. Few people do it in washroom hovering over the seat that takes care of spillage also. In a sit or squat, you need to use your pelvic floor muscles to push the cup down, then reach up and grab the stem. Pinch the base to break the seal and angle the cup slightly back to keep it from spilling.

This is what I have understood, you can surely have more knowledge than me on this topic.

Please feel free to share your points as well… Open to discuss.


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