You are currently viewing Money lost or found in your dreams? Let’s understand them better! #AtoZChallenge

Money lost or found in your dreams? Let’s understand them better! #AtoZChallenge

I remember many of my dreams, however I do not remember one involving money. Although in waking life I have found money and even gold chain, but never in my dreams. I used to go to school by public transport, and in bus I used to find random coins of 25 or 50 paise sometimes even a 2 rupees coin. My mother and friends always used to ask me how come its always I who find money. Once I a swimming pool where we used to practice before competitions, I found a gold chain. All of that was supposed to be deposited back to the bus conductor, pool caretaker or last option the temple donation box. That was my mother’s rule which I follow till date. She says finding money that doesn’t belong to you is not a good omen and I have passed it to my kids too.

Is it same for dreams? Is finding money or treasure in dreams a bad omen?

I understand how it feels to find treasure which you were not expecting. Finding money or wealth in dreams is a good omen. In Dreams money represents power, self-confidence and even progress in personal and professional life.

There can be many ways in which you see money in your dreams. It can be fallen on the ground, someone lending you, may be in your bank account or in any other form. Let’s understand the dreams better.

You are Holding cash in your hand:

A dream in which you are holding cash in your hand means you are reassuring yourself about your capabilities. In the waking life you might be facing a situation of self-doubt, hence this dream is prompting you to trust yourself.

Cash in your bank account:

When your see the amount of deposits in your bank account which are considerably high or satisfying then these dreams are positive dreams. It means happy times are ahead.

Whereas, if your see no money or zero money in your bank account it means all your hard work is wasted and no fruitful result will be earned. You have to figure out what’s going wrong in your waking life.

You are Lending cash:

In Your dream you are lending money to someone with an expectation on return with interest.

it means that you are over expecting. You need to work on your financial decisions and situation, you are expecting returns from places where it is not possible to make profit.

When you see yourself lending money to people without expecting anything in return.

Being a philanthropist is not possible for a person unless he has abundance. when you only give and do not expect anything in return, then it can only mean that you are headed towards financial freedom.

Counting Money:

You might be counting coins or notes in your dream. It simply means you are a creative person but due to your daily rut that creativity is not finding a way to be explored. Find some me time and get going.

Losing money in dreams:

Losing money cannot make you happy, rathe it can make you anxious, worried, stressed and unhappy. You have a lot many things in your hands in your waking life and you are rather anxious, uncertain and worried about completing task in stipulated time frames. To avoid such dreams, you can prioritise the work better and relax a bit.

You are Debt ridden in your dream:

As money means power lack of it means lack of power, when you see dreams that you have debt you know who the lender is, such dreams have a deeper meaning. It means the person who is a lender and you do not have a good relationship; these is a bitterness and it can go only if forgiveness could come in from both the side.

So, if you are holding grudges against anyone its time to forgive them and let go off your burden.

Finding money in your dream:

Money finding dreams bring happiness and self-reliance.

Money is found on the floor

When you find money on the floor it means that you are about to gain more power. It might be a promotion, or it can mean that you are going to be in the decision-making role.

Finding lot of money:

Finding a room full of gold coins or money bags means you are looking for comfort and abundance in love or relationship. It means You are looking for strong love and attention.

You found money, that belongs to someone else:

The money you have found has been claimed by someone else, means that you are overlooking a situation. Rather than overlooking, dive deep and find solutions.

If you found money that has been stolen:

It can be interpreted that although you gained power, but you do not think yourself worthy of it. You think you do not deserve it, or many be you have snatched the power from a deserving person.

Winning Money:

Who doesn’t like winning money? It needs less hard work and more of luck. Money can be one by two ways gambling or lottery; in both these cases it can be interpreted that you will be getting a good and matured advice. If you follow it, it can lead you to happiness in the form of money or otherwise.

When you inherit money or wealth:

As we talk of inheritance, it can be either a surprise or it can be ancestral or after someone’s demise. In all the cases, inheriting money means taking ahead values, boosting self-confidence and renewing life goals with financial gains.

Money always represents power. It can be good if channelized in a morally right way otherwise the damage it can do is well understood. History has seen many wars for money, its better be earned in the right way and not in Heist.

Heist reminds me of an amazing Spanish drama a heist crime thriller, Money Heist. It’s a tail of robbery. Second season is streaming on Netflix. It is critically acclaimed for its sophisticated plot, interpersonal dramas, direction, and for trying to innovate Spanish television. You can catch up this one if you are getting bored and looking for some entertainment in the lock down.

M- Midpoint of AtoZChallenge

That’s all for today, with the letter “M” we are halfway through in the AtoZchallenge, this is the 13th Post. I can’t believe I am still sticking to this considering the chaos COVID19has landed us all into. times are tough, keep yourself and your family safe. See you tomorrow with Nested Dreams, when you know it’s a dream within a dream.

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  1. Noor Anand Chawla

    Another interesting and well-researched post. I haven’t watched Money Heist as yet but I have heard good things about it.

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    How interesting!! So many inferences of seeing money in the dreams. Is there any dream recorder that I can use? Hehe. Lovely post as always

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    Another wonderful post Ujjwal. I loved watching Money eagerly waiting for the next season!

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    Very detailed and rational explanation of money in dreams. To date, I have never seen money in my dreams though.

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    Didn’t know that dream.involving money has so much detailing.
    Thank you for sharing

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    It’s remind me of a song money money .. jokes apart. I have some dream of finding money in dream in past . Now I get the answer.

  7. Archana Srivastava

    That’s so interesting detailed post about the dreams, I missed your many posts I think , will catch up all , I don remember if I saw money in dreams, but from now if I see your post is going to help me a lot Ujjwal.

  8. Roma

    I am really amused Ujjwal on the varied interpretations of the money dreams. You have ventured a very special subject


    Yet again an interesting read…and it involves money..☺️ Jokes apart…I did dreamt of money sometimes and now I know what it meant… thanks for sharing this

  10. Jyoti Arora

    Nice, I have never thought do much could be relatable to our dreams!!!thanks for sharing this !!

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    That’s interesting relation between money and power. Thanks for decoding dreams.

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