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My Weight Is Not My Burden….

Prompt: Body positive

It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 30 other bloggers are celebrating Women’s Day with a twist.
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With this prompt of Body Positive the lyrics of Anne Marie’s Perfect are lingering in my mind
I’m not a supermodel from a magazine, mmm-mmm
I’m okay with not being perfect
‘Cause that’s perfect to me

“Hey Dhol”, “you are so much in shape, which is round”,”you football” were few of the rude and

you are “so chubby”, you are “so healthy”, “khate pite Ghar se lagti ho” are some politically correct reactions meeta was used to of hearing all around her.

Some aunties she met in park while doing yoga didn’t even hesitate to go to an extent to check with her if she has thyroid or if she going to give them a good news or if she has a gynecological issue or if she has some grave health issue and if she was on steroids and all the weirdest possible things….

She only wondered who gave them this authority to be so much bothered about her physic.

Can she always look, wear that’s acceptable to society and people around? Why body shaming is so common in our world? What if she is happy with her body, the way she was?

Ever since childhood Meeta was on a heavier side of the weighing scale, but that didn’t stop Rohit for falling in love with her, now she is a mom of a sweet little boy whose world revolves around his mom… If her own people were accepting her with all that WEIGHT then why was the world so much bothered about her weight?

The stares people give her about her choice of clothes or when she is having her favorite pastry is absolutely unsolicited. Over the years she has understood that we live in a country where body shaming is so common that if affects the lives of the people in a same way specially girls, right from the girl next door to the celebrities. These things affects the girls more than boys,

They start feeling less confident about their own bodies because of which trends and challenges like “size zero”, “A4 waist challenge” or “belly button challenge” start to mushroom.

But this is not the case with meeta has found her own ways to ignore the talking. She knows what she needs to stay healthy and move on.

She is confident and happy with her body that is what is required.

Her moto of life “Kuch to log kahenge logo ka kaam Hai Kehne…. ”

And Thanks to the blogathons and blog trains that gives me tremendous exposure to read and connect with more bloggers who have same love for writing as me.

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  1. Debidutta Mohanty

    Hey , a big high five to Meeta….my nickname is Mitu and many call me Meeta as well. I believe Body shaming is like a abuse but often we woman are the one to commit this shameful act by our vile comments.👍 good post.
    I had read your article couple of days back only but was not able to comment.

  2. Prakhar Kasera

    Body shaming is something we as adults teach to kids. In their childhood only, we keenly keep kids on check and tell them regularly to eat right else u will get fat or may get skinny and people will tease you for that then. So it’s something we can criticise but we need to eliminate the roots too. We got to stop feeding such topics to kids so they don’t grow up and be a part of body shaming.

  3. Jhilmil D Saha

    Absolutely agreed. Such a nice post and I think every individual who goes through this phase should read this.

  4. Mrinal Kiran

    We can’t stop people from commenting, no matter how hard we try!
    But being positive about oneself is what matters most! Nice post!

  5. Suchi

    I feel worried about my weight only because I want to wear few clothes which doesn’t suit on extra weight on belly. Apart from that, It’s there personal choice to prefer being healthy, obese or skinny.

  6. Docdivatraveller

    Smile is our best accessory and confidence the best asset. Weight really does not matter in terms of looks. In terms of good health, one should be at an optimal weight.

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