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Moms and technology

“Mom, you don’t even know this!!!” Sagarika was tired of hearing it from her 8year old son.

She considered herself quite tech savvy, well versed with new trends and technology then why was this reaction coming!!!

It was difficult for her to understand.

Was it the rule of nature “what you give comes back to you” because she clearly remembers saying the same dialog to her mom. Most of the moms have heard it generations after generations.

Now when technology is changing with every sunrise, was she not updated with technology or that was her son’s and society’s perception towards mothers??

She was unable to forget the expressions on her 5 yr. old daughters face when she told him she is a computer science engineer, it was like WHAT ARE YOU SAYING MOM? YOU!! ENGINEER?

This time around she was hell-bent to know the reason, what and where the problem lies, why her kids consider her a noob??????

After a deep-seated analysis she could reach some conclusions

First, she herself was responsible for her child to consider her a noob, because whatever he learnt/ explored from the digital world, mobile apps, websites, he would show her and then she reacted with surprise as if it was the first time she is coming across something like this.

But as a mom she never thought her reaction to encourage their curiosity will rebound to her and was leading to changing her image in their eyes.

We as moms sometimes forget that, we are not just first teachers but first heroes or role models our kids have.

If we start playing looser every time in every walk of life, kids stop looking up to us for many things it might be a small or a big decision for that matter.

For them to consider us someone who can help them increase their knowledge or one who they can have a brainstorming session not just in technology but in every walk of life we first need to stop behaving novice in front of them.

We always make someone else a hero and take a backseat, so the connection with kids and mothers becomes limited to health and meals only. Which sometimes feels as a prick in heart but moms just carry on.

So Now on Sagrika will show the excitement in whatever her kids talk to her about but only to give more inputs to them and to increase the knowledge both ways, what about you?????

Necessity is mother of inventions but inventions can’t replace mothers 🙂

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  1. Suchi

    Every child reacts to what we behave,in front of them and learn many things from observation

  2. Seema Wadhwa

    Such a fun read. I loved the way you concluded it – Necessity is mother of inventions but inventions can’t replace mothers 🙂
    Moms are and always will be superheros

  3. Prakhar Kasera

    Even I had said that to my mom a lot many times when I was a kid, but now rather I try to tell her what it is.

  4. Abha Singh

    That’s a lovely article and an eye opener too for mothers. They are smart and capable yet sometimes unable to show this to their kids. Loved your article.

  5. Docdivatraveller

    Moms and tech go hand in hand! Imagine being 100 years back when there was no microwave to heat the food or no phones to keep us entertained on those sleepless nights!

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