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Mutual Fund Sahi Hai… #A2ZChallenge

Some mornings are regular some bring tornadoes with them, I see today morning one with such storm. My Man has declared that he wants to get back to studies, I mean really, we are 45 now and more over once he is done with his MBA in next two years, will he get a job? Who will employ a 47-48-year-old man? I am already yet to come with terms of kids moving out for studies, now if Suvin also goes how will I manage? But he has decided, it is his long due dream to get an MBA from University of Cambridge. But I have a hidden feeling that his major agenda is to be around kids, I am not sure how things will work out.


As both our kids have gone to UK for studies, we have exhausted most of our savings, although they both got scholarships to some extent, stilling settling them in a costlier place like London isn’t easy either. And now we have to start everything again for Suvin’s studies, I have always supported in all his decisions, and I will in this too.

More than Finances I am very much concerned about me, how will I manage being alone here for so long?

Why I am not much worried about finances is, thanks to our parents who at the time of our marriage initiated two mutual funds of 500 rs per months, which in last 2 decades of our marriage we not just continued but increased the investment too, by God’s grace we never had to break them in between not even for kids’ education. So now that is what is going to help us maintain our lifestyle, isn’t it true that “penny saved is penny earned”. And including all the ups and downs of the market we are still in a position to bank upon them. Although we are not closing or dissolving them, just withdrawing a portion. We have many more dreams to complete, We are free to travel and enjoy our life. Suvin and I planned SIP’s according to our bucket list, I always wanted to go and see northern light and he always wanted to gaze at the stars.

After a few rounds at the mutual fund office, bank, visa office and completing admission formalities Suvin is all set to board a flight, although we have plan of meeting every month, lets see how much of it is practically possible. I really don’t want to tell you about the moment of bidding good bye to Suvin, as I will again start crying. He is being selfish, I am alone here. To keep me company is the Dance class, that I sometimes visit, now I don’t have stamina to be there every day and practice.

I have just reached home, and this entire house is so empty that I don’t want to sit inside, we have planned of calling my mom for company, but the company Suvin gives me cannot be replaced, anyways I wish him good luck, hope these two years fly by soon.

I was rolling on my bed, and reading Rabindranath Tagore’s autobiography “My life in my words”, this book takes you down his memory lane, exposing his personal ups and downs, his work and philosophies. Right then I had a déjà vu moment, Now I have time and I want to be out of this home, why not visit “Shanti Niketan”, This place has always intrigued me. So I have decided, will go to Shanti Niketan.


As the name suggest this is a place where you get Peace and greenery. The atmosphere has power of art, music and literature. Reaching and stay want tough, I like train journeys as they connect us with real India. I like seeing the running farms, villages, forest and the moon travelling along the train. I planned a continuous, connecting journey from Delhi to Howrah, Howrah to Bolpore. Bolpore is the nearest station, from there I took a rikshaw as I was too tired to walk, and I had luggage too otherwise the distance is not more than 2-3 kms. I stayed in a beautiful cottage, there are plenty of places to stay in shantiniketan, the beauty of this place is that its untouched by the modern sources of sound and pollution.

Being a foodie that I am, how can I miss on to eat at a famous local cafe called Bonolakshmi, roamed around the museum, library. And sat quietly under the tree to soak my soul in the folk music. The rhythm of the dhol’s make my legs tap automatically. This place rejuvenated not just my mind but my soul too. I stayed there for six long months, what I explored there is a different story.

The I came back to Delhi, and my mom kept coming and going for next one and half year as she had to look after da and my brother too. Time is one thing that never stops for anyone, you may be happy or sad it will keep passing on its set speed. Suvin and I could meet most of the times per month, I was the one who travelled mostly as that way I was able to meet kids too.

Today My love is coming back, he has not just completed his MBA in flying colours but also bagged a job offer, with a financial giant, here in Delhi. What can I ask for more, in all these two years, apart from the emotional and physical void there was no change in the lifestyle we maintained, thanks to our parents for showing us the right path of investment and Thanks to Suvin for his impeccable financial planning. Without the infusion from mutual fund this want going to be this smooth as it went, I must say Mutual fund sahi hai….


This blog of part of #A2Z Challenge, there will be 26 blogs in this series all the blogs are in continuation. I am writing them from Z to A, as the story also flows from Death towards life. Hope you enjoy knowing Antara’s journey.

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  1. Sonia Chatterjee

    Wow a post involving financial awareness, MBA and travel Have you visited Shantiniketan otherwise it is difficult to know about Bonlakshmi. Beautiful post

    1. My Words My Wisdom

      Yes..i have been there but only a day’s visit. Wanted to spend more time though.

  2. aditi

    Good to know ‘Mutual Fund sahi hai’ from a genuine customer😂 and Suvin has completed his MBA & got a suitable job. Your Shantiniketan trip made me envious.

  3. nooranandchawla

    Interesting one! My husband who is 38, is currently studying at the University of Cambridge and so I could really identify with your post. Fortunately, his is a professional course which means he has to attend classes at the University for a week every 3 months over 2 years but not stay there full time.
    Oh and now we’ve finally turned the ladder- you’re going down the easier alphabets as we begin the tougher ones!

    1. My Words My Wisdom

      Ha ha ha… Easier ones. I am thinking i am left with tough ones now. Actually writing life of young antara seems tougher. Good luck to your hubby.

  4. Madhuri Lele

    Very well done. So many aspects you covered in your blog. Well done. God bless you

  5. Sanjota Purohit

    Financial investment at an early age helps a lot in the future. Good that Suvin got his MBA & job! Shanti Niketan the word itself is relaxing.

    1. My Words My Wisdom

      I agree with you. But for me studying at that age is little superficial I mean my classmates will call me aunty 😂🤣.
      Glad you are following my blog.

  6. Pr@Gun

    MF Sahi hai, My hubby being a great financial planner, I have learned to plan from the beginning which helps sail our boat with ease. Cottage in shanti niketan now that make me envious.

  7. Arti

    I want to visit this place:)

  8. Manas Mukul

    Nice detailed post. It is important to go for right financial planning at the right age.
    #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

  9. Gleefulblogger

    You are a smart lady, investing in yourself and the things we love the most is best thing one can give him/herself. Glad to know about the achievements your dear ones have got in life.

  10. vidhya29

    Yeess!! what a wonderful post! Loved it. loved the way you explained

  11. Deepa

    Mutual funds sahi hain, I agree. Sometimes a good investment really helps. Good to know it helped the couple too.

  12. Monika

    This is the first post of yours under #blogchatterA2Z which I just read . I enjoyed the post , specially you managing alone for such a long time and your visit to shantiniketan . Btw who is this antara ?

  13. Han

    I have been reading your blog for the past few days…and I am in love with it…your post on bidai made me a shed a tear or two. I got married few months ago and ever since I have started working I have always wanted to park few of my savings in Mutual Funds. However nobody in my family has ever invested in it and I dont really know where to begin. Could you please please please direct me to some reliable website? It would be of great help. I am dreaming of a tomorrow where I can visit Shanthiniketan with the help of mutual funds 😉

  14. mahekg

    Antara is a smart and a strong woman. Financial planning doesn’t seem important but it comes to your rescue at the right time. Antara is really brave to have managed it for 2 yrs, I am her admirer, so much to learn from her.

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