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My Handbag has too many unneccessary things, but here is a list of the permanent few!!

It is said that a women’s purse is a pandora’s box or a magic bag.

My kids or my husband hardly succeed in finding anything that I ask for. But I can find out everything that I need at the moment. All those things might not be essentials, and are not always available. However, there are few essential items. Today I will share my secret list of essentials from my handbag. I am sure some might be present in yours too, and if you like you can add a few from my list.


No matter whether you live near the sea or mountains, Sunscreen is an essential part of skin care. Sunscreens are no cosmetics, rather they are skin protections. Few years back I have suffered a lot due to sunburn. It was a lot more than just tanning, and I had to take antibiotics to cure it.

So now whenever I am stepping out, for a long or a short trip I make sure to apply sunscreen generously. The SPF must be higher to actually give your protection. The best is to get one suggested by a dermatologist, they prescribe according to your skin type too. It’s always in my handbag too.

Hand Cream:

I have a very dry skin, and hence a moisturizer is must for me. Not just a face or skin but also a good, moisturizing hand cream. Because of covid19 pandemic, we wash our hands frequently or at least keep using sanitizers, these things leave hands dry and rough. It makes hands feel younger and softer too. Even nails are affected due to overuse of such products. Hand cream keeps my hand soft and supple, protect easy breakage of nails too.

Panty liners:

Earlier I used to carry a sanitary pad in my handbag, laptop bag or anything as small as a clutch that I carried with me, and honestly it always came as a big life saver for me for any other women. Sometimes even unknown.

During my maternity, my gynaecologist suggested me to use Panty Liners. They are small in size easy to carry. The best way is to use them every day. They safe guard me against spotting, which happens before or after menstrual cycle.

I am using Everteen Daily pantyliner, They are soft. The packaging is very neat and tidy, that ways it’s easy to carry it. They help me keeping dry. As it absorbs the vaginal discharge and even controls odour.

Ladies who have problem controlling bladder, this can be a great embarrassment saver. I would suggest women of every age to try Everteen Daily pantyliner, I am sure they would be part of your handbag too.

Basic makeup:

A comb, a clutcher, a kohl pencil and a lip gloss have also made up their space in my handbag. I am not a makeup person, but a good kajal and lip gloss do no harm, plus they uplift the face as well as spirit most of the times.

When I came to Delhi way back in 2005, most of the women in my PG were always decked up with kajal and huge eyeliners. That is when I too picked up this habit of using eye makeup, and believe may eye makeup adds up a lot to the drama. A good eye makeup and you are sorted. Top it up with a gloss and you are ready to face anything.

Apart from all these wet wipes, sanitizer, body mist and of course my wallet are part of my handbag. I didn’t mention mobile as its mostly in my hand, I am glad that I have not misplaced it like I have misplace numerous handkerchiefs, as I used to do as a child. Anyways mobile is way costlier.

That’s about my list of essentials in my handbag. Would you mind sharing what’s in yours? I might add something to my bag.

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  1. Samidha Mathur

    In my bag, I usually carry lipsticks, body spray/perfumes and comb.. 😀 but now due to this pandemic, I don’t know where is my handbag now… lol… jokes apart, Everteen is a good brand. In fact, I have heard a lot of good reviews about their intimate wash… And the best part, their products are pretty pocket-friendly.

  2. Ishieta

    Yes, all of these, and wet wipes, a roll on deo, and these days, hand sanitiser and 2 masks. Yes, 2, one i wear, and i like to keep 1 extra one, especially in this weather.

    1. Ujjwal Mishra

      Keeping two masks is a great idea

    2. Jhilmil D Saha

      I also keep some of these essential items in my bag. I had also been keeping hand sanitizers for the past 10 years now.

  3. Rahul Prabhakar

    It is good to know that you keep a list of essential items which every woman should have in their bag. I’ll share this list with my friends.

  4. Jenifer

    Bingo. Even I carry the same things. Everteen products are good & panty liners is a necessity.

  5. Mrinal Kiran

    I too discovered panty liners recently! They are really helpful! My handbag has my phone chargers, sanitary items and water bottle! 😀

  6. Raks

    I also carry some of these if not all, these days a must addition is a hand sanitizer. And panty liners are saviours especially while traveling and they definitely help.

    1. Hansa Kajaria

      My bag always has a little stash of cosmetics like lipsticks, liners and perfume. Also being a mom, I always have sme food to munch on for my kids. Wipes and sanitizers. N now extra face masks too.

  7. Mayura Amarkant

    I miss my handbag! Ever since the lockdown, all my bags are lying stashed in the cupboard. Never thought I would say this, but your post brought back memories….

  8. Pratibha

    That’s a nice roundup, even I carry basic makeup in my handbag

  9. Aditi Kapur

    A woman’s bag has her world in it and you’ve shared a complete list!:)
    Everteen products are quite useful for modern women.

  10. Manisha Garg

    I carry almost the same things just the recent additions of sanitisers.

  11. Amritha Srinath

    My handbag also usually contains basic cosmetics like kajal, liner, lip balm & lipsticks. I also keep wipes and sanitisers handy. My earphone, a sanitary pad and a book to read during travel. I shall actually check out panty liners, seems quite handy.

  12. Snigdha

    Recently i have got this panty liners be Everteen and these are also a regular part of my bag . I really like the products by Everteen.

  13. Isheeria

    This is a list of essentials every hand bag must have! i like to also keep some orange candies in my bag at all times.

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