You are currently viewing Going back from where she started, will Miss.Morris ever get the answers?

Going back from where she started, will Miss.Morris ever get the answers?

In the meanwhile, what all happened at Anokhi and Manav’s house was surely suspicious. Miss Morris is baffled more than ever. She is waiting to see as many people she knows in the small town of Shimla to share her experience. She wanted answers’, but what she returned is with more suspicion and this time she was 100% sure.

Miss Morris has kept a camera always recording what’s happening in front of her main gate. That camera keeps recording activities 24 by 7. She is surely going to check last 24 hrs tapes, to know when and how so many people came, plus how did they leave all of a sudden. She also has a plan to speak with Mr. Pandey, to know more and get answers to her queries. Plus, she was determined to catch hold of Mahi on her way back from school, tomorrow afternoon. And ask her all the doubts she had. But wait, today is Friday and Mahi, is not going to school for next two days. It must have slipped from Miss. Morris’s mind.

While Miss Morris, slept soon after coming back home, but its was not a quite sleep. Her sleep was hijacked by a big white Persian cat, many unknown faces and unknown things.

When Miss. Morris got up, the first thought that strike her was, her gift. The huge gift, wrapped in a costly shimmery packing paper. She must see and know what have her neighbours given her. That gift box might hold key to her queries and answers to her questions.

She prepared some coffee, took scissors in her hand and headed straight away towards the gift that she has kept in the drawing room. She cut the beautiful satin ribbon, tapes and stood up to open the big box. It was a rectangle box, of at least 3 feet high. Finally, when she opened it, she couldn’t see anything inside. The box was not too heavy but considerably heavy, so she was sure there must be something inside for sure. When she peered over the box to check deeper, a beautiful fragrance started coming from the box. Within seconds the fragrance got stronger along with heavy smoke. Before Miss. Morris could get back, she already inhaled a lot of it.

Without, she understanding what really happened she found herself sleeping on the floor. ‘What am I doing here? At this hour? I should be sleeping on my bed.’, she thought to herself. And went back to her bedroom and lay fast asleep.

In the drawing room, there was no sign of any opened or packed gift box. And in Miss. Morris’s mind there was no sign of her visit to her neighbours’ house and what all she has seen. She was sleeping like a child, clueless that her memory from last few days has been wiped off. Magic, Surely!!

To start reading from the begining click here! This is a continuation of my fiction, ‘A story about Magic’ which is part of BlogchattersA2Z challenge.

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  1. Alpana Deo

    Ujjwal, I didnt know that you are participating in A2Z. I haven’t read the previous chapters but from this chapter, I can surely say that the series is going to be a bang on.
    I like to read any fiction story loud and the way you have explained the entire scene is flawless.

  2. Nikunj

    This is quite interestingly put together so far… Look forward to suspense unfolding.

    Can I dive into your device and see how it goes? Haha!


    1. Ujjwal Mishra

      Sure… 🙂 Glad you found it interesting

  3. Payel

    Ohh.. I have to go back to the previous posts to know it all..

  4. Nitisha Mathur

    Remembers? Why wouldn’t she remember?? What happened?

    1. Ujjwal Mishra

      Ohh.. I guess you missed the last 2 paras. Its magic.

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