You are currently viewing Mystery Unfolds through the story of Anokhi and Manav #blogchatterA2Z

Mystery Unfolds through the story of Anokhi and Manav #blogchatterA2Z

Anokhi comforted Mahi. All of us settled and I was waiting for the mystery to start unfolding.

The story begins in the magical city of Thethoris. It is a hidden city in the vast and majestic Himalayan mountain range. It is a quiet place, graced by nature. It’s a place where magic is respected and worshipped. Every one is a witch and a wizard. Thethoris, has set rule of using magic outside the city. They have to maintain balance of earth and at the same time keep their identity secret. They mingle, live and work with regular human beings. Their kids go to regular schools and people to regular work places, but they cannot use the powers outside the city. All the Thethorians, gather every month to know about each other, to take care of any problems face etc. They are peace loving people. At the same time, they are people who cannot tolerate disrespect of magic.

‘I was the crown princes of Thethoris. My parents died when I was just 20yrs old. I took care of all the people and responsibilities as a queen after their demise.’ Anokhi proudly said. One evening, you father came very near to discovering Thethoris. He is a photographer and the beauty and serenity of the place enchanted him. He lost his way and wandered. I was keeping a watch on his movements, all this while. Got to be alert about safety of my citizens. He wandered for days, without food and water but never hurt a living creature. I finally took pitty of him.

One night dressed as a regular mountain girl, I took some medicines, water and food for him.

‘When I saw your mom through my tired eye, I instantly fell in love with her. I made up my mind, at that very moment that I a, going to marry this girl. It was even before knowing her or speaking to her. The more I know her the more I fall for her, ever since’ Manav added looking at Anokhi lovingly.

That’s how we met.

‘Manav’s simplicity, dedication towards his work is always amazing. I made up a story that even I am lost in the forest just like him. And suggested that together we can find a way out. The journey of coming out of forest, become the beginning of our life long journey together.

The more we got to know each other, it got difficult for me to leave your dad and go back to Thethoris. So, I took admission in the same college where he was studying. So that I can keep close to him. It is always tough to keep everything normal, when you constantly have an urge to mend things with Magic.

YOu can go to the previous episode or start of the story. This story is part of a month long blogging challenge by blogchatter as blogchatterA2Z challenge.

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  1. Aditi Kapur

    The story is untangling now. People of Thethoris have special magical powers but they can’t use their magic outside the city. Anokhi is one of them 😃

  2. Deepika

    Princess and a magical land. Its getting interesting. Love the way you weave your characters
    Deepika Sharma

  3. Deepti

    An intriguing love story… would love to know how it develops further. Kudos!

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