You are currently viewing Hereafter, something big and weird is about to happen, my gut says so.

Hereafter, something big and weird is about to happen, my gut says so.

It’s been a couple of weeks, since Miss. Morris paid a visit to her neighbours. Although the experience was quite weird, but good or bad that she doesn’t remember a tiny bit about it. She is completely clueless. She is going about with hey spying business.

The season of winters is just around the corner. In mountains the day gets even more shorter than in plans. The sun rarely rises in its full glory and set almost in the early evening, by 5 in the evening, lights are stitched on.

The reason for me getting so uneasy is because, the neighbourhood is getting unduly crowded. There are only 3 houses in this area. Mr. Pandey, Anokhi and mine. This region undoubtedly is very serene and beautiful, but its not on the route of the wanderlust of tourists. It’s a little off road. Unless someone specially plans to pay a visit here, there is hardly anyone. We do not have any entertainment centres or even convenience stores here, I have to go to mall road all the way to get anything. Then why do I see such a movement of strange and different people here.

By strange I mean they look like tourist, but do not behave like one. They look intrigue. Sometimes people come in groups, and wander for many many hours. There is nothing so interesting here. Their behaviour is weird. I planned to stop them and ask, who are you? Are you lost in the area?, but never actually did that.

Today morning, when I see many people. I went to Mr. Pandey to ask him if he is aware of these people. Is there any event going to take place? In Shimla many artists come to perform, but all that happen on Dusshera ground or The Ridge. But he seemed very very busy, he just said he is occupied for doing important arrangement. Arrangements about what? He is not always as weird as he seem now.

Anokhi’s garden should have been at its best due to the amazing weather, but looks like no one is taking care of it right now. Creative people, must have got occupied with their work. I though of asking Mahi, but the poor soul already is very sad.

Her 13th birthday is approaching. Her parents got her here, for celebrating the same and then convinced her to stay here. But she longs for her grandmother. Her grandmother is unable to come this time around, and hence in anger and sadness Mahi is not even going to school. Else, I have asked her if she has observed the unusual movement here.

I don’t know what is it, but I feel scared and unsafe. The people who are coming have now started staying here for more and more time. They look like some army, not soilder type army but they are gearing up for something. Something unknown to me and that’s scaring me to death. May god keep his grace on me. The scariest part is the unknown, if I know what it is I can prepare myself otherwise I can only see and suffer.

Ohh.. Poor me!!

To read the story from the start click here! I am writing this series as part of BlogchatterA2Z challenge.

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  1. Saba ladha

    It looks something big is going to get unveiled. Waiting …

  2. jaideep khanduja

    That’s going a very interesting way. Very well curated and presented story.

  3. Deepika

    Miss Morris i feel her anxiety too. So well narrted
    Deepika Sharma

  4. Surbhi Prapanna

    Now i am getting into flow of story. the shimla set up has remind me my visit to this beautiful city years ago. the unusual activities and people sounds little scary to me. looking forward to know, who these people are? and what they are doing in this beautiful city? going on next chapter to know more.

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